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The food combining chart provided below is a quick reference guide that helps create healthy meals that provide good digestion.
This combination can bog down the digestive system for hours (anywhere from6 -14 hours) leaving food there to ferment which creates extra toxins in your system.
Here is a printable copy of The Food Combining Chart to place on your fridge or have handy for quick reference.
This program or way of life could probably be described as one of the most successful diets of all time. Did you know that digesting food requires more energy than any other function in the human body? Food combining is one of my favorite tricks to streamline the digestive process. Though food combining principles can get very complicated, depending on which expert you ask, I prefer to keep them simple. Studies have shown that humans have a tendency to overeat when we are offered a wide variety of foods during a meal. (source) So, by simplifying our meals, we will naturally eat less, without counting calories or worrying about portion sizes. For a properly combined meal, simply choose ONE category and only eat foods out of that category for that particular meal. A sandwich on whole-grain bread, filled with avocado, mustard, lettuce, tomato and sprouts. A leafy green salad topped with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, followed by a piece of baked fish served with a side of roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
A leafy green salad topped with dried cranberries and raw walnuts, followed by a platter of raw hummus served with raw crudites. Note: There is a lot of debate over the science behind food combining, without much evidence to back it up. Hi I’m not 100% but I think because you mixed a protein with the fruit, just the salad alone with the fruits minus the chicken should be fine. To go into further detail from what micheline stated, chicken requires an acidic state in your stomach, yet the fruit requires an alkaline state. Btw: Choosing a real light grey font colour in this reply box as well as a tiny font size is really hard on the eyes. Keep in mind almonds, and almost all seeds and nuts that have not been soaked and slowly dried in temperatures around 130-150f max will not be fully utilized in digestion and you will only be getting about 15-20% of the nutrients. Afterwards, the almonds don’t necessarily have to be dried (unless you prefer them that way for storage or convenience).
One thing I’m confused about, you said to pick One main item, whether it be Starch, Animal Protein etc and then combine that with a Leafy Veg.
I’ve promoted your website to my friends on Facebook and hope you gain a deeper fanbase as a result. Principles of Combining Foods Properly was made popular by Dr Herbert M Shelton in Dr Shelton’s Hygienic Review decades before Fit for Life. I read the Fit for Life books and they talked a lot about Herbert Shelton and his facility in San Antonio. I now want to loose 50lbs, and being despondent on the Metro North, started telling a co-passenger about it..
She immead told me to GooG Food Combine and Natural Hygiene (and I ended up here (smile)).. I’m just curious, but why would bananas be the only fresh fruit allowed with nuts, seeds and dried fruits? I believe it’s because bananas have a much lower water content when compared to other fresh fruits, so they have a slower digestion time that is similar to dried fruits.
Food combining guidelines are a way of looking at food to get the most efficient digestion possible.
Most food combining guidelines spell things out in terms of proteins, fats, starches and sugars. I also have a black and white version as a printable food combining chart you can post on your fridge to keep the info handy. These foods are considered bad combinations because the food groups work against each other as they digest. Some people - especially when coming from a standard American diet - will see a lot of benefits from getting very strict about food combining. By eating very simple combinations for his meals, and being really strict about his food combinations for a few months, he got rid of his gas. If your stomach is bloated with gas, if you find yourself tired after meals, if you feel full for hours after eating, or if you notice your food isn't getting broken down fully you should try following the food combining rules for a while to see if it helps. After your body gets back into balance, and your digestive system is healthy and active, you should be able to handle more complicated meals. The key thing here is that once you've gotten back into balance, you should be able to listen to what your body tells you about which combinations work for you and which ones don't.
Some people - if they're very skinny, have a really fast metabolism or prone to huge blood sugar swings - will actually do better to follow the opposite of certain food combining rules.
Once you get to a place where you can listen to your body's messages, you're ready to try breaking the rules to figure out what's going to be the best thing for you.
My goal is to help you add more energy and health to your daily life than you could ever imagine. You can get your energy back, drop the extra pounds, clear up your skin, and build a more vibrant life.
Here is a little-known natural weight loss secret that nobody talks about and that’s the fact that the extra waste sitting around in the colon is one of the main causes of excess weight.
When your body can utilize the food you eat there is actually less waste it has to figure out what to do with.
The second, most untapped way to keep your digestive system humming along is to learn the art of proper food combining! What’s less known are the complexities of the digestive system and the fact that different food groups require different amounts of time to be broken down and absorbed by the body. When you learn to eliminate on a consistent and regular basis (daily if not twice daily) the other results you can expect–aside from effortless weight loss, is less cellulite, reduced inflammation and fewer headaches. If after a meal you feel energized, gas-free, less bloated, poop easily, lose or maintain weight, you most likely found a good food combo.
