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Shape beef mixture into small balls about 3cm across, setting aside prepared meatballs on a plate. Note: This recipe can be made in advance and frozen, cooked, ready to reheat for a super quick dinner or an easy and exciting lunch. Place lettuce leaves and roasted capsicum on the bun base, top with a pattie and some tomato salad. Using all the marinade ingredients make a paste.Apply this paste all over the chicken and let it marinade for 2-3 hours or overnight.
Anamika Sharma is a passionate foodie, a food blogger with a background in aviation and telecom industry for a good 15 years.

Add mince, garlic, basil, mint, lemon rind and milk and process for a few seconds until well combined.
Her mission is to spread her love for Indian cooking to all those who think it is too difficult.
Add garam masala, turmeric and cumin and cook until fragrant.Add garlic, ginger and onion, cook, stirring, for 3 min. Increase heat to high, add chicken and cook, stirring constantly, for 5-6 minutes until cooked through. Add the shredded lime leaves, fish and oyster sauces, kecap manis, brown sugar and stock, and cook for a further 1-2 minutes.

Add beans, capsicum and cornflour mixture and simmer for 10 min or until juices have thickened.Remove from heat and stir through coriander.
Serve chicken on lettuce leaves topped with spring onion and chilli, accompanied by boiled rice if desired.

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