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I reduced the amount of asparagus to 1 pound in order to reduce carbs to fit my current nutritional plan. As with the Zucchini Frittata Recipe, I really liked that this fit pretty well with my macro-nutrient plan. The lemon-garlic shrimp recipe was only moderately time-consuming because of the number of ingredients involved and the requirement of peeling shrimp. January 26, 2016 by April Decheine 2 Comments Flush the fat away with this Chicken Detox Soup recipe. This low sodium, high protein soup is packed with superfoods high in antioxidants and fiber that aid with flushing toxins from your body. Adding protein into your soup like chicken, lentils, and great northern beans is a great way to make your soup into a healthy full-scale meal. Kale – This super green contains fiber to jumpstart your digestive system into gear and keeps you regular.
Safe, effective, and good for you, this soup is a wonderful way to jumpstart your weight-loss program. Jerry Laine Stowell { What will happen if we drink more than 3 times a day before meals or snacks?

Sandra { I'm about to go outside and walk will have images of these burgers floating through my head.
If I were to make it again, I’d use only asparagus (again 1 pound is enough for me) and pass on the red bell pepper altogether. That?s a lot to ask of an organ just slightly larger than your own fist.Our hearts are in need of some major assistance. We like experimenting with different types of greens to help with flushing our system making this simple soup into a detox meal. Its diuretic properties help rid your body of excess liquid, carrying toxins out of your body. If you enjoyed this simple healthy soup recipe, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss another one like it. I’d also saute the shrimp, garlic, and olive oil a while longer before pouring the chicken broth and corn starch mixture.
Certain foods can support, or even speed the weight-loss process, by providing  antioxidants, fiber, and other needed nutrients.

For daily recipe inspiration, like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest,  and stop by our Google+ Community to see all of the amazing recipes our members are sharing. Along with the ingredients from the original recipe, I’ve also listed what my substitutions were in re-creating the lemon-garlic shrimp recipe and my reason for doing so.
You can adopt 5:2 approaches to lose weight and help you fight high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
Either have 2 meals daily out of 5 from this book or you can select any 2 days in a week to eat recipes from this book. If you have any other medical condition or metabolic disorder requiring special nutritional considerations, we suggest you consult a health care professional with a clinical nutrition background (MD, RD, or CCN) for your special nutrition program.

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