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With our busy lives, having quick breakfasts available is essential to getting the day started right. Follow us onSubscribe to our NewsletterTo subscribe to our newsletter simply add your email below. Come check out our latest addition, a support forum which is in beta testing stage right now. For quite some time my doctor has encouraged me to adopt a low-carb lifestyle which I have resisted until recently.
Fruits: If your low-carb diet plan allows fruits (mine does in limited quantities), try spooning some cottage cheese over a slice of cantaloupe. Egg Sandwich: This requires a little pre-planning because you will need to boil or scramble your eggs the night before. Ham and Cheese Roll-ups: Take a slice of deli-style ham and layer a slice of cheese over top. A protein shake or smoothie is another low-carb breakfast option that can be easily made with a cup of almond or soy milk, a scoop of protein powder, and some frozen fruit such as bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. Since we are no longer grabbing bagels and doughnuts (which provide lots of starch but little nutrition anyway), we need ways to speed up the process of getting a healthy low-carb breakfast in a small amount of time. Lunch and dinner have been relatively easy to manage with low-carb alternatives; however, breakfast is somewhat of a challenge because of the morning rush activities.

Then, in the morning toast one or two slices of low-carb, multi-grain bread and layer thinly sliced hard boiled eggs over one slice. After combining the ingredients, give them a whirl in the blender and drink it on your way to work.
You can also spoon some cottage cheese or pre-cooked scrambled eggs over the cheese slice before rolling up. Then you can cut the frittata into wedges, freeze each one individually and reheat in the microwave on a busy morning before rushing out of the door.
LeftoversSimply reheating the leftovers from last night's dinner is one of the easiest ways to prepare a nutritious breakfast. Besides, I would be the only one eating any of those since the rest of my family are dedicated cereal crunchers. Add a slice of cheese and either cover with the second slice of bread or eat open-face style.
For lunch, I also like to wrap the ham and cheese in a lettuce leaf and add a dribble of peanut sauce.
Put the flax meal, salt, and cinnamon in a bowl on the counter, so you just have to add the hot water and peanut butter.
Protein is important for getting our bodies off to a good start, but is not always easy to prepare with great speed.

I also make extra vegetables when I'm cooking them, since they so easily can be put in a breakfast scramble or omelet. For example:Eggs - Scramble a large batch (with vegetables if you wish) and then divide into portions.
The consistency will suffer a bit, but they will taste fine.Something that works even better is to make a frittata. If I know I'm going to be pressed for time, I leave the frying pan on the stove with a pat of butter or a glob of coconut oil it in. I walk into the kitchen, turn on the stove, get the eggs, and two minutes later, breakfast is ready. Scoop your eggs, chicken, sausage, etc, into a low-carb tortilla and add veggies and condiments suit your taste.6. Or the shake can be made with just the protein powder and unsweetened soy or almond milk, kefir, or water.

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