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With the arrival of new healthy eating restaurant Wahu, we've taken a look at other Manchester eateries that cater forA health-conscious customers and diners with special dietary requirements. Anyone who's ever tried to follow a low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free or dairyless diet will know that eating out can be a major stumbling block. Now new healthy eating restaurant Wahu is making the experience a little easier for those of us who like to know exactly what's in our food with their design your own meal concept.
As the Spinningfields restaurant prepares to open tomorrow, we've taken a look at other Manchester eateries that cater for health-conscious customers and diners with special dietary requirements. This award-winning Brazenose Street soup bar offers a range of freshly-made soups, sandwiches and salad boxes, including skinny and veggie options - all with no hidden nasties. You can eat well for the mind and body at this vegan cafe and juice bar at Manchester Buddhist Centre in Turner Street. We hesitated to include such a big chain on this list, but Pret's wide range of healthy choices make it worthy of a mention.
This Manchester-based Mexican restaurant chain lets customers pick and choose exactly what goes into their tortilla and if you're watching your waistline you can scrap the wrap and opt for a burrito bowl instead. A Northern Quarter institution, this laid-back canteen does what it says on the tin - namely serving up a variety of wholesome, freshly-prepared soups.

Floury bases and cheesy toppings makes pizza a minefield for people with intolerances - but Dough is different. Salt is kept to a minimum and sugar is very rarely added to their soups, most of which are suitable for coeliac sufferers and those with a gluten intolerance.
With new menu additions like protein-packed egg and spinach and crayfish and quinoa pots, plus old favourites like superfood salads, sushi and soups, it's easy to see why it's the go-to lunch option for health-conscious city centre workers. As well as freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, it also offers juice detox packages, fat-free frozen yoghurts and a great range of healthy salads.
All the fillings and sauces are gluten-free except the cheese sauce, as are the corn tacos and nachos. Absolutely everything served at the High Street tearoom is free of the wheat protein, so coeliac sufferers or those with an intolerance can enjoy scones, cakes and other treats that are normally off the menu. The Northern Quarter kitchen offers bases made with gluten-free rice flour and lower-GI wholewheat flour, and a dairy-free option can also be offered for most of its dishes, so nobody has to miss out. Pulses, beans and potatoes are usually used to thicken the heartier varieties in place of wheat flour, although customers are advised to double-check before ordering.
Since everything is vegan, you don't need to worry about dairy and there are also gluten-free and garlic-free options most days.

Its a la carte menu also has plenty of lighter bites for those watching their waistlines - from the pea veloute and ginger and yuzu cured salmon starters to the roast sea bream with quinoa and tuna nicoise salad. There are branches in Cross Street, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly Station and Spinningfields. You may also learn that the same applies to dairy.The only way you can really know how you respond to dairy is by slowly adding it to your meals. If you eat dairy and don’t notice any issues, you will probably be okay using dairy as a great source of fat.
If however, you find that after eating yogurt or cheese you feel bloated, have cramps, get diarrhea  or start vomiting, you will want to eliminate dairy until you figure out the cause. In some cases people who were previously lactose intolerant have actually been able to add dairy into their diets after eliminating carbs, so you just never know. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment WELCOME!

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