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While recovering from my eye-bag removal surgery, I am out of commission when it comes to working out.  So what is a girl to do to prevent any damages or reversal effects during this rest period?  After speaking to a wonderful friend of mine, she advocated a diet called the Ultra-Low Carb Diet, which is further detailed in the book, “Carb-Nite Solution”, written by John Kiefer. Take a look at this list… as you can see there are a lot of vegetables included in the diet.  While some may be higher in carbs, it is still a safe food group choice if you are attempting to try this ULC Diet.
For me, I’m more relaxed and my modified approach would be to just eat any vegetables I enjoy (even if it is higher in carbohydrates).
Another modification I’ve done is including yogurt.  As I’ve eliminated dairy from my diet, I recently bought a soy-based yogurt instead to get more protein in.

Personally, I’m a carb lover.  I love starchy vegetables and oatmeal so this diet won’t do well for me in the long run.  However, I need to make some changes during this rest period and this is a good time for me to see whether my energy levels will change!
Carmen Chu is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. BodyRock is your 24 hour fitness pal, offering daily high-intensity interval training exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. Eggs are my new best friend and will be yours if you choose to embark on this journey with me.

In our community we support each other as we train by sharing ideas, recipes and motivational tips that keep us on track. Fitness is a journey and each of our lives are comprised of stories that chart the ups and downs of our individual quests to reach our goals.

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