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Use the deer meat, dog cake.Low calorie-free cake for peace dog No colourings, flavourings and preservatives is not used, soYou can give with confidence in the dog. Here you will find list of products which are low in carbohydrates and should constitute the basis of  your diet. If you will exclude starch from your diet that would be already a very big step in the way to get better. This list  doesn’t show obvious products high in sugars like starch, sweets, sodas and fast food.

Our goal is to create an inspiring page for people who, like us, have high insulin or diabetes, yet still want to enjoy the treats in life.
Dog made of vegetable and meat cakes Is a cake made in times and cheese, vegetables and meat. All green vegetables are low in carbohydrates and should became your basic daily nourishment. Instead of this it shows which fruits and natural products known as healthy are not suitable for people suffering from high blood sugar and hiperinsulinemia.

Our recipes have been gathered from around the world on our travels and others created by us and our supporting family.

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