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This infographic entitled "Long Term Weight Gain Foods" illustrates nine foods or food groups that cause us to be overweight or obese. Thanks to the popularity of certain high-protein diets, all carbohydrates have been lumped together and villainized. Currently, many fitness experts believe that a flat belly is made 75% in the kitchen (diet choices) and 25% in the gym (exercise). Just about anyone trying to lose weight, including belly fat, knows that Trans Fat and Saturated Fat is unhealthy and a dieter's enemy. The news is based on research in rats fed various combinations of full-fat and reduced-fat Pringles crisps over four weeks.
When all the rats were later put on a high-fat feed, those that had previously popped the diet crisps just could not stop putting on weight and fat. While this news may interest crisp-loving rodents looking to lose weight, it can be difficult to apply these findings to humans, who may behave differently when dieting or choosing food. The study was carried out by researchers from Purdue University and was funded by the US National Institutes for Health.
This study was originally published in June 2011 and reported on today by The Daily Telegraph.
This was an animal study examining whether consuming fat-substituted potato crisps would interfere with the learned relationship between sensory cues of fat and calories, and whether this would in turn cause them to gain weight and fat. The researchers said that animal research has shown that sensory cues from foods that are rich in sugar or fat can trigger certain physical processes, such as the release of hormones or changes in the metabolism. As it is easier to control the diets of laboratory animals, it can be difficult to extrapolate findings in rats to humans.
The rats received 5g of crisps a day for 28 days, after which all four groups were switched to high-fat feed (without crisps) for a further 16 days. The potato crisps used were regular (full-fat) and light (reduced-fat) versions of Pringles original and sour cream and onion flavours.
The reason some mice were given a mixture of full-fat and reduced-fat crisps was to see whether it would weaken the association between the sensation of tasting fat and receiving calories. Among the two groups of rats who started on a high-fat diet, there was greater food intake, body weight gain and proportion of the body made up by fat among rats who received the mixed crisps than among rats fed full-fat crisps. When the rats were given normal feed there was no difference in food intake, weight gain or body composition, regardless of what type of crisp they received. The researchers concluded that these results support the theory that animals use “the sensory properties of food to predict the consequences of consuming food”. In this study, it was found that rats receiving crisps with varying fat content ate more, gained more weight and were fatter than rats that only consumed full-fat crisps when given alongside a high-fat diet. With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in.
Today’s post is on the so called “healthy foods” that are really not that healthy if your looking to drop some excess body fat FAST. Some foods, even though they’re considered very healthy, carry loads of calories in a very small amount of food. What led me to write this post is that I have been seeing a lot of interesting “So called healthy Foods” in my client’s daily check-ins recently. Foods that are not on any of my meal plans and certainly not approved by the Flat Tummy Solution Program. These foods are being marketed to make us believe they are healthy and clean and will help with weight loss. Most muesli bars contain a lot of ADDED sugar with many containing over 35% sugar – If you are already overweight all this sugar will convert to unwanted fat on your stomach.
Do you know Doctors, Sports nutritionists and body image specialists HIGHLY recommended muesli bars for people who need to gain weight? Muesli bars are especially recommended to underweight women or women suffering from an eating disorder as they are full of sugar and fat (calories) but the women feel they are healthy so find it easier to eat then say a chicken and salad sandwich. Now if I was to add this with the rest of my days food and fats I would be gaining weight at a rapid weight – no thanx.

