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In the unending quest for a miracle diet pill, Americans are trying an array of prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat a variety of illnesses. The list includes drugs meant to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adderall and Ritalin), depression (Wellbutrin), epilepsy (Topamax and Zonegran), diabetes (Glucophage and Byetta), sleep disorders (Provigil), smoking (Zyban) and even opiate overdoses (Narcan). Narcan is a bit puzzling, since I think it works by blocking the receptors for opiates, as is Prozac (mentioned elsewhere in the article), since it is associated with weight gain. Not as of now, but the amphetamines(Adderall) were prescribed for slimming a few decades ago.
Derek Lowe at In the Pipeline has some concerns here and here about the potential side effects of this drug due to diffuse distribution of CB-1 endocannabinoid receptors.
By Jove’s jiggling white adipose tissue, this takes the buttercream-frosted cake for most self-serving remark.
While some of these drugs are comparatively new, the practice of using prescription as well as non-prescription substances to lose weight is not.
One other thing — there are more than a few studies that show that people with Syndrome X (metabolic syndrome) who take Glucophage lower their risk of contracting Diabetes II.

Topiramate (Topamax) has been used in kids with Prader-Wili who also have problems with hyperphagia.
Some small studies have been done with metformin (Glucophage) in adolescents with (1) obesity and insulin resistance and (2) polycystic ovarian syndrome with some positive results. Retrospectacle has been a wonderful hobby and outlet for my writing for almost three years. None of them have been approved as diet drugs — but for many, weight loss is a side effect. Often these drugs are used alone, but sometimes they’re taken in combination with each other or with popular weight-loss medications, such as phentermine.
Skversky uses a combination of drugs he adjusts for each patient — a drug cocktail usually consisting of phentermine plus antidepressants such as Prozac, antiseizure drugs such as Topamax or Zonegran, or diabetes drugs such as Glucophage or Byetta. The drugs are generally meant to have other effects, such as diabetes control, ADHD control, etc.
Also, weight loss is not good for everyone; people exist who are already at or below their proper weight.

This is an endocanabinoid blocker that has been shown to be effective in smoking cessation and weight loss [with the expected side effects of a risk of depression]. People (notably health professionals) have been using thyroxine for this purpose for a long time.
I think she was on a mission to lose weight, keep her energy level up,but try to sleep at night.
So instead of using the drugs for the primary purpose, they are using them for the side effect. Its gets tricky though when you are prescribing a drug off-label to benefit from one of its side-effects.

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