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The problem with wanting to lose weight to look good is that it isn’t a good enough reason. It’s a good reason at the beginning, and most people can get a few pounds off with this as their motivation. Even better motivation than just looking good is what a healthy life actually looks like to you.
When I was 250+ pounds my doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication because it was so high I had dizzy spells. Getting to maintenance mode and changing my weigh-in schedule to once a month changed my outlook. After years and years of low self-esteem, telling myself I was fat and ugly and no one would ever love me, I finally LOVE MYSELF.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You made the right decision to get rid of extra weight and I want to support your journey to become fit, proud, and happy. I love people and it’s fascinating how so many motivated people have to give up on their weight loss journey simply because of following a program that is not best suited for them. 20-day and 30-day Fitness Challenge programs are popular because of how hard you need to push yourself everyday to get to day 30 with a hope to lose weight somewhere in the process. These workouts will produce amazing results if you are already lean and you have good stamina for this type of intense training, but are you?
The biggest danger is that you become too sore or injured and unable to go to work the next day. Click here to download a FREE 3-page weight loss guide that will help you lose up to 15lbs in 1 month.
I recently failed the 30 day challenge, but it showed me that it’s not actually very good anyway! Instead of this workout, do these exercises in 3 sets of 15-25 reps and make sure your form is right. If you are an athlete and committed to do these workouts then they are good for you because you are using these to improve your performance. You don't need willpower to stop eating junk food, eat less sugar, exercise or make healthy choices every day. Then a stressful and long day comes when you were so busy you didn't have time to have lunch.
By the end of the day, you are exhausted and starving, and a healthy home-cooked meal you were counting on this evening still needs to be prepared. Although I can’t say I’m proud of you in this situation, it is not the willpower that failed you. Not because you are weak, but simply because you are a human being with a limited amount of willpower, which you use for many decisions and activities during the day. The bottom line: You cannot possibly count on willpower (or beat yourself up "because you don’t have any") when you are trying to lose weight. Any Behavior.", published in Psychology Today describes a so called "stages of change model" - five stages you need to go through to successfully change any behavior. Don’t make yourself believe that a meal, a day, a week, a holiday season or a month have been lost. You are already a person who is making healthy choices, because this is who you have decided to be.

It does require some changes in your routine, but as soon as you’ve done it for some time it will become your new habit and feel naturally. Before going out for your weekly grocery shopping, decide what you are going to cook this week and which ingredients you need for that. Now, why is it important to know what you will be cooking during the week before you do the weekly groceries? To be efficient and successful in your pursuit of the healthy grocery shopping needs some practice, but it's totally doable (find out how). If at the end of the day you expect your willpower to take you to the gym, let me tell you: It won’t happen. Decide ahead of time which days of the week are your exercise days so you don’t even have to consider if that’s an option or not.
And although when you say "I’m addicted to chocolate!" you mean it as a joke, it is, sadly, not. You probably expect me to tell you that you must give up all your cookies, cakes and sodas immediately and for good. For example, this week you can start with taking 2 spoons of sugar with your coffee instead of 3. Although it does look like it, this is not one of those posts with a ton of new things for you to start doing right now.
I believe it is all good advice (well, I wrote it after all), and if you follow it you will notice immediate progress. However, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, especially if you are just at the beginning of your weight management journey. Look at this article as a map, and at all the numerous pieces of advice as places you need to pass through to get to your goal. Maximized Living unlocks unlimited health and potential through the practice of The 5 Essentials™. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We reserve the right to pursue unauthorized users of written content and images copied from this website according to DMCA. High school reunion coming up, exotic beach vacation, or even just wanting to look good for the hubs? This is a motivation that actually lasts, even through the hard times when the ice cream in the freezer is calling your name. Let’s have an initial, FREE, Discovery Session, where you tell me your health goals and I give you strategies to get you there.
Turn it into your mantra to keep you going on days when the struggle with the scale is so frustrating you want to give up. I’d have moments where my vision would black out and it felt like my heart was racing. I am now fit and active and I want to DO THINGS instead of just sit on my couch eating ice cream.
There is no shame in wanting to lose weight to fit into a particular dress or look great for an upcoming event!
Looking good is a great reason to lose weight, but I think it helps to have a “bigger” reason to keep it off!
You become frustrated and de-motivated to train and give up on program that caused nothing but pain. One of my clients started this recently on his own while I was away and he said the same thing.

Only suggestion I would have for you is to do these in correct form and don’t cause injury.
And when one of your choices is not as good as you would have liked, make the next one extra good! This is exactly what will practically help exhausted and hungry you, with all your willpower used for days in advance.
Are you drinking the amount of water you should every day?That's about 8-10 glasses.Next time when you reach for a Coke, you may want to remember this water vs Coke info. And don't think that diet drinks are healthier; these are sweetened with aspartame, which according to Dr.
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The session lasts about 45 minutes, and we meet either by phone or Skype, whichever is more convenient for you. The other reasons are more important in the long scheme of things, but looking good can be an excellent motivator. Don’t worry; you are in good hands because I will help you, my new friend, protect yourself from these hidden dangers. I feel like they get me in shape fast and give me the base line fittness that I need for more long term programs. You may find the "water or Coke" comparison quite disturbing--just like the video below about the dangers of sugary drinks.
Mercola,  increases your appetite and carb cravings, worsens insulin sensitivity, stimulate fat storage causing greater weight gain than sugar, among many other negative effects.
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It looks like vacations where we swim and sight-see and play with each other because we have energy to do so.
What adventures are you putting off to another day because you are too tired to do more than just sit on the couch?
In fact, there are over 92 different health dangers associated with aspartame consumption, including brain damage, birth defects, diabetes, emotional disorders, a 50% increased risk of obesity, etc.In another shocking news, Reuters reported in March 2010 the results of a Danish study confirming that drinking over 32 oz of Coke daily may reduce sperm count in men by nearly 30%. My healthy life is free of sickness, at least the long-lasting, debilitating kind. It is a life full of quiet moments with the ones I love, playful moments, excited moments, and even the sad moments. I asked, don’t you want to be live a long life to see them grow up and become amazing people?
Losing the weight and keeping it off and seeing a consistent number on the scale makes me feel so much happier! She’s been losing weight and she recently went vegan and that put her blood sugar at a normal level. And woven through it all is lots of delicious, fresh, nourishing food, shared with the people we love.

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