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In fact, you might have seen one of my most popular recipes for The World’s Best Tasting, Fastest, Healthiest Homemade Protein Bars, which certainly are not low carb. But there are times when you might not want to ingest starches yet still crave a carb-like experience.
Following a low carb plan and eating bread in any form is like being a vegetarian and eating fake burgers and chicken at every meal. Get the latest posts and news delivered right to your email.  Sign up today and get our power-packed ebook, "3 Months To A New You", in easy to read PDF format! Place egg yolks and cream cheese into the electric mixer bowl and whip until absolutely smooth.

Remove pans from the oven and use a wide flat spatula to gently lift them to cooling racks. How can you post a recipe which includes sugar and then give it a name like "no-carb" bread? This FREE eCookbook is the perfect recipe collection to help you plan your morning meals for weeks to come.
Then while the machine is running, add the cream of tartar and sugar and raise speed to high.
They will change in texture and become more bread-like and less crisp if stored overnight in resealable plastic bags.

We named this recipe "No-Carb Cloud Bread" because per serving it came to only 0.7 grams of total carbohydrates. Remove egg whites from the bowl to another bowl, but it is not necessary to wash bowl or beaters before the next step. You can help them pour everything in the mixer, and later they can form the cloud breads into circles.

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