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The best method of eye injury prevention from fireworks is to leave these exploding wonders to the professionals. If your family must have fireworks for the holidays, stick to sparklers, wear eye protection and make sure an adult supervises all activity. Additionally, put on protective eyewear when you’re playing certain sports — for example, racquetball and paintball. You should wear eye protection if you’re using bungee cords, which can also be very dangerous. Never look directly at a firework, bottle cork, or other explosive or projectile device if it doesn’t go off as expected. Mayo Clinic Health System consists of clinics, hospitals and other facilities that serve the health care needs of people in more than 60 communities in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mankato Times is a community paper covering the 40 mile radius around Mankato including obituaries.
Be heart conscious.If you have a history of heart problems and are currently inactive, it’s best to speak with your health care provider before shoveling.
Drink plenty of water.Remaining hydrated during cold-weather months is just as important as during warm-weather months.
Shovel while snow is fresh.Freshly fallen snow is lighter than snow that has started melting.

If you would like to make an appointment to address any winter-related injuries, call Mayo Clinic Health System at 877-412-7575 (toll-free).
Mayo Clinic Health System consists of clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities that serve the health care needs of people in more than 60 communities in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you’re trying to get pregnant, one of the biggest factors is the sperm quality of dad-to-be.
A travel itinerary is a schedule of events relating to planned travel, generally including destinations to be visited at specified times and means of transportation to move between those destinations. The construction of a travel itinerary may be assisted by the use of travel literature, including travel journals and diaries, a guide book containing information for visitors or tourists about the destination, or a trip planner website dedicated to helping the users plan their trips. July 4 weekend offers many chances to see a well-orchestrated fireworks show from a safe distance.
Whether you’re working a construction job, making home improvements or mowing the lawn, always don proper eye protection. Dispose of the object in question in a safe place rather than inspecting it closely or studying it with your face in harm’s way.
The community-based providers, paired with the resources and expertise of Mayo Clinic, enable patients in the region to receive the highest-quality health care close to home. Additionally, don’t shovel while smoking, eating or after consuming caffeine; this may place extra stress on your heart.

Lift with your legs bent, stand with your feet hip-width apart for balance and keep the shovel close to your body.
But taking on more than your body can handle or ignoring signs that you need to take a break may prove to be harmful. Mayo Clinic has 5 tips to help you learn what to do and what to avoid in order to increase your chances of pregnancy.
For example, both the plan of a business trip and the route of a road trip, or the proposed outline of one, would be travel itineraries.
Debris can easily get into your eyes and cause problems ranging from irritation to serious damage.
Also, don’t pick up too much snow at once; use a small shovel or fill up a large shovel no more than half way.

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