Julie Pelaez (pronounced like Goliath with a P), known simply as “Jules” to friends and family, is the co-founder of the Conscious Cleanse, a 14-day program designed to guide health-seekers on a supportive journey of healing and whole body cleansing. Mama to two wild little boys and lover of the sun, Jules is grateful to bring her passion for vibrant health, raw food and personal transformation to the work she does as a long-time yoga teacher and to the Conscious Cleanse. I did this, I finally learned how to clean my gut & it works, except I did not take out gluten. I find it strange that you're promoting eating animal flesh as a way to help detox your gut. Leafy green vegetables are easy to digest and can be combined with most other foods without a problem. These are cruciferous and a bit on the rough side: Kale, Bok Choy, Asparagus, Eggplant, Fresh Corn, Brussel Sprouts*, Cabbage, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Okra, Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Sweet Peppers, Green Peas, beets, and Gourds. SRV’s,  we lack sufficient amylase production to tackle starches and grains properly, and they generally wreak havoc on the digestive system, they cannot be considered optimal.
Fatty FATS OILS and such tend to slow down the digestion of whatever they’re eaten with.
MEAT DAIRY EGGS  Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Pine Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts.
Many people say they get fruit belly and are allergic to fruit! What has really happened is  mixed a meal of animal protein and starch at dinner, and when they try to eat fruit the next morning their previous meal is still being digested.
Eat acids and starches at separate meals because acids neutralize the alkaline digestive medium needed for starch digestion. A raw food diet is based on the knowledge that the most healthful, nutritious food for the body is uncooked. Whole foods are any food in its most essential, pure and basic form: an asparagus spear, a lemon slice, a scoop of quinoa or a fillet of salmon. The more we learn about nutrition, the more it seems we should eat the way people did a hundred years ago.

Fruit and nut superfoods – are high in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Herb Superfoods – as nourishment offer the body a whole host of nutrients it may not have received either because of poor diet or environmental deficiencies in the soil or air.
Food combining is a health-conscious approach to eating, where foods that require different digestive environments are eaten separately, such as proteins and carbohydrates. So, these are the main principles that I contribute to a long, happy, healthy and harmonious life! You could follow this meal with some dark chocolate or goat’s milk ice cream for dessert! Dessert could be a slice of raw cheesecake, a few raw macaroons, or a couple raw almond butter cups! When both combined the stomach cannot fully digest these items to the fullest extent so they end up sitting for a while in a confused state and end up getting pushed into your digestive tract where it starts to ferment and create harmful gases which is why you were bloated and got cramps. That is to say, soaking them does not release enzyme inhibitors due to a sprouting process.
Also, removing the skins via blanching also removes the anti-nutrients, as they are conveniently located in the protective seed coat, similar to most seeds. When you gave us an example of the sandwich option you said we could take a potato and put Butter on top of it, along with the Bread which is the starch . The simpler, the better, if you ask me, so that people can actually eat without questioning what they eat all the time. I ended up buying his books (he had many of them) that focused on fasting and food combining, which I actually liked reading his conservative material, but he passed away and the facility was eventually closed.. Food combining is the easiest and most successful way I have found to lose and maintain weight. My Oatmeal with Nuts and some dried fruits (cranzins); with Two Boild Eggs – This is now NOT okay??? There are more restrictive charts on the Internet and you may want to read Dr Herbert Shelton’s original work.
What that means to you is that it can help with bloating, gas, weight loss and energy levels. Basically, proper food combinations are based on the idea that there are categories of foods that digest well with each other, and others that don't. Once he got his digestion working properly, he had to take in all of his pants because his belly wasn't bloated anymore.
Your digestive system is, after all, designed to digest food and it'll do a really good job as long as you don't overload it too much or too often.
For them, a better combination is to have fruit with some grains or some seeds to level out the blood sugar fluctuation.
Following the rules (food combining and otherwise) is important to get you to a baseline of health and balance.
This includes things like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and organic lean cuts of meat, wild fish and non-gluten grains. The onset can make us a bit crazy because we’ve been taught to think that a balanced meal contains a protein and a starch, with a side of veggies. What’s even more interesting is that the faster a food is digested, the less waste it leaves behind. Vegetables combine well with anything (think nuts, seeds, beans, non-gluten grains, animal protein). Choose one of the above to go with your veggies (veggies with nuts or veggies with animal protein or veggies with beans). Always eat fresh fruit alone on an empty stomach with a few minor exceptions (fruit does combine well with dark leafy greens, like in green smoothies).
Her book, The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life, has quickly hit many best-sellers lists and is available at all major bookstores and online retailers.
