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Earlier I had tried milk shake with papaya so wanted to try something different for a change, and also wanted to skip milk as my hubby says his blood sugar levels are fluctuating heavily. Another health benefit of papaya is that it helps in heart health as it is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, and also is rich in fiber. Pineapple is another super fruits as it contains a digestive enzyme bromelain, which is known to have digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.
Why wait, when you can buy papaya, and add pineapple and carrot with a pinch of ground ginger and cardamom to make this delicious juice.
Pretty color, I have had a childhood overdose of papaya so shy away from any papaya recipes, this looks very delectable though. Star ingredients in this juice are papaya, pineapple and carrot with ground ginger and cardamom.

If you include papaya in your diet, then you will boost your immunity too, recurrent ear infections, cold etc will be reduced. Also you can cut and chill pineapple for 6 days and it won’t lose any nutrients, which is really wonderful. I had intestinal flu last year which has same symptoms has stomach flu except worse because you also have fever, body aches etc. In my hometown lots of home have a Papaya plant in their backyard; and we make curries when they are young and raw. Then on Friday, my son started having diarrhea, and again his doctor asked me to give him a very bland starchy diet without any juice, soda and only Gatorade, Pedialite etc. I had also bought papaya for making a fruit salad, so grabbed that one and made this delicious juice.

I also watched an episode of  Dr oz show, where he suggested that if you feel lethargic even after a full meal, then try to drink glass of papaya juice.
So I was not in a mood to cook any dishes, and made this delicious papaya pineapple carrot juice. Why it is called super energy drink is because papaya juice contains a special enzyme called papain, a well-known dietary supplement used to promote healthy digestion. Papain actually helps you retain more energy from food, and so it lowers the chances of feeling tired after a meal.

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