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A healthy balanced lunch should include lots of fiber to fill you up and lean healthy protein to keep you satisfied for hours. To get you started here are 23+ healthy lunch ideas for weight loss to get your creative juices flowing.
1) Chopped Salad (6 Points +)A – chopped mixed greens, chopped veggies of your choice and 6 chopped walnuts, tossed with 4 ounces of salmon, turkey or chicken breast with low fat balsamic olive oil dressing. 3) Veggie burger (5 Points +)A – on a toasted whole wheat English muffin with mustard, salsa or a little tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. 4) Crunchy Tuna SaladA (3 Points +)A – on whole grain bread (4 Points +) with lettuce and tomato with 1 cup chopped cucumber and tomato salad with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. 8) Easy Baked Bean SoupA (5 Points +)A – with 3 whole grain crackers, 2 ounces of lean ham and baby carrots. 12) Easy Healthy Sausage, Spinach and Wild Rice SoupA – a hearty satisfying meal in a bowl you can make over the weekend and enjoy for a quick and healthy lunch during the week.
19) Chicken Vegetable QuesadillaA (5 Points +) – Spread a small whole grain tortilla with 1 ounce cooked chopped chicken, 1 ounce low fat shredded cheese, chopped tomato, chopped green onion and 2 tablespoons salsa. 20) Open faced Easy Egg SaladA  sandwichA (3 Points +) – on 1 slice of whole grain bread with 1 cup chopped tomato, celery and cucumber salad and 1 ounce dark chocolate. 21) Jamie Oliver Vegetable Soup with BeansA (4 Points +)A – A and small mixed green salad with low fat dressing. 22) Ham and Cheese Sandwich – 2 ounces ham, 1 ounce cheese, 1 teaspoon mustard or mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato on whole grain bread with 1 cup raw sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes. Subscribe for email updates and get a free eCookbook with 15 of my favorite slow cooker recipes - revised SmartPoints edition.
So I really can’t emphasize how important it is to be focused and keep motivated but you also have to make sure you’re having fun! One of the questions I received from a reader is what do I typically eat for lunch at work?

I’ll be talking more in depth about meal planning in a future WLW post but I always make sure to have my food planned out and ready to go for the day. Food journaling and how to create your own weight loss binder to help keep you organized, focused, and on track throughout your weight loss journey. I'm an animal advocate, brain stem surgery survivor, life lover, constant learner, and so much more. I enjoy traveling, pop culture, coffee, tweeting, music, movies, photography, volunteer work, trying new things, going new places, and meeting new faces. You believe that skipping lunches or eating less will work and help you to lose that extra fat from your tummy?
For many of us Weight Watchers, it’s the meal most likely to be eaten away from home, squeezed into an already overcrowded day.
Think whole grains, beans, low fat cheese, fish, chicken, turkey and lean ham or beef with lots of vegetables and fruit.
Or one of my personal favorite healthy lunch ideas for weight loss I learned at WW decades ago – baked potato with cottage cheese and salsa.
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I get so bored with my lunches, in a rush it’s hard to think outside the box, but this list will come in handy!
I’m sorry but I have eaten a whole sandwich on mute grain bread with low sodium tuna fish with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes with a side of celery sticks and it still stays under 400 calories and fills me up. It feels great to be in the thick my weight loss efforts. As of this morning, I am down -15 lbs! I haven’t smiled like that for a photo in a very long time, let alone posted it online! Speaking of energizing, they say working out in the morning really helps keep you going through out your busy day.

You might know that I’m half Cuban and I very much love a good cumbia, merengue, or raggaeton beat to get my cardio going and my heart beat up.
It’s a gift to be able to support each other through our own unique weight loss journeys!
First off, CONGRATS on making the commitment to yourself and investment in yourself to join QWLC.
Never – research has proved that skipping meals or little extremely less portions does not actually help in weight loss. I’m really proud of myself for being only three weeks in to this, resisting temptation like all get out, and being laser focused on my goals. I listen to it at least a few times every morning while cooking breakfast and dancing around our apartment. I'm always looking for inspiration in the world around me and ways to pay it forward to others.
It embodies my new beginning perfectly and how thrilled I am to be on this journey of positive life changes for myself. Balance these delicious lunch options with regular workout sessions and you will be fit and healthy!
That is a HUGE breakfast but it really gets me going for the day and I actually have the time to peacefully eat and enjoy it.

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