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When you want a more natural and subtle look, choose the '70s as inspiration for a retro but fun look.
Pink, red and oranges look gorgeous and can definitely boost up your confidence by several notches. Time: there’s never enough of it when we need it, yet it somehow shows up as another candle on our birthday cake or wrinkle on our forehead much faster than it should. Since dark spots and under eye circles don’t exactly scream, “fountain of youth,” covering them with concealer can take years off your complexion. Because brows tend to thin out with age, filling them in is a quick way to shave off the years.
If you feel your eyelids getting a little heavier than you’d like, open them up with two miracle-working products: an eyelash curler and white (or nude) eyeliner.
Flushed, rosy cheeks are an eternal sign of vitality and youth, so add a touch of color to your face with a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheek. Just like caked-on concealer, powder has a tendency to settle into fine lines and creases, making you look older.
Bitchless Bride: Engaging, Educating and Entertaining Every Bride-To-Be - Blog - The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ ***FLASHBACK*** Don't be a Bitch on Your Wedding Day! The summer period is knocking on our doors and you would want to get rid of your tons-of-makeup style.

I’m sorry but nothing about RED lips looks at all natural-far from it,on the other hand-i really LOVE the gold shadowed eyes! You can get a super stylish everyday look by choosing the understated colors such as gray, silver or purple and mixing them together to create a subtle smoky look. After all, the talking, eating, and kissing all are activities that you cannot do without them. While there’s nothing as inspiring as a woman aging gracefully, we also think there’s something to be said for employing sneaky and simple tricks that turn back the hands of time.
Curling your lashes will instantly open up your eye, and a touch of white liner in the inner corner of your eye, and along the waterline, creates the illusion of a bright, wide awake eyes. If you do a research you will see more and more girls asking from their makeup artists to make them look more natural. Don’t get too comfortable and remember that sometimes using light hand will give you the perfect look. Applying light makeup that best describes your character and mood will make you feel confident. You will look dramatically beautiful with exaggerated eyeliners and bright colored eye shadows. However, it is not possible to be born with perfect features so putting on a little makeup to bring out the best is no sin either.

Marking the contours lovingly with the aid of a lip liner and then filling in with color is an acquired knowledge. Create a new look by unleashing or makeup ideas and watch the world stop and look at you twice!
It may seem counterintuitive, but piling on too much of a thick product can actually draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.
If you need to set your makeup with powder choose a loose translucent option and avoid the eye area altogether. The smudge of eye shadows, the extensions of eyeliners and the overlapped colorful shades all make great differences to the final visual effect. Playing around with the best makeup products that you can get in the market may become a costly affair.
A well-endowed, brightly colored lip ignites passion like nothing else and it is imperative that you focus on them first. An earthy brown or incandescent pink can help you to show off your personality in the best possible manner.

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