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An year back, I was just married for 4 months or so, had shifted from gurgaon to noida and had set up a home in Noida. The most important point that I learnt from this book was to be at peace with yourself and your body. The book taught me that it is ok to be imperfect, we girls should stop running after the idealistic tag of being a perfect mother, wife, sister etc etc and just be normal. We owe everything to our bodies so it is our responsibility to keep our body, healthy and fit and not the other way round. I adore this book too much and recommend it to every woman (men too if they are interested ;)) for understanding their body better and for not putting themselves on the back-burner. I m so glad that Nidhi also propagates, the same simple lifestyle and simple eating habits on Miss Fit that Rujuta does in her book. Thank you so much Ankita Likewise, I am so glad that all of us on the blog believe in the philosophy that health and fitness go hand in hand for which healthy eating and regular workout is very important.. Pooja, If you have had your dinner early and had slept on time then you can workout within 5 to 10 minutes also as that banana will be immediately consumed by your body without making you feel heavy. Info : Kareena-Kapoor-with-sister-Karisma-Kapoor-at-the-launch-of-book-Women---Weight-Loss-Tamasha-by-Rujuta-Diwekar-in-Mumbai--4-.
Info : Kareena-Kapoor-with-sister-Karisma-Kapoor-at-the-launch-of-book-Women---Weight-Loss-Tamasha-by-Rujuta-Diwekar-in-Mumbai--2-.
Many of the female artists Salman Khan has introduced into the Hindi Cinema look like his ex-girlfriends? The HOTTEST Song Of the Year ‘Baby Doll ’ from the upcoming Horror Film Ragini MMS 2 is finally out! Rujuta Diwekar said, “Kareena has been working round-the-clock on her films and so having her on board for the narration was out of question.
As per the report, Kareena is very excited about her weight loss book and the book will come with Kareena’s handwritten notes. In the Mumbai, the pre-eminent fitness expert, Rujuta Diwekar works out, she gives practices of Yoga at Rishikesh, ideates at Uttarkashi and in the rest of the Indian Himalayas she treks.
Rujuta works with all age groups people like from students to businessmen, homemakers, celebrities and sports person for their varying fitness levels.
In her ordinary style of the indomitable, Rujuta shows up myths associated with food, hormones and workouts and constrains us to think again about certainty that pregnancy, hypothyroid, menopause, etc.

Introduction: In the first part of the book, there is introduction given in which you will get general information about the book and chapter plan. Please Note: Images may have been watermarked to prevent other sites from hotlinking or scraping.
Disclaimer: All Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies, Brands etc. Like our facebook page for more cinema updates, teasers trailers movie release dates, box office reports. Suddenly there were so many household responsibilities along with my work-life which I was finding it difficult to cater to. Girls, trust me, no matter how thin you are, how sexy your legs look, if you are not in a happy and peaceful state of mind, it is of no use. We need to look after our health and diet and so going to gym, swimming; running is not a selfish thing to do, even if you have kids, husband and in-laws to deal with. Once I read this book and started working out, I started noticing huge changes in my energy levels.
She puts forth so many sample diet and exercise plans for women of all ages that you simply cannot ignore.
Rather have homemade nutritious meals, weight loss is not about calorie in, calorie out…it is about the body receiving nutrients in right quantities. She recommends such simple food and exercise plans that we simply will be left with no excuse. In short time, Kareena Kapoor will launch a new book about weight loss on January 15 entitled “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha”, therefore she will come Mumbai from Switzerland. But when she casually found out about the audio-book she immediately wanted to narrate her own portion. She has also been awarded as Nutrition Award 2010 from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. Her famed clients are Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Saif Ali khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Preity Zinta, Amrita Arora and Anil Ambani. As well as four strategies for being healthy and real life diet analysis for the age of 14 school girl with ‘weight issues’. Pregnancy myths and facts, 4 strategies and real life diet analysis for a 34-year old nursing mother of two juggling house and career, etc.

The nature to the rescue, healthy ovaries – healthy menopause, life after Menopause the 4 strategies, etc subject matter can be find in this chapter. I was sleeping after coming back home in the evening, eating late in the night and offcourse was putting on weight like anything. This book tells you about different stages of a woman’s life- teenage, marriage, motherhood, menopause along with the banes of modern living such as hypothyroid and how to manage our life better with better exercise, sleep, relationship and eating strategies. I was able to do all my household chores along with my husband (Girls, please do not think that household work is just your responsibility, every member of your house should be a part of it, no matter what! She explains so normally about periods without being embarrassed about even the minute details. She is a dietician you always wanted, who would let you eat everything and would still make you lose weight. She wrote her first book “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight” and sold over two lakhs copies in just 100 weeks after its debut, which is available in 4 languages.
Thus, she exposes that being healthy, strong and fit throughout life is not difficult as people think.
Additionally, the information on the topic of marriage like: All eggs in one basket, weight loss and gain before marriage and after marriage are also included. Real life diet analysis for a busy 66-year old TC artist and homemaker, a 40-year old taking a break from work and on full time medication and a 39-year old banker staying in London with 3 kids are mentioned in it. A close source of the Kareena informed that she believes healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The writer also wrote on the life between teenage and marriage, pregnancy and also detail information of the changes in women during the period from pregnancy to menopause. Real life diet analysis is also provided for a 24 year old who put on 10kgs one year after marriage as well as 4 strategies. The audio version of the book will launch in voice of the actress, Kareena in which she discusses about the facing problems of working women on the topic of weight loss and eating the right food. Ramya has reviewed Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight so fabulously that I was wondering if I would be able to do justice to this book.

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