So if you are going to have trail mix or nuts – weigh them into little ziplock bags and put in a tub that way when you grab some you know you are not going to over do it. 20 nuts, a couple tablespoons of nut butter, and an avocado is NOT a lot of food, but if you ate all of these every day, you’d be getting close to 1000 calories just right there. When you’re at the grocery store and looking at product labels, you may think “low-fat,” “light,” “reduced-fat,” “non-fat” are going to be your healthier options, right? 1) Our bodies need healthy fat!  Fat has gotten a bad reputation because most people don’t want a large belly, cottage cheese legs, or clogged arteries. 2) You are better off to buy full-fat products over “lite”, “non-fat”, “reduced-fat” or “fat free”! 4) You are being deceived by “non-fat” “low-fat” marketing. Large companies want one thing – to sell their product. Every year Americans gobble up more processed, low-fat foods, and every year they grow fatter.
Large companies will ALWAYS try to market their processed junk food products to appear healthy to the average consumer! Always remember to drink your greens and stay fresh, people – your health is your responsibility!
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We wish you well in your search for healthy diet solutions and your movement towards better health in all areas. You will find many assorted Health Reports available for download free to you on this website!Our free Health Success Reports are each available for you to download when you subscribe to receive them and their 7 part eCourse. If you belong to a gym, you will probably notice that there are a few people who look good at every gym, but the majority work very hard for very little or no result. I was recently injured for 8 months, and was unable to exercise, and my weight didn’t change.
We are told that a low-fat, carb-rich diet full of whole grains is the secret to good health and weight loss. Make sure you eat natural fats like butter, coconut oil, and cold-pressed oils like olive oil and sunflower oil.
My husband has always eaten the way we do at home, but still ate a bit of junk when he as out.
The newspaper said that fat substitutes may “confuse the body, gearing it up to receive calories that are never delivered”. The diet crisps contained a controversial artificial fat substitute called olestra, which mimics the taste and sensation of eating fat but cannot be absorbed during digestion. However, dieters can always modify their diet to one naturally low in fat, rather than switching to foods containing fat substitutes.
However, they added that low-calorie ingredients that mimic sugar and fat may interfere with these responses and undermine the learned behaviour that sweet or fatty foods are a rich source of calories. Ideally, a randomised controlled trial would be performed in humans to test whether this is relevant to human weight loss or dieting.
In the US, the lighter crisps contain olestra, a fat substitute which cannot be absorbed and therefore has no calorific or nutritional value. However, when the mice stopped receiving crisps, and were switched to the high-fat feed, those that had previously been on the normal feed and receiving a combination of crisps put on more weight and were fatter than the mice that had been given the high-fat crisps.
They say that these findings call into question the conventional wisdom that low-calorie and no-calorie substitutes that mimic sweetness and fat can be used to reduce food intake, weight gain and body fat.
An effect on food intake, weight and fat was also observed if rats were switched to high-fat feed from normal feed after the rats stopping receiving reduced-fat crisps containing olestra. I am very shocked by this news especially as these are snacks I give my children in their lunch boxes! I want to unveil 4 reasons why eating fat-free, non-fat, light, and reduced-fat options are NOT healthy for you. I don’t blame them, however, most people don’t realize that it’s not just any kind of fat that leads to these conditions – It is the wrong kind of fat.

This may sound good, but I think their emphasis has led some people astray and made the misleading marketing problem worse. More often than not, if a product is labeled with any of the above words, there will be “hidden” chemicals in the product that are more harmful than good. Therefore, the food industry will continue to market “fat-free” foods as healthy alternatives in hopes that their sales continue to increase. With so many ingredients being hidden into your food supply, it’s definitely necessary to supplement with pure nutrition you can trust. I can remember back in high school and the beginning of college thinking low fat and light options were always the best way to go. You can unsubscribe at any time, but we are sure you will want to receive all the email lessons of these informative ecourses. The researchers suggested that this is because fat substitutes interfere with the body’s ability to predict a particular food’s calorie content based on texture, taste and smell. Anyone’s attempts to lose weight are likely to involve a complex mix of willpower, knowledge of the calories in food, the ability to realise that certain foods will not make you feel full and active choices over what to eat.
The low-fat type version may seem like the heathier version, but quite the opposite is true.
Not only that, but I am going to show you how they are actually worse than full-fat products! There are certain fats that are essential to every cell in your body, which is why they’re called “essential” fatty acids. Yes, technically they do have less fat, but since fat gives food lots of flavor, food manufacturers have to add artificial ingredients and chemicals to make the food taste as good. They will not spend money to market real fruits and vegetables, because there is not any money in marketing fresh produce. I’m sure I consumed far too much and I am so thankful my ways have changed significantly since then.
However, dieters can always modify their diet to one naturally low in fat, rather than switching to diet foods containing fat substitutes. Your body needs fat, but it needs the kind of fat that it can recognize and break down (healthy fats). Usually they will make up for the fat with solutions like bad salt (see the differences between good salt and bad salt here), high fructose corn syrup, modified food starch (GMO origins), free glutamates (MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, natural flavors), diglycerides (sugar), gums (guar and xanthan) and others. If only marketing people had our health at the forefront how different things could be… but wonderful, informative post! Think about it… do you really think a fat-free cookie with 0 grams of fat, 120 calories, and made in a factory is actually healthier than an entire avocado with 240 calories, 22 grams of fat and came off of a live tree that God made? This kind of (healthy) fat is essential to help your body absorb certain vitamins and nutrients, keep your cell walls strong, protect your heart, and fight inflammation in your body. Now, it is not technically sugar, but within an hour of eating it, your body will recognize it as sugar and break it down accordingly! Marketing is powerful stuff for sure… I agree it would be different if they truly wanted people’s health better, for now we will just have to share the truth with others! This isn’t just a theory – you can go to college, to earn a degree in human behaviors and marketing research, to study why people buy certain things.
Also, some brands of fat-free food contain fat-mimicking chemicals that can cause intestinal cramps, gas, diarrhea, and contribute to weight gain. Those cookies are made with chemicals, sugar, and additives that your body does not recognize, while the avocado is made with beneficial health properties and fat your body can burn as energy and break down. It isn’t just fat that’s the bad guy in our diets; it’s anything that has lots of calories relative to its bulk (aka processed foods).
Ice cream, cottage cheese, salad dressings, peanut butter, butter, cookies, etc… the list goes on.

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