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Chill in the refrigerator for a half hour to an hour (depends on how patient you are - I did a half hour and it was fine). And, if you’re really in the mood for coffee, pour yourself a glass of iced coffee and drop a couple of scoops of this frozen yogurt in. Whether it’s plain or with a splash of cream and flavor, I usually opt of iced coffee over hot coffee in the summer months. This low fat mocha chip frozen yogurt was the result. Since the iced coffee is already conveniently made and chilled, this frozen yogurt is super simple to make.

Check out International Delight’s summer iced coffee sweepstakes happening on their Facebook page right now!
I'm just a girl with an addiction to being in the kitchen (and to running and extra-dark chocolate!)! The only downside to that is the extra time it takes to make the iced coffee in the morning.
A Kitchen Addiction focuses on healthy living through creating healthy recipes and giving old favorites a nutritious (read delicious!) makeover.

Of course, you will also find the occasional indulgent recipe to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth!

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