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My life has been moving so fast lately I feel like I’m watching it go by on a speeding train. It’s so easy in our incredibly busy lives to take these simple moments for granted, trust me, I know this. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and baking soda together. Oh I know that feeling - I'm glad that these pancakes gave you a moment of peace and quiet.
Hi, my name is Cassey Ho and I'm a Pilates Instructor, healthy foodie freak, and the designer of oGorgeous Yoga Bags. Photoset via fitgirlplatanoHere’s my August game plan, in addition to the fitkinibodychallenge. Photo via jcpenneyCassey Ho of blogilates is a certified fitness instructor and creator of POP Pilates, a Pilates workout that incorporates upbeat music.
You really can’t go wrong with any good pancake recipe, but these pancakes offer the delicious home baked flavor of cinnamon, while at the same time saving on the calories. Copyright © 2016 Chewing the Fat - Helping people cook low fat meals and to feel great.
The trees, hillsides and towns blur by me as I race onto my next stop, my next fleeting destination.

I had to get the recipe done and photographed, had to shower and get ready for my part time job, had to spend just a few seconds with a husband who barely knows me anymore.
But it’s those moments that keep us grounded, keep our heads above water, keep us from crashing or fast forwarding through life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the craziness that we forget about or even get annoyed by the moments that slow us down.
If we can't just BE, and find happiness in the small moments, what is the point in trying to reach any goal at all If we can't live in those moments, happy and grateful.
I always have a hard time finding recipes but if I use the "mix" it always has the same "fake" taste to it. Once it begins to bubble (took about 30 sec - 1 min), flip over and let sit for about another 20-30 sec. This is because they are made with a zero calorie sweetener that measures the same as sugar. As I rushed to perfect the recipe and the shot, I spilled about a cup of syrup all over me.
Is it hard to set up your own blog? I'm not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
But the good news is, you can make low fat pancakes that taste just as great and comforting.

Splenda is the well known brand name, but off brand zero calorie sweetener are just as good, and a lot less expensive. Now, after a few curse words and aggressive strokes to remove said syrup from the floor, I just started laughing. Carefully add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients with a whisk (this will make the pancakes fluffy, do not stir with a spoon).
I can’t stop time nor do I want to stop living this dream life, but I can give myself a few moments of peace. I let my mind vacation back to those uncomplicated saturday mornings of my youth when I had not a care in the world. I want food that reminds me of those times I wasn’t living in the future or past, but the here and now.

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