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These days I’m having fun trying to make my favorite foods lighter and healthier and as simple as possible, without sacrificing flavor.
Marion describes this low fat banana nut bread as pure and simple banana bread, heavy, moist and dark. This recipe doesn’t call for any special ingredients usually associated with low fat baking. I enjoyed a slice spread with peanut butter and topped with banana slices for breakfast this morning.It was one of the best peanut butter and banana sandwiches ever. Made this today with regular all purpose flour and coconut instead of walnuts…so yummy! Thanks for taking the time to let me know how much you and your crowd enjoys my low fat banana nut bread. Subscribe for email updates and get a free eCookbook with 15 of my favorite slow cooker recipes - revised SmartPoints edition. Really good bread :D I discovered a little too late that my applesauce had gone bad, so I used veggie oil instead. As soon as you bite into the soft and juicy chunks of cooked apples, you'll want to purposely let a bunch of bananas get overripe just so you can bake a loaf of this warm and comforting banana bread. Made with less sugar than a traditional loaf, it's still so naturally sweet from the bananas, apples, and applesauce that it's perfect for a healthy breakfast (toasted and smothered with crunchy peanut butter — yum!) but delish enough to devour for an after-dinner treat. This quick bread is also vegan, so the health-minded you will appreciate that each piece is much lower in fat and calories — just 147 per slice.
Add the diced apple, sugar, flour, applesauce, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon to the bowl, and mix well.
The recipe worked perfectly for me in terms of baking (actually was done - clean knife from center of pan - closer to 40 min). Just tried it :) Think I need to use a higher temperature, didn't cook all the way through. Stir in raisins (adding them to the dry ingredients coats them with flour and helps prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the batter. In a separate large bowl; beat egg and egg whites, applesauce, vanilla and Coconut Crystals together.
Bake for 40 to 60 minutes (my oven only takes 40 minutes, but my friends takes 60), or until tester inserted in the center comes out clean.  Cool in pan on rack for 20 minutes.
Since you focus on raw foods, I’m sure you have a very balanced eating plan, however, for most of us THE FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR, including olive oil.
I made your wonderful zucchini bread but it didn’t rise as much as my old zucchini breads did.

After I had my first baby, my husband and I both had quite a bit of weight to lose.  Whenever we were craving a snack, this was our go-to recipe!   It is so easy to make and tastes great!  It is also a great way to use up those brown bananas on your counter (we tend to have a lot of those!).
We would love to have you follow along for all of our recipes, crafts, projects, and other fun finds! I have made two different kinds of pumpkin bread this past week that have been equally good.
To be honest I don’t know which one I liked better, but the one with no added fat was, to my surprise, super moist and spongy like.
Have you tried to use pumpkin puree instead of fat on some of your cakes, brownies and muffins?
For this pumpkin bread I used my old recipe for pumpkin spice squares I made a long time ago. Pour batter into prepared loaf pan and bake for 50 to 55 minutes or until tester comes out clean. Let pumpkin bread cool in the pan for about 10-15 minutes, remove it and let it cool completely on a wire rack.
Keep In TouchSubscribe now to receive new posts in your email box and claim your FREE E-BOOK filled with over 50 delicious recipes! You could probably do a mix of coconut flour and brown rice flour which is what I normally use and I like, however, I don’t know exactly about the measurements. I think you could, however, I have never use them myself so I hope it turns out good :-) Thanks for stopping by. Or texture – which can be a real problem when you try to decrease too much fat from baked goods. Not from my Weight Watchers cookbooks or Ellie Krieger cookbooks, but from my very first cookbook – The Fannie Farmer CookbookA by Marion Cunningham. Another strategy is to cut the bread into 8 slices and then cut each slice in half so that each thicker half slice would have 4 Points Plus. We substitute that for ever recipe calling for sugar and we can’t tell the difference.
I made this Low-fat pumpkin bread which is much better and healthier for your without sacrificing the flavor. I think with some sort of crumble topping it would have been even better, however, for that part I would have probably had to use some sort of fat to make the crumble stick together.
Pumpkin is actually classify as one of the super foods, so I am glad to use it as much as I am since it is in season. I baked lots of pumpkin protein bread last few weeks and still can’t get enough of them.

So perfect for fall and for sharing with friends and family over breakfast… I love it!
All it took was for me to have 2 old bananas and this recipe got me inspired enough to go in search of whole wheat flour! Next time, I would use apples with more of a tangy bite to them like Honeycrisp or Granny Smith. I was thinking the same thing about substituting wheat flour for all purpose flour the next time I make it. Granted you can use canned pumpkin if you like, but I am sure making your own pumpkin puree is much better. For those people counting calories, or on low-fat diets pumpkin puree is ideal for baking certain baking goods. If you like, a crumble topping will compliment this bread very well but plain with a cup of coffee or tea is just perfect!!
My wish is to inspire you to start cooking healthier so that you can live a longer and happier life.
Sometimes when my crowd demands a treat, so I’ll put in one cup of chocolate chips and everyone loves it even more! Sometimes my crowd demands a treat, so Ia€™ll put in one cup of chocolate chips and everyone loves it even more! And, don't "waste good bananas" on this recipe - use bananas that are ready to be thrown away!
I have tried a couple of recipes using apple sauce as well, but I the pumpkin puree has given me better results.
I have used cloves before as well, and that gave the bread with a really good flavor, so use it if you have some on hand. A few mins after I took it out of the oven I discovered that we have a "fish truck" that comes to town twice a year. After taking my time to look over his list and making a couple of purchases I returned to find that DH and DS took a coffee break and had enjoyed the warm banana bread with butter and honey. It was still a little underdone at 1 hour.This low fat banana bread is great warm or cooled, however you like it best.

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