However, I make my own sourdough bread…which I think is a big difference from breads bought at the local bakery or grocery store. Animal flesh stays in the gut the longest because we do not have the digestive system that obligate carnivores do. They digest quickly like fruit, spending little time in the stomach. Romaine, Iceberg, all other common lettuce varieties. They should not be combined with sweet fruit, high-fat fruit, melons, proteins and sub acid fruit.
The fruit meets up with this rotting mixture in the stomach or intestines and combines to create an even worse combination. Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime,Orange, Pineapple, Tangerine, Tomato, Pommelo, Kumquat They combine well with leafy greens, proteins, and sub acid fruit.
This includes fats and oils, high-fat fruits, and even nuts, which are over 50 percent fat and take hours to digest.
My name is Kim, and I am a yogi with a smoldering passion for nutrition and healthy living. You just have to focus 80% of your eating on fresh, energising, alkalising vegetables, salads, fruits, oils, seeds, nuts, beans – and minimize your consumption of acid-forming foods such as chips, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, cola, bad fats, meats and dairy.
Alkaline foods raise the amount of oxygen the blood can absorb, helping to fight disease and illness. It is recommended that most food is eaten raw, however heating food is acceptable as long as the temperature stays below 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
Favouring a whole foods-rich diet is a simple way to ensure that what you eat is micronutrient dense and free of unnecessary additives.
By definition they are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes. Green superfoods have the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals to protect and heal the body.
Free radicals may sound a little like an extremist terrorist sect evading capture and wreaking havoc across the globe and in fact within the context of your body this would be right.
They are one of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet and also the most abundant source of minerals in the plant kingdom as they have access to all the nutrients in the ocean. Herbs as medicine are essentially body balancers that work with the body functions so that it can heal and regulate itself.
We all know inflammation on the surface of the body as local redness, heat, swelling and pain. Some of the immediate consequences of bad food combinations are digestive un-ease, gas, bloating, stomach ache, nausea, fatigue, and problems with elimination. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest sources for all dietary requirements for humans.
It stands to reason, then, that the best way to free up some extra energy is to make our digestion as quick and efficient as possible.
You can eat fruit as an afternoon snack or post-workout, as long as it’s been 3-4 hours since your last properly-combined meal. When you’re choosing just ONE food category at a time, then filling the rest of your plate with raw and cooked vegetables, you’re bound to be making healthier choices! As I’ve just recently gotten into this subject I use to combine tons of seeds nuts fruits and fats into smoothies and thought I was being super healthy but wondered why I was so bloated and felt tired afterwards.
For future reference if you were to get the same salad, ask for the fruit on the side and enjoy them first, give yourself 20-30 minutes and then enjoy the rest of the meal.
One question I haven’t seen asked and it may be because its so obvious but I was wondering about meat broth or stocks.
Fruits want to digest quickly too, but they tend to ferment when eaten with other foods, which causes gas. You can do a formal two-week cleanse, or simply give yourself a day of eating only fruits and veggies on a weekly basis. At least partially because of their high water content, acid fruit tends to digest very quickly.
They combine well with leafy green veggies, other sweet fruit and sub acid fruits But DO NOT COMBINE well with vegetables, legumes, starches, fats proteins and acid type fruits.

My mission is to inspire as many people as I can to expand their awareness and broaden their horizons by giving a voice to the choices that create abundant, radiant health. Some consume raw animal products, such as raw milk, cheese made from raw milk, sashimi, ceviche (raw fish), or carpaccio (raw meat). Whole foods are the best ingredients for creating tasty and healthy meals, and diets loaded with whole, unrefined and unprocessed foods may help keep you healthy. Many health experts believe that eating more whole foods is our best bet for improving health and preventing disease. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients – nutrients we need but cannot make ourselves.
They contain a wide array of beneficial substances including proteins, protective photo-chemicals and healthy bacteria helping you to build cleaner muscles and tissues, aid your digestive system function and more effectively protect you against disease and illness.
They are, in part, a natural occurrence through metabolism however extra and unnecessary free radical load can be put on our bodies by external factors including pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, burnt foods, deep fried fats and cooked foods.
The western world actually discovered the benefits of bee superfoods by accident during an investigation of native Russian Beekeepers who regularly lived past 100 years of age who ate raw honey, rich in bee pollen, every day. It is the cornerstone of the body’s healing response, bringing more nourishment and more immune activity to a site of injury or infection. While short-term effects can clear up within a day or two, long-term food combining can lead to more severe problems like bad breath, dry skin, rashes, chronic inflammation, poor sleep, low energy, and chronic digestion issues. One big reason is that there are some important health benefits of juicing fruits and veggies over consuming them whole. So, food combining may just work because it encourages the consumption of more whole foods and simpler meals. Learn the guidelines, but always know each of our bodies are different and experiment on yourself to see what works best for you. This looks VERY, VERY similar to the Somersizing program which started in the 90s and was based on the French way of living.
