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Using eye makeup to make eyes look younger, can improve self-esteem and help one to feel refreshed and revitalized!
Eyes that were once youthful in appearance (bright, alert and under-eye circle free) can become wrinkle-prone, dry, and irritated with age. Before turning to eye makeup to make eyes look younger, it is imperative to invest in a good eye cream. Contour: Contour colors are great for dramatic looks, or use them to offset deep-set or droopy eyes. For saggy lids: To fix saggy lids, recreate a more youthful glow by choosing a medium to deep shade of shadow.
For bright eyes: Making the eyes appear brighter is possible by keeping the liner on the upper lid more intense than liner on the lower lid. Minimize fine lines: Trying to cover crow's feet with concealer tends to make them more noticeable.
A little contouring can add depth and dimension, but too crazy and you add 5 years to your face. Avoid foundations that aren't going for a "non-oily" look, those kinds will dry the skin out too much and give you a more "wrinkle and fine line" look! Only powder areas that are oily, like the nose, forehead, chin and the eyelids to give an "oil-free" zone to apply eyeshadow, or it will just settle into the creases. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: The Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride It's a cream cheek stain so that always makes the cheeks look more dewy, than a dry powder blush alone, and this shade is so pretty I just want to eat it! Avoiding the desire to darken the lower lashline, will give a "eyelift" illusion to your eyes and draw the eyes upwards. And I hope you loved my "How To Look Younger With Make-Up Video" and my special, extra baby faced, guest, Ellie!
As we age, we tend to lose a bit of the radiance and elasticity that gives a youthful appearance.

Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years.
While turning back the clock completely is impossible, there are steps that can be taken to shave off five, even ten years!
Even if one is in their twenties, this is a wise decision (it can be a lifesaver after a late night!). Instead of just dabbing concealer on dark circles, look for a yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. Start at the upper corner of the eye and sweep the shadow in and downward toward the crease of the eyelid. Contouring can add full roundness, but most "how to contour" images I see everywhere, just make someone look aged and a little crazy!
Cover up under eye circles and the eyelids, this will make you look less red and veiny, and more like baby-face perfection! Powdering the entire face can give a cake-y, dry look that will exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles everywhere! Add a soft light pink-pear shimmer to the eyes for  a bright-eyes look, and don't worry it won't LOOK pink, it will just draw the eye in a different way.
As we age, our eyebrows lighten and thin and eventually turn grey, so the darker your brows, the younger you'll look! A black winged liner on the top lashline, really gives an innocent, yet glamourous look, think Audrey Hepburn- fresh, youthful, yet classic and beautiful! As disappointing as that sounds, however, this doesn’t mean we all have to give up on looking our best. Always moisturize – Before you begin your makeup application, make sure to moisturize to give your face a more radiant appearance.
Go for a smoother look – No matter your age, using harsh lines and colors will only make you appear dated and weathered.

Try natural shades – Swap your darker lipsticks for more understated shades to mimic the natural tone of your lips.
Make your eyes pop – Bring some brilliance to your eyes by curling your lashes as well as adding shimmer eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes.
Add a little shine – Add a little clear gloss to the center of your pout to create the illusion of fuller, younger lips. Apply this cover-up as close to the lash line as possible, blending it right up to the eye and on the insides of the nose. They blend effortlessly, won't flake, tug or pull, and are all-around gentle to the eye area.
The truth is, it really isn’t about age, but rather how we treat our skin and apply our products that makes us appear younger or older.
Instead, choose subtler lipstick shades, blush and bronzers in less-intense tones, and smudge your liner rather than creating dense lines for a look that feels both updated and natural. A dewy complexion will offset the effects of aging, making you look more radiant and youthful than one that’s flat and powdery.
Use a medium sized shadow brush and apply from the lash line up, to the crease, to add dimension. Alternatively, curling the lashes (with an eye curler) after a shower will also create fuller looking lashes. Looking youthful is really as easy as tweaking  a few products and procedures for a major impact. Try applying tinted moisturizer and a creamy cheek tint in place of their dryer counterparts.

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