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We provide a contact management system (CMS) to help you better organize your contacts and email listings. You can access our club management system on any device that has an active internet connection and a web browser.
When we released our club management software in 2002,we claimed the rights to being the first complete web-based club management system. SWAT – Strength Wellness Athletic TrainingSWAT was started in 1997 by Jana Beutler and Ron Holland. Personal Training InstituteWe established our concept in 1987 when co-founders Evelyn Knapp M.S. Energy Fitness & WellnessEnergy serves the fitness and wellness needs of the community. Sony Pictures Athletic ClubThe Sony Pictures Athletic Club recently re-opened in a state-of-the-art facility with all new equipment. The Fitness CenterSince 1977, The Fitness Center has provided professional exercise instruction, exceptional service and affordable pricing.
Fusion Fitness ClubFusion Fitness Club is committed to delivering an exceptional member experience at a price you can afford. Keep your clients on track whether you have a session with them or they are doing a workout on their own.
Track everything, from body composition and measurement results, to fitness assessments and nutritional intake.
Regardless of whether you have years of experience, or are a brand new trainer, you will benefit from the latest industry best practices. Assists the trainer and the client in formulating specific, measurable and realistic goals. BioEx Systems produces a variety of fitness assessment software packages for the personal trainer. Help your client move into a healthy eating lifestyle by providing accurate calorie baseline and providing them with detailed and comprehensive meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. Establish daily calorie levels and nutrition goals based on client age, gender, and activity level. Summary booklet (goals, tests results, health risk screens, meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes.
Fitness Maker Professional is licensed for one user on one computer with unlimited clients.

Designed with simplicity in mind ezyTrainer features an easy and friendly user interface that provides fitness professionals with the simplest way to manage personal databases, assign interactive programs and diets, track performance and progress, coordinate bookings, sett up training schedules and more.
EzyTrainer is a fitness booking software that automates bookings, manage availability and training classes.
EzyTrainer provides personal trainers and instructors a way to build and manage their own client database.
With ezyTrainer fitness software both clients and personal trainers can monitor body measurement during the training and so track the performance and goals achievements.
Fitness instructors and personal trainers can add an unlimited number exercises and create as many training programs as they need in order to individualize the training for each client.
EzyTrainer is a web based personal trainer software which can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection.
EzyTrainer fitness software generates reports from date to date and summarize your activity for a certain periods of time. When this happens, the trainer will be notified within our system so she or he can work accordingly to reschedule an appointment with her or his client or find another use of that empty time slot.Clients usually meet with their trainer about once or twice a week. The Complete Training System allows you to easily stay in contact and impress your clients daily.
Provide custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record their results.
Complete meal planning and tracking based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. For example, simply enter your clientA’s measurements or clothing size and let the system perform a Body Composition Analysis. Let your clients view your schedule or even book their next appointment with you directly from their web portal. When signing up with us personal trainers will get their online personal booking page where clients are able to make bookings, reserve group classes and make their own trainee profile.
Adding goals will individualize the training course and keep in mind your priorities and follow your practice. Using ezyTrainer fitness software trainers can also assign diets to clients with only a click of a mouse. Set your working time and availability and let clients choose the available hours and book your training services online.
Trainers can send personal messages to clients or assign diets and training programs with a click of a mouse.

This makes ezyTrainer fitness software a convenient and friendly solution which gives you mobility and let you focus on the training process.
For examples trainers can see the total number of completed training programs, diets, the number of new clients and total bookings, message sent and message received, etc.
On the other days, clients may want to tackle a workout on their own because they want to know how far they've gone. Add new revenue streams with online training and nutritional consulting, and decrease lost revenues from missed or forgotten appointments.
A trainer can provide workout routines for her or his clients with reference material within our system’s video archive. The software will even track skipped workouts and allow you to send custom messages to keep your clients motivated. The client will have a trainer approved workout routine and reference material to ensure correct technique, and all this is easily retrieved from our fitness management system.Trainers can upload videos about correct workout techniques which can be used as a reference material. Your trainers can upload videos on correct workout techniques and your members can access those videos to learn proper technique. The video archive is open to all your members and trainers.Keep a fitness assessment of their clients’ progress. This intuitive tool allows trainers to set reasonable goals on their clients’ behalf, record BMI and body fat percentage,and upload before and after photos. Other features within our fitness assessment tool are summary details and graphs that track progress, recording of body measurements such as waist and chest, and overall fitness.
It is an encouraging tool that members can use to promote self-motivation.Clients can view packages offered by a personal trainer. This unique function allows a personal trainer to set up packages, such as hourly rates or sessions, that may interest clients to purchase those packages. In addition, a personal trainer will be able to track how many sessions a client has left so additional purchases can be made in a timely manner.

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