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As Fitness Professionals, we all know that the popularity of fitness boot camps is just about reaching its all time high. Group Personal Training is a HUGE step up from boot camps (It seems like any turd can open up a boot camp and say they are a fitness pro).
The majority of our programming is set up for a total body training session that includes a hip dominant movement, knee dominant movement, push, pull, carry, drag, slam and an explosive component. So, to ask the question….how much do you charge for your groups, and how many people do you limit them too? Get those sexy, sleek, washboard abs and youthful appearance through targeted core training.
Ever wonder how you could get that lean, sexy muscular six pack that other women seem to have with little effort? Group Personal Training provides a 1 on 1 type of training program for the cost of a large group. Bunch II show you how to develop stronger Abs, and the washboard stomach you have always desired.

Have you ever desired to finally reach the goal of obtaining a stunning 6 pack and the sculpted physique of a super model or gifted athlete?
You won’t need expensive gym memberships to complete these exercises as most of them can be executed in your living room. Anyone that has marketed their fitness business as a commodity will suffer greatly in the next 6-18 months.
We try to keep our sessions under 45 minutes to give people time to work soft tissue quality, corrective flexibility and mobility. At the end they get their picture taken with their finishing time on a dry erase board, and the receive a t-shirt.
Ab workouts for women will help you get that flat stomach and get rid of unwanted body fat and belly flab using the best ab exercise science collected throughout the web.
From fitness to health, nutrition and exercise, Fitness Expert Candace Renee Burney and Martial Arts Master John E. With the emergence of programs like CrossFit, shitty boot camps will be pushed out of the market place (Whether you want to admit it or not CrossFit is doing very well).

Normally we will incorporate 3 strength days and 2 metabolic conditioning days each week, we also hold a bonus Saturday session for anyone that missed a day.
Basing your business on being the lowest cost option is a fast way to put yourself out of business in a hurry.
The sessions include the use of Dumbells, Kettlebells, Sandbells, Dynamax Balls, Bands, TRX, Rings, Valslides, Drive Sleds, Racks, Ropes, Body weight movements, mobility, flexibility, corrective exercise, and much more. If you develop your core muscles into solid base you will build a base from which you can sculpt your entire body into a sexy, lean healthy machine.  Buy Personal Trainer Abs today and see immediate results as this cutting edge book teaches you the greatest ab workouts for women. At Next Level Athletic Performance (my biz) we don’t even use the name boot camp anymore, the name boot camp is treated like a dinosaur, something that belongs in a history museum. If I do a for pay session and invite outsiders (like on holidays, or themes, etc), they come at no charge.

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