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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed, check out our latest killer podcast, or get the body you deserve with the Venus Index Workout Systems. Unfortunately, this plan requires that you stick with it; eating more than you burn is going to lead to weight gain. When I became a mom, gym time came screeching to a halt and weekend warrior exploits became a fond memory. Like most people, I found becoming a parent so time-consuming that I was not able to stay consistent with my workouts and I fell into the trap of believing that the weight gain was a result of pregnancy. Yet every morning, before I got out of bed, I felt my bloated flabby middle and wondered how I’d gotten like this. I’ll grant you that having small children is all consuming and is no time for personal growth. The other piece of my journey was becoming aware of brilliant Venus Index ratio research as outlined in the Venus Index Workout program. Here are some more memories from inspiring Venuses and Adonises including five contest winners! April 29, 2013 by Roberta Saum 5 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed, check out our latest killer podcast, or get the body you deserve with the Venus Index Workout Systems. Congratulations to everyone who entered and finished!  This took hard work on the part of everyone and it shows. Dominique has AMAZING muscle tone all over, and her legs are spectacular aren’t they? Overcoming cancer Kath struggled with breast cancer and like many used food as comfort during her illness and recovery.  It’s a typical story and we’ve had many Venus ladies overcome this. I’d remember what leanness felt like and do some magical thinking that today would be the day I’d wake up and find out this had all been a bad dream and I was still lean and trim as I’d ever been. But that doesn’t do anything to temper the niggling feelings of dissatisfaction when you see this in the mirror.
This photo was taken on what was supposed to be a happy trip to Key West and, well, just look at us!

Simply learning what was still not quite ideal about my shape and how to continue to make improvements has made all the difference.
Before it was a job to do the most basic of things like get on and off the toilet or squat down and get something from the floor. Due to the Attitude of Accomplishment from following simple programs and seeing consistent results, other areas of my life fall into place. There is nothing like being healthy, movement and the feeling of accomplishment to facilitate healthy sleep. I see us winding up in wheelchairs like in Wall-E the movie and far sooner than we all think. The first photo is of me and John Barban, author of the Venus Index workouts, was taken in Atlanta after hanging with him and Allen Elliott to film exercise videos. Have you gotten lost in the mountains of diet and fitness information, only to keep stagnating and never getting the sleek, sexy body you know will turn heads?
She was doing the Venus process and seemed so slow that she didn’t see it happening until she took a picture one day.
I saw Deanne before VT-6 started and met her a few months later after she had finished (and won) the contest. What better way to start a contest than with a story of our beautiful Venus Andrea who DID NOT THINK SHE WOULD PLACE in the contest and did!   She did place in the contest!
Until my mid-30s, I worked out 5 nights a week for 1-2 hours and was a weekend warrior doing whitewater C1 slalom paddling on rivers all up and down the east coast.
Achieving the ideal metrics has allowed me to finally present my body with full confidence. So long as I don’t get sedentary, I rarely suffer any neck or back pain and now these are caused by occasional lapses in correct movement form. I would like to be the touchstone you can believe in as you find your way on your own journey to your best self.
But she ended up getting addicted to the amazing Immersion podcasts with John and Brad, and learning how to make better food choices and got so much more!

But she ended up getting addicted to the amazing Immersion podcasts with John and Brad, and learning how to make better food choices and got so much more!  Holly got an EMPOWERED LIFE! Her transformation stretches out further than a 12 week period though, she has lost FORTY pounds using Venus! I’m going to put it out there that most women hide from the camera when they don’t feel good about their weight and when they are actually caught on film, this is typically what you’ll find: a glimpse of mom’s face, probably none of her body. Letting go of the mythical 2000 calories a day I thought I got to eat (which did require some mourning, I’ll grant you) and finding out how much I actually needed to maintain and how much I needed to eat to reduce fat was like discovering the Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything!
It’s not possible to change your partner nor force them to do something they are not ready and willing to do. There is no nagging nor persuading the kids to move and they understand about enjoying treats, just not every day.
Bonus points for this one because you can’t see my husband behind the camera but he’s also at least 40 pounds overweight. I’d become immobilized because I assumed if it took years to put the weight on, it followed that it took years to take it off. There are free podcasts!  All the research, all the experiences of the winners, it’s all in there.
Towards the very end, that rate slowed to about ? pound per week or less, which is excellent progress to avoid fat loss rebounds upon hitting the goal. So all you have to do is pop one in while you’re in the car together or doing dishes and let John’s soothing voice wash over your unsusepcting partner. There’s no need to risk needing to do it all again or worse, rebounding and concluding that diets don’t work or your metabolism is broken!

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