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The Personal Training Staff at Cityplace Fitness is ready to help you accomplish your health & fitness goals! The majority of our Personal Trainers offer both 60-minute and 30-minute sessions, as well as individual instruction (1 client) or doubles training (2 clients). Call us today at 214-775-5060 to schedule your appointment with one of our certified Fitness Professionals. This means balance with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility, rest and mental stimulation. We always start our jobs by getting all of these components back in balance, with the appropriate intensity in each category to achieve the goals set for each person.
Going to the gym can be a daunting task but more and more, people are deciding to go with a personal trainer to help them maximize their time there. The biggest job a personal trainer has in regards to helping you at the gym is to keep you motivated to keep going, and that is the only way you will start to see results. Another way to get the most of your personal training is to find a trainer that can mix it up and keep you guessing as to what you’ll be working on next. A personal trainer will also know which body parts to work on and different ways to do it, so that your exercise routine doesn’t get stale. You have to remember that a personal trainer is there to serve you and you have to take advantage of all of his or her knowledge, but when it comes down to it, you’re the only one that can make you get up and go to the gym. Getting a personal trainer is the best way you can maximize your time at the gym and once you work with one, you’ll have a much better knowledge of how the gym works, and furthermore, how you can make the gym work for your physical goals.
Whether you want to lose weight or get in shape for serious competitive sports, Body Tech’s trainers can help you achieve all of your goals.
Sadie Wells, RD, LDN is a registered and licensed dietitian-nutritionist with a unique professional and educational background in nutrition that allows her to approach your needs from a much more fitness-minded and holistic point of view.  She also holds an advanced Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management accredited by the American Dietetics Association and a FirstLine Therapy Certification.
Sadie currently works as a nutrition therapist and motivational coach to assist those looking to improve their mind, body and overall health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Personal trainer is the professional who can be independent or working with some organization with special knowledge about how to stay healthy and fit. Accounting and Motivation: You will be fully motivated by your personal trainer and will never be distressed and will never give up your scheduled training program.
Individualized Program: Your personal trainer will help you perform every exercise with safety. Efficiency: Best results are ensured because your trainers are skilled and experienced in their field and actually know how to get early results as soon as possible. Losing some extra calories or to gain some weight or to develop some cuts and curves you should have a personal trainer support. Natural strong body is accessed by following the advanced information provided by the specialists. For the past few months, thousands of men from around the world have been using powerful body building supplements in the hopes of sculpting lean muscle mass. OUR MISSIONOur goal is to bring you the latest men's health news about the use of weight loss and muscle building products.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts about men's health, weight loss, and how to gain muscle by email. If your health club allows outside personal trainers, we are more than happy to work with you there as well. You don’t need to worry about owning a lot of fancy equipment, because we bring it all with us. I’ve worked as a personal trainer for 20 years now and over the years have seen some crazy fluctuations when it comes to rates of pay.
The truth is that the personal training landscape has changed drastically over the last 15 years. But let’s forget that for a moment and assume you need a trainer in the flesh and are thinking about hiring one. Then there are the gyms that feature a different pay scale for different grades of trainers, as is the case in some popular fitness chains.
Finally there’s the idea of how often you need a trainer… once a week, every day, once a month? Remote Patrolled, January 28, 2012Log in to ReplyI think $80 - $100 is a fair price but I would only hire them for once a week, and I would want to have a very specific goal in mind. Tejal, January 28, 2012Log in to ReplyI was a group fitness instructor, not a personal trainer.
I think a good middle ground is a group class, because you do have someone to correct your form, and we do teach the basics of good exercise (well, at least we did, it was a part of every class). Group is about class management, while personal training deals with more of specific conditions (bad knee, went through surgery, bad back, etc). I probably got a bit off topic with recommending classes, but that's how I got started in fitness.
Kat, January 29, 2012Log in to ReplyI utilize the trainers at the university where I work and teach yoga. Will, February 7, 2015Log in to ReplyI pay $20.00 for half an hour is that too high or is that price just right or cheap???
If you are looking for the best personal trainer certification program, then ISTA is your key to success.We have one of the top personal training certifications in the USA.
ISTA’s standards, practical application of scientific principles and affordable program pricing have defined us as the professional’s choice in personal training qualifications.
