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Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), oral thrush and wasting among people starting HIV therapy in Tanzania, investigators report in the online edition of the Journal of Infectious Diseases . If I ride more than 50 miles a week and drink healthy smoothies everyday would that be good for losing weight? The authors explored the relationship between vitamin D and the risk of diagnosis with tuberculosis, oral thrush, wasting, weight loss of 10%, pneumonia, anaemia and several symptoms. Extra vitamin D, calcium, regular weight-bearing exercise and osteoporosis medications may be helpful to prevent fractures.
According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2000, 77 percent of Americans don't get enough vitamin D.
A diet high in vitamin D can lift your mood, melt stubborn pounds, and strengthen bones, but most people are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D levels in the body at the start of a low-calorie diet predict weight loss success, a new study found.
The cause of a sore throat from the Chinese medical perspective is usually due to damp heat* clogging the meridians*, and in particular the stomach meridian. There are many health benefits of vitamin D, and as mentioned in previous blog entries, I recommend we get it from sunlight.  However, when this is not practical, a vitamin D supplement may be a strategy to ensure adequate levels.  But what vitamin D supplement is best?
If my memory serves me right, we should be eating plenty of potatoes to ensure we have a healthy dosage of vitamin D in our body, and preferably mashed potatoes with no added oils, butters or margarines. The cells in the human body are affected by the free radicals that are periodically generated in the body.
The body exposed to environmental stress, radiation and pesticides is facing the risk in the immune system. Following are the details of the vitamins which are found to be involved in preventing cancer. There was a discovery recently regarding vitamin D that it has the ability to battle against many chronic ailments. According to the reports given by the NCI, nearly 80 percent of patients suffering from cancer are expected to be prevented from cancer by taking vitamin D. According to the News report published by natural news there are few studies conducted which reveal that diet rich in products derived from animals and products from dairy consisting of saturated fat and hormones were responsible for causing breast cancer. In another study that was conducted in France, nearly 60,000 women at post-menopausal stage participated in it. The recommended daily intake for men is usually 90mg per day for adult men and 70mg per day for adult women.
The supplementation of vitamin E for men at the dosage of 50mg per day was found to be beneficial in preventing the prostate cancer incidence. The study that is published in the National Cancer Institute journal in the year 1998 revealed that there was 34 percent reduction in prostate cancer cases in men who were smoking and who were supplemented with 50mg of vitamin E every day compared to the men who did not receive vitamin E.
Intake of sufficient Folic acid daily will help preventing cancers of lung, colorectal, brain, cervix, breast, esophageal and pancreas.
This study revealed that the women who consumed 600micrograms of folic acid per day and had one alcoholic beverage in a day were found to be at lesser risk of developing breast cancer than the women who consumed 300micrograms of folic acid per day. The research study that was published in the British Journal of Urology in the year 1998 says that the men who took 400micrograms of selenium per day have lower risk of developing prostate cancer by 63 percent compared with the men taking placebo.
Researchers in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Wolfson Medical Center just published a research study on Vitamin D. Previously reported studies have shown that blood vessels are not as likely to clog in diabetics who have sufficient levels of vitamin D.