I followed the combining food plan for many years back when it was called ‘Natural Hygiene.
If I eat fruit by itself or oats by themselves, wouldn’t that create a big blood sugar spike and then fall? Nothing dangerous about it, which you'd know if you investugated prior to criticizing.
So Schmexies this means that the rotting meat and dairy rarely completely digest due to conflicting digestive mediums.
Do not combine them with sweet fruit, melons, high-fat fruit, vegetables, legumes, starches, or fats and oils. This is why melons, perhaps more than any other fruit, are often signaled out as upsetting people’s stomachs. Here I share deliciously simple plant-based recipes, nutrition resources, detox tips, a glimpse into my whole lifestyle, and work privately with clients from all over the world. Acidic environments disrupt oxygen absorption and contribute to such serious conditions as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer. According to raw foodists, enzymes are the life force of a food, helping us to digest food and absorb nutrients. Some people eat only raw foods, while others include cooked food for variety and convenience.
Whole foods – like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes retain their fibre as well as the whole portfolio of beneficial phytochemicals and nutrients that are often removed in processed foods.
Green superfoods are extremely rich in chlorophyllthe pigment that gives plants their green colour. Seaweeds will absorb the properties of the water in which they are grown, so you want to ensure that they have been grown and harvested in unpolluted waters that are pure, and free from harmful chemicals. But when inflammation persists or serves no purpose, it damages the body and causes illness. It turns out that it is much easier for your body to absorb the vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients in fruits and veggies when they are in liquid form, since their fibre and cell walls have been mechanically broken down before being introduced into your body. I feel that I’m prone to that, which is why I usually eat oats with eggs and fruit with nuts. They combine well with proteins, fats and oils, starches and grains, legumes, vegetables, and leafy greens and fatty fruits.
The mass of undigested meat that results meanders through the dark, fetid interior of your body in temperatures around 100 degrees and quickly starts to rot. Do not combine them with legumes, starches, fats and oils, melons, high-fat fruits, or sweet fruit. They have a highly unusual  fruit fat content and this will  increase the amount of time it takes to digest them and slow down the secretion of digestive fluids.
Our body has a limited ability to digest fat, so do not overwhelm the digestive system with too much.
Book a private coaching session or a cooking class with me, and keep up to date with my public cooking classes, supper clubs, workshops and events by signing up for my newsletter. Eating alkaline foods not only helps prevent those conditions, it assists in alleviating stress and increasing energy.
If we over consume cooked food, our bodies are forced to work harder by producing more enzymes. This is when you need antioxidants to build up the immune system and fight off the free radicals in the form of superfoods or supplements. Stress, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, and exposure to toxins (like secondhand tobacco smoke) can all contribute to such chronic inflammation, but dietary choices play a big role as well. This saves your body much of the energy required to digest these foods and makes their nutritional value readily available to the cells of your body very quickly. Previously I have combined the protein powder with Almond Milk, ground Flax Seed, and usually a cup of Blueberries. So we have the Watermelon, Canary, Santa Claus, Winter Melon, Muskmelon, Persian, Crenshaw, Christmas, Cantaloupe, Banana Melon, Gala, Honeydew. Over time, a lack of enzymes from food is thought to lead to digestive problems, nutrient deficiency, accelerated ageing, and weight gain.
Learning how specific foods influence the inflammatory process is the best strategy for containing it and reducing long-term disease risks.
I think the Fit for Life got a lot of bad rap later down the road because of how some of the principles were followed, such as eating all the fruit you want.
Colin Campbell (the largest nutritional study ever done), and begin researching the effect meat actually has on the human body. So schmexie if you really are going to eat them they will combine with leafy greens and vegetables. Too much fructose doesn’t work for some people, and also being only vegetarian aspect.
NOT a good idea to combine with starches, grains, fats or oils…you are asking for a gastronomic explosion. Then when Marilyn Diamond came out with another book and perspective, saying how that eating style almost killed her, and now she is all about meat, etc, also put a shadow on it. I eat a large breakfast chock full of healthy fats & calories which keeps me satiated all day. I’m glad to find this website, and a different perspective on it, which is breaking down the sweet and acidic fruits, and adding more protein. There is so much information out there about which foods are better for you that it can be confusing; so many are giving information to sell their products, and also the way food in our country is handled also affects how our bodies benefit.

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