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I received an email from Beth, a subscriber to our news letter who began her email in the best possible way….
But let’s be realistic, for most people those previous statements have just been lost in translation, am I right? First of all, thanks for all you guys do - you're an incredible resource to have on the 4HB!
Check out these 5 favourite slow carb breakfast ideas if you’re finding things are a bit too similar each day. This meal is based on a regular lentils and eggs, but added is cottage cheese, and some tomato salsa – two great flavours, and perfect for anyone missing cheese in the morning.
Simple fry up the eggs, heat the black beans for 10 mins, and steam the baby carrots for 5 mins. So there they are, we hope you enjoy your slow carb breakfasts this week, and if things get a little boring, give one of these a try!
Slow Carb 4 Hour Body Food Shopping List With the changes involved in the Four Hour Body regime, we found our first shopping a little confusing, to say the least.
The ingredients are: Turkey, water, sugar, modified potato starch, salt, potassium phosphate, flavour, ascorbic acid, smoke flavour, sodium nitrite, smoke.
So a few strips yields around 12g protein, 3g fat, which is a pretty great deal considering it tastes awesome. I’d be more concerned about the sugar and modified potato starch (especially as 3rd and 4th ingredients) than the small amount of nitrite.
I am starting from a point of having a lot to lose 80-90 lbs from start point (so 70-80 now!).
Good question – food quantities are less important than the food types on the slow carb diet.
Thanks for all the information you are posting…what about corn in the meals whether mixed in with other vegetables or in the salsa.
I think it’s a great idea to go at it as a couple, however sometimes the beans, etc can be difficult to take first thing in the morning.
This delicious breakfast is a great start to the day, packs a huge protein punch and provides a good amount of fibre and vegetable content too. If you’re looking around at protein shakes, the advice I have is that the only one worth getting is not going to taste like much.

Generally, I recommend people start with a slow carb breakfast, to establish a baseline of fat loss progress, and then substitute the protein shake, to see if it affects the fat loss rate. Going zero carb or (almost) zero carb keeps your body guessing, encouraging fat loss and greater results. Place a roast or other favorite meat with fresh garlic cloves and spices in a slow cooker or crock pot. Place the roasted spinach in a medium saucepan and add 1-2 ounces of heavy cream and roughly grated Parmesan cheese.
While still warm, roll the spinach-cheese mixture into 1-2″ balls and place on a baking or cookie sheet. Be sure to add a few chopped veggies, 1-2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil, a protein (think bacon, sausage) and plenty of spices to the mix. A complete list of zero carb and almost zero carb foods, arranged by food group and total net carbs.
Though I normally stick with my regular red split lentils, eggs and spinach, there are some variations I enjoy, when I have a little more time, or when I really need a change. This gets it’s inspiration from good old ham n eggs, but also gets a decent serving of white beans, mixed with spinach and tomato salsa. So, this simple breakfast also drops the spinach, and offers some different flavours to start the day. This meal takes the best breakfast flavour – bacon – and makes it slow carb friendly, and delicious!
So there’s still some of those bad nitrates in there, which are ideally best avoided. I retained a lot of water when I had meats like turkey bacon, hot dogs, processed ham, etc.
Meat is an interesting field, as some processed products have all kinds of weird stuff added in! At between 150 and 160lbs, I was eating 1 cup beans with each meal, a large portion of veges, and at least 25g protein from meat.
As a starchy vegetable, it has a high sugar content, and therefore falls into the same category as breads and other white starches – save them for cheat day. We boil them on a fast boil for approx 10 mins, but I like them still a little chewy, so I don’t let them go all the way to soft.

I prefer to use a whey protein isolate (with purity above 90%) that is totally unflavored, and therefore has no artificial sweeteners added, and no flavors like chocolate or vanilla added to it either. Use super low carb veggies (as close to zero carb as you can get), healthy fats and moderate protein in each meal. Check this list of 70 zero carb and (almost) zero carb foods, then try these easy-to-make meals with flavorful twists. Fried, scrambled, omelets, mini crust-less quiche, boiled, deviled, and of course – egg salad. Don’t worry too much about quantities, as long as it keeps you satisfied and with energy for the whole day.
I am trying to get my girlfriend to do it with me but she cant stand egg or beans for breakfast. This ensures you have a lot of great protein for breakfast, without getting anything artificial. I do my best to eat clean and well as best as is practical, but I do enjoy variety from time to time.
A protein shake, in a pinch, however, might be better than nothing at all, if you’re the kind of person who has trouble controlling cravings later in the day, if you miss breakfast. When I do a protein shake, it’s unflavored powder, with water, then with a dash of saigon cinnamon added to try to blunt any insulin response. We lived by the rule of not snacking, and eating once every 4 hours, and adjusting our portions so that we didn’t feel hungry between meals. Any more, and the body starts making changes based on the increased stress the exercise places on the body. All the flavored powders have either artificial sweetener, bulking agents or sugar added to them, none of which are made to help you lose fat. I’ll make sure in the next couple of days to get my posts up about meat and meat quality. So I was taking a walk once or twice a week, and made it to a few tai chi classes in the month.

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