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Here I present to you certain day to day tips to make weight loss and weight control a part of your routine and not a project to be finished. If you don’t like to consume plain water much, you can add juice of lemon or fresh cucumber slices into it. By following these 15 tips regularly, you will definitely notice a change in your weight within 2 months. Most people know that citrus fruit, particularly grapefruit, is known for it’s high amount of the antioxidant vitamin C, but did you know that it also has powerful antibacterial properties too? Honey not only has antibacterial properties, it too is oozing over with antioxidants and has many other benefits besides. When you blend the juicy pulp of one large grapefruit with just one tablespoon of honey ( organic, raw honey is best) you have a combination that will give you a healthy boost each morning, but if consumed after each meal, it makes pounds melt away.
If you choose one of the varieties of pink grapefruit for your after meal drink, you’ll get a boost of lycopene that also helps protect cells.
Before you drink your magical elixir, give your body about 20 minutes to give your food a head start on digestion. Precaution: Make sure to consult your medical practitioner if you’re taking some medications. Hi Calleigh,do we have to take out the juice of grapefruit or take it with the pulp by putting it in blender.It has to be taken after all the three meals?.
After peeling the skin and removing the white pith (as shown in the picture), you can throw the grapefruit segments in the blender and blend it to make a juice (dont forget to add honey).
Here, I will list down some drinks that you can easily prepare at home and how they help lose weight fast. Having a cup of black coffee without milk or sugar is an effective drink for losing weight.

Blend your favorite veggie like cucumber, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes or spinach into a juice and consume everyday. Detox waters help you to stay hydrated throughout the day and also controls cravings.They cleanse the body, eliminate toxins and other harmful chemicals. This refreshing drink helps to process fat quickly which makes it ideal to have after high-calorie foods like burger, pizzas, etc.
Pineapple has high fiber and water content which makes you feel full and reduce sugar cravings. The curcumin compound in turmeric can increase thermogenesis rates thus leading to greater fat-burning and weight loss. Finally, here is a DIY drink which contains a combination of various weight loss ingredients and is very effective if consumed twice daily. Instead of taking 3 large meals opt for 5 smaller meals including what I suggested earlier as your snacking options.
For instance, one study showed that just a spoonful of Malaysian honey each day helps boost post menopausal women’s memory loss even more than hormone replacement.
It has contains other phytonutrients, such as pectin, which can help flush excess cholesterol out of your body. You’ll boost your immune system with this drink too, keeping colds, flue and even more serious conditions at bay when you drink it on a regular basis. With the increase in junk food, energy drinks, desserts and regularly eating outside, maintaining our weight seems to be a daunting task.
Raw vegetables and fruits provide fiber which helps keep your system clean and again since you tend to feel full you naturally stay away from snacking. As in,if you are taking 2 teaspoons sugar in your coffee bring it down to 1.5 and then gradually to 1.

One study showed that people who eat one grapefruit a day had 15.5 percent less bad cholesterol and 27 percent less triglycerides.
We try to hit the gym regularly and workout, control our portion intake and follow a healthy diet which are all good for weight loss. Having a glass of vegetable juice will control blood sugar levels and balance hormones, resulting in overall fat reduction. Just blend a pineapple, a slice of ginger and fat-free yoghurt into a smoothie and consume.
Remember, drinks can only aid in weight loss when coupled with exercise and a healthy diet.
Also, dinner should be the lightest meal of your day as most of us head straight to bed after dinner.
Apart from that, do you know that consuming certain drinks regularly can aid and fasten your weight loss? My favorite vegetable juice for weight loss is just blending two carrots with a slice of ginger and adding a teaspoon of honey to it.
Use stairs instead of elevators and escalators in malls, office, apartment or metro stations.
You won’t be short on minerals either when you eat grapefruit since it also has calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, iron and copper. It is essential to eat the right food and you will be able to control your appetite easily.

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