ISTA’s Personal Trainer Certification is valuable for individuals who are beginning their profession in the fitness industry, as well as those who have more experience or hold additional relevant certifications. You can become a recognized Fitness Nutrition Specialist in just a few months when you complete ISTA’s Fitness Nutrition Certification Program.
The ISTA Fitness Nutrition Certification Program process is designed to be completed on your own time from your home or any other place with a wireless connection.

After receiving your ISTA Fitness Nutrition Certification Program certificate, you can enjoy the benefits of working in an industry that is always in need of exceptional, dedicated professionals.
You may have noticed that many people are taking the plunge and becoming personal trainers and nutrition specialists.
If you’re ready to take charge of your life and open the door to endless career possibilities, consider partnering with ISTA.
ISTA’s nutrition and personal trainer courses will help you maximize your earnings and career potential by providing you with the highest standards in fitness trainer certifications.
ISTA has worked diligently to develop the best personal trainer certifications that meet the highest standard while still providing affordability for its customers. In addition, our fitness professionals walk the walk, meaning they teach group exercise classes, participate in fitness activities, and lead members and clients to a healthier lifestyle by example. Training with a friend or co-worker is a great way to save money and have a built in accountability partner. Personal trainers are an excellent investment because they can assist you in getting used to the gym, figuring out which equipment to use and how to be more efficient when you workout. A personal trainer is also part cheerleader and part psychologist, and the best ones know when to get on your back and when to back off. They can’t come to your house and drag you out, it is up to you to make the decision and figure out how dedicated you are to bettering yourself. These professionals can give you expert advice and instructions on how to safely approach your exercise routines and get the maximum results. Avoid any injuries and complication by following the instructions provided by your trainer. This page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.
You can learn a lot about how to build muscle with these products by checking out our articles here. I’ve seen people charge incredibly high rates for one-on-one training and on the flip side, some gyms trying to get away with paying McDonalds money. And I also think it doesn’t get nearly enough respect, nor do the trainers who literally change peoples lives everyday. I think anywhere up to and including $125 per hour, depending on where you live, for an hour long session is okay.
Some people can’t seem to get out of bed without someone forcing them to workout… but how much long-term success are these people likely to have I wonder?
But I did go through training with a lot of personal trainers (my college offered cert classes, where we met 4 hours a week for 6 months, and interned).
So you learn good form as well some basic knowledge (how often to train, what, proper squat and pushup form). It's not simply a matter of doing the exercises with good form, it's what exercises that you should do, period. It's cheaper, you learn the basics, and you get into the habit of exercising (HUGE importance here).
I just wanted to point out the option, for those who have learned a lot online from qualified people (and there's a lot of bad advice out there), but still want someone to check their form. But on that note - I hate that you usually have to have a trainer from that gym, so in that instance trainers with their own facilities is really nice and I would actually pay more money for that feature. Because We offer the highest quality education in fitness nutrition and personal fitness trainer certifications. During this course, you will learn how to interact with clients in both group and one-on-one situations, how to design and launch fitness programs, the best practices in safety and more.
You can finish the Personal Trainer Certification coursework in six months all in a convenient online format. The coursework in this online accelerated accreditation program is focused on helping you understand how to effectively work with clients, how to plan meals and diets, how to help others reach their nutrition goals, and more.
There’s good reason for their decisions: These are lucrative fields that offer incredible opportunities for advancement. We make it simple, affordable and convenient for you to obtain your Personal Trainer or Fitness Nutrition certifications at a pace that suits your current lifestyle — and gets you closer to the lifestyle you dream about having. There are numerous personal training benefits such as creating your own work schedule, great salary, and future job growth.
This work has paid off — we have become one of the top online personal trainer certification programs.
Overall, it’s up to you to keep going to the gym and to not get disappointed when you fail to see results, especially right away. When they go, they don’t know what exercises to do in the first place and then they find themselves doing the same thing over and over again. Chances are that when you feel that way, you’re not really pushing your body to its limits and really getting a good workout. They’ll push you to jog longer even though you wanted to quit five minutes ago, they’ll motivate you to do an extra repetition or two even though you wanted to stop and they’ll make sure you get the most out of your body. All they can do is give you the tools and help you learn how to use them, and the best personal trainers can do that. All of our qualified personal trainers will not only monitor your form and technique, but they will also help you develop your goals, provide accountability, and keep you motivated. They suggest the diet plan and workout plan which can be very helpful to strengthen your body.
