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Since the 1980s the advice of reducing saturated fats from our diet has been repeated a million times, and, at the same time, food industry concentrated on releasing low-fat versions of aliments. The first problem with low-fat foods is that, in order to become tasty, they contain larger amounts of sugar or fructose.
If manufacturers don’t add sugar to replace the taste and mouth feel of low-fat foods, they surely add artificial sweeteners, which are just as dangerous for your health. Moreover, some studies have revealed that low fat foods weaken your immune system and make your body more prone to diseases and less able to heal itself. If low fat foods did what they promise to do, then why are there so many people suffering from heart diseases and obesity? As always, a balanced diet plan such as that of anabolic cooking, is the best approach to maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. So-called low fat foods can contain a similar number of calories as the standard versions - and might have more sugar, according to a study.Which? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you jump on the bathroom scales and discover you’ve lost 5lbs (2.27kg), you’ll probably think yippee! From a purely technical point of view, a 5lb weight loss is 5lb less on the scales but as you can see, muscle and fat vary massively in overall size.  Although they both weigh the same, the fat has a far greater volume, as opposed to the muscles’s greater density, so if you lost the fat you would lose a lot more inches than the same amount of weight (5lb) lost in muscle. To put the amount of fat in the picture into a real context, an overall reduction of 5lb of fat would account for about an inch on a man’s waistline and about ? or maybe a dress size on a woman (depending on both the shape of the dress and the woman). Get Physical is Sheffield’s premier personal training, health, fitness and weight loss service.
I get that fat can make food very appealing; it provides a nice smooth feel in the mouth and when combined with sugar, the taste is sweet, delicious and satisfying. When removing fat from a product, it needs to be replaced with something else and there is no limit on how much of the other ingredient is added; often fat is replaced with sugar.
Food labels have improved (and are continuing to improve); the introduction of the traffic light system helps us identify foods at a glance that are low in fat (green) or high in fat (red) but did you know that a reduced fat food can still be high in fat?!
Professor Theresa Marteau, a leading researcher in health behaviour was interviewed and asked how food labels can influence our food choices.

What surprised me most in the programme was the fact that the nutritional information provided on food labels (and this information dictates which traffic light colour the food is given) is not necessarily accurate!
What then shocked me was that the food companies themselves are responsible for obtaining this nutritional data that supports their own nutritional claims!
So the bottom line is this – be a little cynical when doing your shopping and be careful when making choices about what to put in your trolley.
Apart from missing that delicious taste that only fat is able to give to food, they are not as healthy as the marketing departments of food companies are trying to convince us. Thus, you end up consuming even more calories than you would normally do when eating food that contains fats. Consuming low-fat food will cause you to feel hungry almost all the time, and this effect is caused by sugar. In fact, fats and cholesterol are essential to life and absolutely necessary for our health.
The lack of good results is other evidence which shows us that low fat foods are not as healthy or efficient as manufacturers claim them to be. Obesity specialist Dr Matthew Capehorn said weight-conscious shoppers should realise that choosing low-fat products made by brands including Weight Watchers could hamper their efforts to cut calories.
But if you look at the picture above, you may pause to think twice.  Have you lost 5lb of fat or 5lb of muscle?
I want to know what exactly we are putting into our bodies when we eat and try to ensure our family eats a balanced diet. Fat plays an important part in controlling your appetite and regulating the leptin level in your body.
Consuming too much salt is related to high blood pressure, another major risk for heart attacks and strokes. They have an important role in creating and protecting white blood cells and other types of cells that repair damaged wall linings. But a "snapshot sample" of 12 low-fat, reduced and light products compared with their standard counterparts found some minimal differences in calorie content, the consumer watchdog said.A standard McVitie's chocolate digestive contained 85 calories and a light one had 77. Leptin is a protein which plays a key role for mechanisms such as energy intake and expenditure, appetite, metabolism and behavior.

This means that some foods on our shelves contain 30-50% more fat than is being claimed on the label. I am the first one to go grab that slice of cake and I believe you can't truly enjoy a cuppa without a good dunking biscuit.
When you are on a low-fat diet, your body is not able any more to do these repairs and your blood vessels are also affected. The high fat and saturated fat content of cheese meant Cathedral City lighter cheddar was still rated red under the traffic light labeling system.
I’ve come up with a few new ideas to help you guys on your fat loss efforts, and you’ll be seeing me rolling a few things out in the few weeks and months – so keep your eyes peeled for my emails.Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve started new sessions in the local schools. Steer clear of saturated fats found in animal produce such as butter and meat products, pastry and savoury snacks as a high intake is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.
I just want to feel healthy so with the cynical voice on my shoulder and my science head on, I try to unpick all the latest news about what we should and should not be eating. Also, there are shady food companies looking to TRICK you into buying their product no matter what country you live in – more on that below. Understanding Food LabelsThere are a few things that must be presented on foods labels by law. While some things are the same, companies are required to include 1 very important piece of information that is NOT required in the UK – Trans Fat.Trans fat is the big nasty evil fat you need to stay away from. Why UK companies aren’t required to present this in the 21st century is beyond me – but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before this changes.You’d think with the obesity numbers rising in the western world at a rapid pace the Government would be doing everything they possibly could to reduce the numbers.
Food Label RegulationsIn the UK all of the above should be displayed on every food label – but it isn’t always like that. Look at the ingredients!On the other side of the scale, some foods will state in the nutrition section that there are no sugars contained in the product. So on first inspection the food may look relatively healthy, however if you dig down a little deeper you’ll find that it may actually contain sugar after all.To find out whether the product contains any sugar substitutes take a look in the ingredients section.

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