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Luckily, Distractify has listed 20 pieces of advice from the over fifty set of Quora users.
Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Keep up your high photo standards no matter what the situation with these camera phone tips straight from professional photographer Perry Reichanadter.
Get close to your subject — Your camera phone probably won't have a macro setting, so be sure to get up close and personal with your beloved so he isn't drowned out by the surrounding action. Clear the background — There's nothing worse than snapping a great pic of your BF, only to have something in the background distracting from his face.

Keep the sun at your back — Prevent dark shadows from being cast on your date's face by keeping the sun at your back, or use your flash if you have one.
Fool-proof self-portraits — For the best self-portrait angle, be sure to fully extend your arm at a 45 degree angle.
14 with your current flame, you'll of course want to capture all the best moments as they happen. Make sure you steer clear of any street signs, bright lights, or "loud" objects, and keep your honey in focus.
The good news is, with camera phones being as handy (and powerful) as they are, you probably don't need to tote around a full-featured digital in order to post an album's worth of mushy kissy-face pics on your various social networks.

How you make friends, what you do with your down time, your attitudes about your family, and other considerations can affect the time ahead of you and your life when you yourself are over fifty.

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