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For distance fiends trying to shed pounds, runger can make weight loss difficult — but it’s not impossible. Naturally, the best foods to eat during your weight loss phase will be high in nutrients, while also being relatively low in calories.
If you know you always feel ravenous after workouts, plan what you’re going to eat before you even leave for a run. While sports drinks are helpful immediately before, during, or after a strenuous workout, they contain too much sugar to consume regularly. Several Harvard University studies have connected the consumption of calorie-containing beverages with obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight, drink water at least 90 percent of the time, and stick to unsweetened tea, coffee or other unsweetened beverages when you want to mix things up.
Some of the best sources of protein are wild fish, free-range poultry, and lean meats, or plant sources like legumes, nuts, and seeds. But if you focus on eating on minimally processed, nutrient-dense foods that are high in protein and fiber, it will be difficult to gain weight while running.
Em, age 21, transformed her body in just 2 months by making sure she ate enough calories and exercising 3-6 days a week.
As promised earlier, following is my diet plan which I followed religiously for 3 months and lost 17 kgs. Either lunch or dinner can be anything you desire to eat, but whichever meal you chose to eat unhealthy, please ensure you compensate the other meal with 3-4 fruits and a glass of milk.
I would initially consume around 3000 calories and this diet is around 1200-1500 calories if properly followed, because of which in the initial 1 week I would get dizziness which would be temporary, in such case kindly follow the SOS.
Fruits to be avoided (purely from weight loss perspective) – bananas, chikoo, custard apple, mangoes. What do you say Swati…is running, jogging and walking a MUST and better than other exercises including weight training or which are especially done for upper and lower body?

We’ve been known to out-eat our bigger, heavier friends while they look on in amazement (and, sometimes, in terror).
All you need is a smart approach that will help you balance your running schedule with your weight loss goals.
A landmark study from the Nutrition Journal found that a nutrient-dense diet lessens the experience of hunger, and thus, is an effective tool not only for improving your health, but for weight loss, too.
Focus on eating foods like vegetables, fruit, legumes and grains for the bulk of your pre-season running diet.
This strategy will help you avoid any last-minute decisions resulting from those “must eat” survival mechanisms that tell you to dial for pizza, pronto. And for the athlete trying to lose weight, one of the biggest perks is that it contains zero calories. One study showed that people who drank their calories didn’t feel as full as those who ate them from food. Research has confirmed again and again that eating protein increases your feelings of satiety. Restricting calories — or avoiding an entire macronutrient, like carbohydrates — is a mistake when you’re training hard. In fact, many people find that by mainly eating meat and vegetables, and drinking water almost exclusively, they’re able to lose weight without having to count calories or “diet” at all. Integrate some of these healthy eating habits into your pre-season program, and you may just find that you’re not only lighter, but also faster, when you’re ready to take your training up a notch. Sugar must be completely avoided but sugar substitute can be used temporarily, or 1inch jaggery can be used too(I would mix jaggery in salads to make it tasty), also I was made to abstain from cheese and maida food products in the initial 3 months. With regards to multi-vitamins I was recommend to take Shelcal-500(calcium) and evion(Vitamin E). She is a regular half-Marathon runner, trekker and off-late a fitness freak, who was dealing with weight issues since past 7-8 years.

A lot of you have joined me on MFP , somehow I don’t get time to log each and everything, have been struggling with my macros, will start doing once I know I am doing it perfectly. You can comment your meals and IWB gang will help you if you are struggling or doing something wrong.
And we’ve all been on the receiving end of well-intentioned comments like, “Are you really going to eat all of that?” as we scarf down food after a long run. Unfortunately, many runners combine a standard calorie-restriction diet with race training, hoping their high mileage and limited food intake will blast off pounds. During this period, you should be focusing on weight loss, and running for cardio, not performance. In other words, a protein-packed quinoa bowl will probably fill you up more than cheese fries. Most runners should aim to consume about .5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day, depending on how many miles they’re logging. I understand that body happiness is so much more than having it look the way you want it to.
More often, this results in sub-par performances, feelings of sluggishness and poor weight loss results. While there are a lot of different diet strategies, these three are the best for runners during this weight loss cycle. So make protein a priority, especially at breakfast, which will help reduce cravings later in the day.

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