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If weight loss is your number 1 goal and if you are serious about making real and long lasting lifestyle changes on the way to your weight loss success our Metabolism Makeover Program is for you. Metabolism Makeover is an extremely informative 12 week program that combines 30 minute fat destroying workouts with 30  minute motivational and educational meetings.
We are not going to promise that you will lose insane or unbelievable amounts of weight over this 12 week period. To ensure accountability, focus and ultimately the success of each  participant our program groups are kept small. We take great pride in our Personal Training; and our team takes great pride in the results our members and clients receive from their CrossFit, Boot Camp and Personal Training.
If you are looking to have fun, increase your energy, lose weight, feel great and perform at your best. If you feel the need to build a healthier diet or are determined to shed a few pounds I would be happy to put together a custom plan designed around your goals to achieve the quickest and most sustainable results. You are also assured dedicated, custom instruction from myself who has competed nationally as a bodybuilder and powerlifter and has chalked up more than a dozen years personally training men, women and youth alike towards meeting and sustaining their fitness and weight goals. No more endless miles on the treadmill just to fill time or the same old boring routine day in and day out.
Many think because for 30 years I have been competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting I mostly train elite and high performance athletes. Fitness and feeling good about yourself is not just for those who spend 3 hours a day in the gym. We are all tired of the weight loss programs where we feel good after losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks only to feel worse then ever when we gain 12 pounds back. My goal is simple… to help you achieve your fitness, weight and diet goals and then sustain the benefits you receive as a result.
I am dedicated to working with you to build a custom plan you can blend into your current lifestyle and feel good about for years to come. The other misconception of personal training in a private facility is it will be very expensive. Get My Rockin' Abs Routine FREE!Enter your name and email below to GET INSTANT ACCESS!

I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer who started working with Kevin 10 months ago. My personal transformation from 15% body fat to a ripped 4% body fat, which got me a runner up position in the Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 Bodybuilding Championships. Check out the transformation of one of my clients whom I’ve help prepare for a bodybuilding contest, Vagisa. Motivation and focus techniques that will push through those tough exercises and diet days. It was an awesome learning experience training with Charles Glass, world-famous personal trainer of hundreds of professional bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athletes! Interviewing Ronnie Coleman, 8-times Mr Olympia and the most successful bodybuilder in the history of the sport!
If you look like the girl on the left remember that she eventually became the girl on the right.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions? Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? Contact us for a free consultation with a trainer by calling 612-237-9377 or by submitting the form below.
Our program will empower you to jump off of the weight loss roller coaster and onto a one way weight loss super highway. In the spirit of CrossFit our Hamilton location provides a wide variety of fitness options including CrossFit, Boot Camp, Lifting Club, Yoga classes, Cardio, a full service gym and showers. My name is Kevin Weiss and I operate a private fitness training facility located in Kelowna BC. Health and fitness is about honestly assessing your life, schedule, diet and desire for where you want to be in the future and then building a custom exercise and diet plan around you and what you know you can sustain for the long haul. No one has time for the fitness programs where we have to commit time, energy and money to something we know deep down we will never stick with.
I started training with Kevin 18 months ago and have never been stronger, fitter and healthier in all my life.

However, many bodybuilding principles can be applied to everyone with different goals, men or women.
He also gained tonnes of strength and is extremely motivated to achieve his dream physique! As I’ve mentioned earlier, you want to gain knowledge from personal training, not just someone to accompany you in the gym. We will Guarantee that you will lose weight, your clothes will fit better, you will be more confident and feel more empowered and If you are not happy we will refund every penny to you. Whether you’re looking for personal fitness training, strength training, bodybuilding or elite sport training I have you covered. My personal training rates are significantly lower than most every other personal trainer you will find in the large gyms.
I’m sorry, but your body is a much more complex organism and you have to do more than that.
If I want to keep on winning, it’s a must for me to stay updated with the latest researches and discoveries of the fitness world.
My sole job is to use my decades of experience and knowledge to help you look and feel great. Bodybuilding and fitness has been my lifelong passion and lifestyle and I find no greater pleasure than to coach others how to live healthily and fit. You need to know how to train properly with the right exercises, frequency, volume and weight and follow the right diet for YOUR body type and goal if you ever want to build muscle or burn fat. That’s because they didn’t learn the right training and dieting techniques from the start!
And because of that, they’ve wasted loads of time, effort and maybe even money spending on the wrong supplements!

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