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Catch a movie at Gold's Gym Wisconsin locations in a Cardio Cinema, and you'll find this innovative and fun workout space at the Gold's Gym Milwaukee, Gold's Gym Fitchburg and Gold's Gym Waukesha health clubs as well as several other WI Gold's Gyms. Carve bigger muscles at Gold's Gym Wisconsin locations or lean out with body shaping sessions that use light weights and resistance bands to tone and sculpt. Get fit at Gold's Gym Wisconsin local gyms in cutting-edge facilities, and several WI Gold's Gyms boast climate controlled spinning rooms for heat, humidity, rain and snow-proof bike rides.
Consult fitness coaches at Gold's Gym Wisconsin health and fitness centers if you have questions about any of our cardio or strength training machines. Whether you are a fitness novice looking to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle or a seasoned health nut looking for a challenge, the Highland Fitness team is committed to helping you attain your personal wellness goals! We also offer 14 different entrees, chicken soup, hearty multigrain cereal, and nutritious and tasty Benefit bars. At Medifasta€™s Eau Claire weight loss center, our caring and committed consultants are here to give you the tools to reach your goals. Many Gold's WI gyms schedule BodyAttack, our signature sports conditioning workout that combines fast-paced athletic aerobic routines with rapid-fire strength and stabilization exercises. Most Gold's WI gyms offer Zumba in the weekly Gold's Gym class schedules or a similar dance fitness workout that boosts metabolism with high-energy steps and sizzling world music. Boost flexibility at Gold's WI gyms with stretching routines that enhance functional fitness for better daily living. Many Gold's WI gyms, including the Waukesha, Fitchburg and Milwaukee Gold's Gyms close to you, schedule BodyPump, our hour-long strength training class founded on classic weight room routines. While at the Gold's WI gym in Fitchburg, Milwaukee or Waukesha, head straight for the Cardio Cinema for an amazing workout experience that combines top-tier cardio equipment with top Hollywood movies.

Personal trainers at Gold's WI gyms are also experienced nutritional counselors and can provide informed dieting advice and menu planning. Our supportive and passionate staff will go above and beyond the call of duty to give our devoted members an OUTSTANDING experience! Starting with a body composition test, we completely tailor the program to your unique needs, and that is only the beginning.
Shoot hoops at the Gold's Gym Milwaukee or Gold's Gym Fitchburg location in a sleek indoor basketball court for a workout that doesn’t feel like working out. For stress management, the Gold's Gym Milwaukee fitness club, as well as other Gold's fitness clubs near you, include yoga classes that bolster flexibility and balance and leave you feeling peaceful and ready to take on the world. Interval classes at the Gold's Gym Milwaukee and other Gold's Gyms combine high intensity cardio and weight lifting segments into one complete conditioning workout. Practice three-pointers at Gold's Gym Milwaukee location in the huge indoor basketball court, and you'll find a basketball court at the Gold's Gym Fitchburg health club as well as several other Gold's Gyms. Discover Pilates at the Gold's Gym Milwaukee gym close to you, and you can also learn these concentrated stretches at many more Gold's Gyms across the state.
With the help of registered dietitians, nutritionists, and our weight loss consultants, we provide you with on-going individualized support to ensure that you find your ultimate weight loss success, and maintain that success. Unique classes at the Gold's Gym Fitchburg and Gold's Gym Waukesha health clubs include water aerobics sessions in a multi-lane and comfortably heated indoor pool.
Ask a coach at Gold's Gym Fitchburg, or any Gold's Gym location, to spot you during a workout, or hit up one of our certified personal trainers for the latest exercise tips. For cardio, the Gold's Gym Fitchburg health and fitness club, along with many other Gold's Gyms across the state, offer BodyCombat, a martial arts-style fitness class where you kick, punch, kata and strike your way to superior cardio fitness.

Hit the pool at Gold's Gym Fitchburg location for a total body workout that's easy on the joints. Women at the Gold's Gym Fitchburg health club can exercise in the ladies only workout area if they choose, and you'll find a women's only exercise facility inside several other WI Gold's Gyms. For Waukesha gyms with a hot tub, stop by the Waukesha WI Gold's Gym, which also boasts a sauna, steam room and tanning beds.
While at the Gold's Gym Eau Claire WI health club near you, dive into our heated pool for a refreshing workout that's non-impact.
Power up at the Gold's Gym Waukesha WI health and fitness center with a refreshing and healthy smoothie from our juice bar. Gold's local WI gyms post flexible Gold's Gym hours, with some locations, such as the Gold's Gym in Fitchburg, open until midnight most days of the week. Group exercises at the Gold's Gym Milwaukee, Gold's Gym Fitchburg, Gold's Gym Waukesha and other Gold's Gym fitness clubs deliver lasting results. Fitness equipment at the Gold's Gym Fitchburg and other WI Gold's Gyms help you shred a beach-worthy body or shed those last few stubborn pounds.

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