If you want a sharp curvaceous body or a heavily chiseled six-pack abdomen reflecting your strong masculinity, whichever you dream there are ample scopes to make it come true with the help of personal trainer. They motivate and increase the enthusiasm level in clients and boost them to reach the heights with their impressive efforts. In fact a few months ago I actually met with a potential employer about working some sessions in a new facility.

I mean, think about it – how many great sites are there out there (like this one) that give fantastic tips and workouts for FREE!
It’s a tough call, because in truth, no one NEEDS a personal trainer, the way you do a doctor (who are paid absurd amounts of money) It’s a luxury that some people can afford and budget for accordingly because to them, it’s valuable and adds quality to their life.
If you want a just okay workout, pay less and train with Joe, if you want a better experience, try Barbara, and if you want the best workout of all sign with one of our top trainers and have a great workout with David. I spoke with someone who decided to do the personal training and group cert, and asked her the dif. Yes, a group instructor will give modifications, but a personal trainer will give you much more personalized modifications.
But I've had surgery patients tell me that their personal trainer was more effective for their recovery than their personal trainer (I was working at a surgeon's office at the time).
As you becomes stronger and want to learn the more advanced moves (such as deadlifts, overhead squats, etc) or want to push further, then move onto a personal trainer. You have the option to be your own boss, develop client relationships and help people reach their goal while reaching your own as well.
Many people will give up if they don’t get the results they want within the first week or two, and most people just aren’t built like that: it’ll take time for your body to be trained to move towards your goal. While it is good to get into a routine at the gym, there is a fine line between a routine and getting into a rut, and a good personal trainer will know how to keep things fresh. By pushing yourself harder with a trainer, you can spend less time at the gym and get better results. You can hire online personal trainers too who virtually teach you to improve your body muscles.
Truth be told, everything I publish on ATF is something I USED to get paid for – it’s my expertise. As I mentioned earlier, many people make the mistake of thinking that the more you pay for a session, the better educated the trainer will be.
Its cool though, I have learned a lot of good things from your site to make me a better trainer.
The personal trainer will also push you so that you're working at your proper level, not too hard and not too little.
Also, if you're not "typical" or have some conditions (obese, heart condition, whatever), after getting doctor approval, get a personal trainer. I've never been to a gym before and I love the rates at this gym I'm at but am scared to put that much out for a trainer.
We offer online availability, so you can login and take your exams right from the comfort of your home. Another one of the personal training benefits is you are given the advantage of being in a goal driven environment surrounded by motivated, goal-oriented people. Your trainer will assess your current fitness levels, including a general health screening, fitness history, and movement assessment. Many teachers in the industry are concentrating on their own workout, and don't watch the students so they don't correct their form. I don't make that much on a daily basis but I am trying to work towards getting myself back into shape. Our clients are successful and fully prepared after finishing our nutrition and personal trainer certification program. For instance, in my area it’s routine for gyms and in home trainers to charge $85 – $100, but I’ve seen rates in other states that are fractions of that amount. Also, you'll do more advanced moves (deadlifts) with proper weights (in a group class, you'll squat with a LOT less weight than your personal trainer will make you. Our clients enjoy successful careers and the personal training benefits that come along with it. All Personal Training Certifications are applicable for two years, at which point recertification is available for a small fee. Ask the front desk or visit the Personal Trainer and Nutrition Center for more information. Simply because we can't be there to watch you all the time, and we don't want you hurting yourself). But the trainer still has more to offer than the jacked guy in the gym who reads a bunch of blogs and gives you advice. Based on what my goal was I feel in the beginning, I thought I was just randomly put together with someone, but little did I know that I was getting paired with one of the gyms best.
Our structure is solid and we will have you prepared to be a successful fitness professional. They help you select the strategy to correct your low muscle tone problem and whip your body back into shape.
Also, I was taught in training not to correct EVERY move that a student is doing wrong, because the person may feel like you're picking on him or her. Not only did he push me to get through a workout, taught me proper nutrition habits, good form over quantity and workout variety.
It's not true, we want you to get the correct form, but there's a bit of ego fluffing to get you to come back.
Considering where I live, it think that at most $50 a session is good for a trainer, considering their expertise and also what current and former clients say, look and feel.
I have also said that a personal trainer is more than just a trainer, they have to be salespeople, coaches, therapists, and at times your worst enemy during a grueling workout, but all in all they are a valuble source that can change lives.

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