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I was always preaching the natural look, or the balanced makeup styles, but I kinda like this too-much thing right now.
The best part about it is that, starting with tomorrow up until 31 of December we’ve got plenty of times and events to give these a try. I adore that look as well, but have no idea who she is, the photo is from tumblr, maybe you can stumble upon it there and chase her website.
It probably is more a fad, than a trend, and it makes more sense in winter, rather than summer, so why not give it a try this NYE?A 3.
The natural makeup look will forever be IN, and it probably is a go-to-style for Christmas dinners with family.

The smoky eyes – another been-there-done-that-turned-classic look to keep in mind for the big party. I do feel it’s been done too much, but if you love it, and look amazing in it, rock it!A 6. I will however say, that in this case keeping a more natural lip color would be better.A 7. This is a very girly-girly party look, that was always present, but never quite stole the spotlight. It’s fun and perfect for the holiday season, so why not?A The times we live in come with the biggest perk of them all.

All is in, and there is no mistake when it comes to style, as long as you own it and can pull it off.

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