Research has also shown that the lack of vitamin D may result in people developing diabetes.
The conclusions from these studies are all pointing that a direct correlation between diabetes and the need for vitamin D exist in people who are experiencing diabetes.
The conclusion of the study was that,”High doses of vitamin D supplementation in diabetic patients was associated with significant decrease in central aortic augmentation index (AI) during one year treatment.” The augmentation index is a ratio calculated from the blood pressure waveform. This entry was posted in Healthcare News and tagged Cariovascular Disease, Cholestrol, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Risk Factors, Stroke, Vitamin D. There is a specific connection between vitamin D and weight loss, for individuals that are losing weight and keeping it off. Only recently has the deficiency in the vitamin has been recognized as the number one factor in weight gain. Vitamin D and weight loss also show a direct link because the vitamin is required when the body absorbs essential weight loss nutrients, like calcium. Recent studies of shown that obese women consuming 1200 milligrams of calcium every day lost an average of six times as much weight as women that did not take the calcium.
The lack of vitamin D in the body tends to increase the risk of acquiring a variety of medical conditions. The connection between receiving adequate amounts of vitamin D and weight loss is important to both men and women. People with vitamin D deficiency were almost three times more likely to develop TB than those with adequate levels of the vitamin. Q: When the recall of Ranbaxy atorvastatin was announced because of glass particles in the pills, I had 30 left of a 90-day supply. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that people typically do not get enough of, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
While potatoes do have some nutritious aspects, they are very high on the glycemic index which can lead to cellular inflammation. The harmful effects of the free radicals on the body cells which might lead to cancer can be prevented by certain vitamins and they are found to have the capability of reducing the cancer risk for the human body. The minimum support that is required by the immune system daily can be provided by the recommended daily intake of antioxidant vitamins which further decreases the risk for cancer development.
This has stimulated the researchers to show more interest in this aspect and probe on other unknown facts about vitamin D like its role in preventing cancer. The women who were taking diet rich in vitamin D and supplements of vitamin D had decreased risk for breast cancer.
The reports from Linus Pauling Institute say that individuals who smoke have to take an extra 35mg of vitamin C daily in order to prevent cancer. The recommended daily dose for vitamin E is 15mg for men as well as for women above 14 years of age. The recommended daily allowance of Folic acid is 400micrograms for both the adult men and women.
But, people with problems related to gastrointestinal tract like Crohn’s disease are at higher risk of developing deficiency for selenium. The allowed recommended daily intake of selenium is 55micrograms for both the adult men and women. The research is showing that supplements of vitamin D at 1000 IU may improve cardiovascular health for diabetics. But diabetics with low levels develop immune cells that trap cholesterol in the blood vessels close to the heart, resulting in blockage.[2] Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and this may be due to the relationship between low vitamin D levels and obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia, endothelial dysfunction and hypertension.

In addition a strong correlation between diabetes and cardiovascular disease has existed for years.  Having the ability to lower this risk through a vitamin D supplement is an important finding. Because of that, many people are taking vitamin D as a supplement, to ensure that their body receives enough every day.
When the body lacks enough calcium, it tends to ramp up fatty acid synthase, a body producing enzyme that has only one job – to convert calories directly into stored fat. This shows that consuming enough vitamin D-rich nutrients every day is an effective tool to minimize fat storage in the body, and generate fat burning thermogenesis to speed up weight loss.
Some of these include cancer, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, autism, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, type II and type I diabetes, colds, flu and psoriasis. There are other excellent choices of Vitamin D rich foods that rank lower on the glycemic index such as shiitake mushrooms, cold water fish, shrimp and dairy products. The group that received vitamin D as well as calcium supplements could see 60 percent reduction in cancers compared to that of placebo group. One such balanced diet includes the combination of improperly polished sugar, treated meat and rich in leafy vegetables, fruits and vitamin-D.
There is a study that was published in the journal of American Medical Association in the year 1999 regarding Folic acid supplementation.
The research studies have revealed that selenium supplementation might decrease the prevalence and incidence of cancer forms. At the same time Diabetics should limit their intake of meat, and add more fruit and vegetables to their diet.
While vitamin D has long been recognized as an effective way to strengthen muscles, only recently has it been recognized as an essential component for better health. However, many individuals that use sunscreen on a routine basis to prevent wrinkles also reduce their ability of their skin to take in vitamin D from sunlight, to be converted in the body. This is important because the brain utilizes the vitamin as a way to stave off cravings and hunger, while pumping up the levels of beneficial mood elevating serotonin. In fact, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, migraines, fertility, seizures, macular degeneration, periodontal disease, cavities and muscle pain are also associated with low levels of vitamin D. This dangerous level can significantly increase the potential of acquiring a variety of cancers and autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. However, it can be taken as a vitamin D supplement, to ensure that the body is getting enough every day. Perricone recommends taking Vitamin D in combination with calcium and magnesium to maintain proper balance. In addition vitamin D cannot replace exercise.  So the findings should not be taken as an end all for those wishing to avoid cardiovascular disease.
In addition, gaining sun exposure in late afternoon or early morning is usually at a time when the sunrays are too weak to naturally produce enough vitamin D. The form of the Vitamin D also matters- look for Vitamin D3 which stays in your system longer. Also, look to spend 15 minutes a day in the sun without sunscreen to help your body increase its natural production of vitamin D.
The study revealed that men who were taking 83mg of vitamin C every day had 64 percent decrease in the incidence of lung cancer compared to the men who took 63mg of vitamin C every day.

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