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The cure for test anxiety - happy home fairy, Skip to my lou features the above free printable for you to print and hide in your happy buddy’s notebook – just add the candy!. Candy thermometers - david lebovitz, Advice and tips on using a candy thermometer from pastry chef & cookbook author david lebovitz, of ready for dessert and the perfect scoop. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. UniFiber®, unlike most fiber supplements, is insoluble (like the fiber found in nuts and whole grains). UniFiber adds bulk to your stool which helps food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines, helping to prevent and relieve occasional constipation.
UniFiber is an excellent choice of fiber supplement for maintaining colon health all year long. Since 1998, the Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program has been one of the most popular colon cleanse systems – with over 2 million programs sold. Think of a cleanse as 'spring cleaning' for your body, a way to gently and effectively kick-start your natural elimination process. Commit to a full 90-day cleanse with the entire, three-component Colonix Program, which features Colonix fiber.
One serving of UniFiber contains 3g of natural fiber = ? cup cooked carrots or 1 large bran muffin. Note: Because UniFiber will not gel or swell, it can be administered through a feeding tube.
I am so pleased that I now have 2 products that help me stay regular, help me keep my eating habits reasonable and make me feel great!
As a global leader in cleansing and detoxification, DrNatura voluntarily adheres to the FDA’s strictest quality standards for dietary supplements via current Good Manufacturing Practices. When possible, DrNatura uses all natural, plant-derived ingredients that are processed minimally for optimal nutrition.
WARNING: DrNatura® products should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, by children (except children’s products), or by anyone with a serious medical condition.
KleriTea® herbal tea contains senna and is designed for short-term and occasional use only.

Presence of small pouches called diverticulum in the lining of the large intestine or colon is known as diverticulosis. Symptoms develop in about a quarter of people with diverticulosis, especially when the diverticulum becomes inflamed. Increasing fiber intake is considered the best option for treating diverticulosis naturally.
If you cannot get sufficient fiber from diet alone, consider taking a fiber supplement such as psyllium seed husk or methylcellulose. Omega-3 fattyacids present in fish oil are beneficial for people suffering from diverticulosis.
Insoluble fiber does not require water to do its job, so it does not cause the gas or bloating associated with many other fiber supplements. In addition to adding fiber to your diet, many people benefit from cleansing the colon annually with a fiber cleanse.
If you choose to take your UniFiber in a liquid, whatever amount of liquid you are comfortable taking it with is sufficient. UniFiber contains no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no yeast, no starch, no gluten, no dairy, no phosphorous, no sodium and no potassium. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with each and every DrNatura product by offering a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back policy. Do not use this product if you are allergic to soy or have a medical condition that can be affected by consumption of soy. Lower abdominal pain or discomfort, abdominal cramp, constipation and bloating are common symptoms of diverticulosis. Diverticulosis is more common in people on low fiber diet. Fiber supplements can be taken up to three times a day. Fiber products absorb water to form a gelatinous mass that helps to transport wastes through the colon. The anti-inflammatory effect of the essential fats helps to reduce the inflammation of the colon lining. People with diverticulosis should reserve at least 30 minutes each day for moderate intensity aerobic exercises. In addition, since UniFiber is an ultra-fine, grit-free, tasteless powder, it can be added to your favorite recipe without changing the flavor.

If you are taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before using DrNatura products. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of all people above the age of 60 have diverticulosis. When soft bowel content passes through the colon, it exerts less pressure on the colon wall.
However, if sufficient water is not present in the abdomen, by absorbing the small fluid content in the stomach, it may worsen constipation. People with diverticulosis can take about 1 gram of fish oil supplement once or twice daily.
I am using UniFiber in conjunction with Colonix as it is sometimes difficult to take Colonix at work or away from home. Customers whose testimonials are published on the web site receive a free canister of Colonix® fiber (a $35.00 value).
However, most people with diverticulosis are unaware of the condition, which is usually diagnosed during medical checkups. To avoid constipation, fiber supplements should be taken with at least a full glass of water.
The UniFiber is great because it does not gel up so you can mix it with water or juice and drink it when you get the time. Weak spots develop in the colon wall, where the colon lining bulges out to form small pouches. Diverticulosis can be treated naturally with dietary modifications. Most of the daily fiber requirement can be met by consuming a diet rich in plant products.A predominantly vegetarian diet containing whole grain cereals, beans, fruits with skin, leafy green vegetables, peas, cruciferous vegetables and other vegetables, preferably with skin are the sources of dietary fiber. However, complicated diverticulitis requires treatment with oral or intravenous antibiotics.
Although there is not scientific evidence to support the harmful effect of seeds and nuts in triggering the symptoms of diverticulosis, to avoid the risk of seeds and nuts entering the diverticulum, sometimes they are avoided by diverticulosis patients.

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