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Making the change Many of us have eating habits that have been ingrained in us since we were kids. Review your diet A good starting point is to review your diet and make the following changes: • Record everything you eat in a food diary. Help is at hand Losing weight can be difficult, so it’s important to arm yourself with the necessary tools and advice to help you stay on track. How it works Create your daily menu by choosing one meal from each of the following categories.

Any replication, retransmission, reproduction or other unauthorised use of images and photos from this website is strictly prohibited. Most people know that the weight-loss equation is largely dependent on how much exercise you do and what type of diet you follow. For example, a bowl of ice-cream after dinner, pizza at least once a week or a sweet treat to reward ourselves.
While physical activity at least three times a week will help you shed those extra kilos, most experts agree that diet is the first thing you need to change in order to see results.

Our body can often mistake hunger for thirst, so now there’s no excuse to reach for a chocolate bar.
If you’re a size 16, chances are that you won’t morph into Elle overnight, but with a lot of determination you will get the body you’ve always wanted.

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