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This is a thorough guide to personal trainer rates in the US in 2012.  It is meant primarily for those who are curious about the costs of hiring a personal trainer, but will also be useful to aspiring personal trainers who are trying to get a sense of earning potential.
If you live in Beverly Hills or Manhatten, work with an independent trainer, who has a masters degree and 15+ years experience, and has trained celebs like J. Expenses include: health insurance, transportation cost, continuing education, marketing costs. If you have the time to dig a little further we can break it down for you by the various factors influencing the wage. The findings of this data seem to contradict the regional data as Los Angeles is a fairly inexpensive place to seek training.  This suggests that hourly rates are determined more on the local than the regional level. The takeaway?  Pay a little extra for someone with at least a few years experience.  Also, if you want an experienced trainer you might as well find someone who is very experienced vs.
Thank you for this- I have multiple certs from NASM and have been a trainer for over 20 years- but i live in a mixed rural area – my rates I wanted to have lower for my seniors so it would be affordable for pp who need it…but I was still undercharging for many years! If I independently trainer what would be some basic equipment you would suggest outside of a matt, ball and tension bands?
Hi Carmen, thanks for the comment, unfortunately gyms really seem to try to gouge trainers. Independent training is great but it really requires you to be a business person as well as personal trainer.
Disclaimer: The views expressed on I Think I Can Fitness site by Amber Ellison Walker, staff, or guests are opinions and should not be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise.
I Think I Can Fitness does not not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to. We specialize in personal training, functional daily living, balance, strength, flexibility and core conditioning, as well as cardiovascular exercise, posture, weight loss, sports specific rehabilitation. Let a dedicated, highly knowledgeable, highly experienced and high-energy Certified Personal Trainer maximize your results. An exercise professional who is trained and certified to provide safe and effective exercise programs aimed at weight loss, improving strength and flexibility, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, sport or event preparation and any other fitness goal. The next part is where our trainers differ from the rest, our trainer’s are more than just your fitness trainer. Research shows that when you train with friends, you work harder thanks to the dynamics of group support. You train together in the same hour with the same Personal Trainer – yet you divide the hourly rate between yourselves. Best yet, Flex Appeal Personal Trainers know how to create a great group dynamic, yet provide plenty of individual attention.
Halle Berry liked Brad Bose’s personal training so much that she moved in with him for three years.

Frenchman Sebastien Lagree has become renowned for his innovative combination of weight training and Pilates. Personal training has been transformed in recent years from the muscle-bound kings of pain of yore.
I have been teaching Group Exercise for 3 years and have recently been certified as a personal trainer. The Pinnacle Training Center Fitness Trainers are ready when you are, we are Amped to Get You Fit!!
From basic Toning to Weight Loss Training, Cross Training and Advanced Sports Performance Training – we have what you need.
But training with highly skilled, dedicated personal trainers can make the task of building a new body a lot more manageable.
When Robert Downey Jr needed to upgrade his physique, he invited Bose to come and stay at his London townhouse in preparation for Iron Man 3.
Tom Ford, Naomi Campbell, John Galliano, Trudi Styler, Amanda Holden and Mel C are but a few names to grace his purpose-built premises in Hampstead and Chelsea. To achieve the same benefits of a high intensity workout, you are going to have to exercise longer. The fitness studio that I have been teaching at wants me to take on personal training clients, which was one reason why I got certified. An elite of fitness trainers now preach mind, body, diet and lifestyle for a roster of exclusive clients. Brad Bose offers personal wellness training aided by wife Natasha renowned for her Swedish skin care.
What distinguishes him from his rivals is that he develops, manufactures and distributes his own fitness equipment. He’s even a bit of a star in his own right, appearing as a fitness presenter on BBC Breakfast, as well as on shows as far afield as Germany and Canada. Moy’s brand of personal training with integrated coaching, includes advice on nutrition, but also advice on lifestyle, goals, motivation, nutrition, sleep cycles and bio-mechanics. The emphasis is on a fully holistic integrated approach taking in mind, diet and body with as much attention paid to muscle recovery as there is on the time spent training. My strength training program will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health and appearance. So, if you’re going easy with your exercise, your’re going to have to exercise longer!
Clients can either travel to their base in southern California, although many, like Berry, invite the Bose’s to join them domestically.
Roberts offers the best results in just 10 days and for an intense package his studio charges ?680, while a longer muscle building programme is ?1,995.

It’s important to focus on exercise and fat weight control and not the percentage of exercise energy coming from fat but the total energy cost, or how many calories are burned during the activity. However because of his range of fitness partnership, clients can buy into the the Lagree philosophy in studios across the US and in Sydney, Hong Kong and Toronto.
Roberts offers a holistic approach: his team includes nutritionists, psychologists and osteopaths, as well as the hard-bodied Katt Starr Johnson, a leading UK athlete in her own right. But even so he has garnered an impressive client list of pop stars, explorers, athletes and multi-platinum musicians prepared to stump up the ?200 hourly rate. We asked exercise physiologists, personal trainers in nyc and nutritionists about their most hated exercise myths. Everyone is looking to maximize results at the same time minimizing effort and time in the gym.
Keep in mind, high-intensity exercise is difficult to sustain if you’re just returning or beginning to exercise, so you may not exercise very long at this level.
A 100-day body transformation package, including three hours of training a day, five days a week, is ?30,000. If you want to achieve real, long lasting results, you must do more than exercise your body. The truth is, one cannot spot train (otherwise, wouldn’t we all be running around with flat stomachs and slim thighs?). With my program, you will change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and health.
In order to get visibly toned abs, we must first reduce your overall body fat, which means a lot of cardio, along with strength training for much quicker results. Don’t Forget: Muscles need more calories a day, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn and the more weight loss you see!
As an experienced personal trainer, I will show you correct physical exercise techniques and monitor you each step of the way. Muscles take up less space in your body, so your body weight may go up as you add compact and tight muscle mass.
You will develop habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity.

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