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Working out first thing in the morning can help you get your day started off the right way, turning your body into a calorie burning furnace and setting you up for the rest of the day into eating clean and making the right, healthy decisions. These 12 morning workouts are designed to be quick, completed in a small space and to get your body moving! You can share and save any of these pictures on your favourite social media to help you remember and to encourage you to do them every morning. Grab a pair of 8- to 10-pound dumbbells and stand on a one- to two-foot-high step or bench with your feet together and your arms at your sides with palms facing forward.
Without some full-body toning exercises, hourglass-shaped girls run the risk of popping out a little bit too much, especially in the thighs and upper arms.
The key to this kind of caloric demolition is a type of workout called a superset, in which you do two moves back to back with zero rest.
This article serves to counter claims (often on the web) that a 5×5 workout will pack on muscle fast. I think most people agree that Bill Starr was the originator (or at least original popularizer) of this mode of training. As my regular readers already know, my training system, Targeted HYPERTROPHY Training, uses reps from a low of 6 and a maximum of 12.
I’m not sure anyone believes this any more, but sometimes the point is that made yes you will get bigger in these higher rep ranges, but the extra size is simply extra fluid inside the muscle called sarcoplasm.
Functional growth, on the other hand, is the increasing in thickness of individual muscle fibers (called myofibrillar hypertrophy). Anyone who gets bigger, regardless of the rep range they use, produces both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic growth i.e.
Since increased fiber thickness always comes with increased size, it is impossible to get bigger without getting stronger. This is because with each successive working set you make further INROADS into your strength i.e. So you can and will perform you strongest lifts at the beginning of a workout, not the end. For each muscle group, like your biceps or your quads, maximum increases in size and strength will be stimulated by lifting the maximum amount of weight for the maximum number of reps.
The way to best go about this is to warm up first, which will increase body temperature, mobilize your joints, and increase neuro-muscular efficiency (acclimation), by doing lighter sets, then hit it 100% – and hit it hard!
Doing a number of heavy working sets first drains your strength and makes a truly maximum left impossible. These 5 studies [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] showed that even just one set will stimulate increases in size and strength…provided that the set is taken to a point of muscular failure. Basically this means that muscle growth can be stimulated with varying percentages of your 1 rep max (1RM).
A surprising example of the effectiveness of training to failure for size gains, even when the load was quite light, [10] concluded that sets of just 30% of 1RM – that’s as high as 25 reps per set – produced better results than sets of 90% of 1RM in terms of protein synthesis levels. While your shoulders may have come close to 100% intensity (if you go to failure), your triceps may have been worked to say anywhere from 30% to 50%.
For example, many people see pull-ups or lat pull-downs as the best lat exercise because heavier loads can be used. Certain body parts MUST be worked with a direct isolation exercise in order to recruit all the available muscle fibers. Maximum growth can only come from recruiting as many of these fibers as possible and inducing the micro-trauma that stimulates the compensatory adaptation of THICKER muscle fibers. With certain muscles, you can only do this by incorporating isolation movements, which can train a muscle along the Line of Pull. Put simply, an isolation exercise will provide a more COMPLETE stimulation of the fibers of the muscle trained.
So we’ve seen that for the issues of intensity and muscle-fiber recruitment, isolation exercises are necessary. Sometimes a reason put forward in support of compound-only workouts is the idea that compound exercises produce a more anabolic environment in the body with higher levels of Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and IGF-1. I would contend that the THT workout is one of the BEST workouts out there for raising levels of growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor 1. Overall systemic rises in hormones are not responsible for growth in muscles that were not directly worked i.e. In contrast to the systemic hormone theory of muscle growth, there is the fact of LOCAL muscle growth stimulation i.e. So this assertion that is constantly put forward, that it’s simply a matter of maximizing the SYSTEMIC hormonal response with basic compound movements, is based on an erroneous assumption. I’d also add here then even dedicated strength trainers, those not interested in size at all, should throw in some isolation exercises. I reckon these guys might have a thing or 2 to say about low-rep compound-only routines being the way to build muscle ?? By the way, I’ve so much respect for these guys.
Can I give you my free muscle-building workout?Join thousands over the world who are packing on slabs of new muscle for free with Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT).

However, those last photos of the guys in wheelchairs (although impressive) is a little misleading, since they have CLEARLY used anabolic steroids to attain their goals. I started your THT workout in September of 2013 and have seen gains that are much more even.
Mark, I’ve read your blogs for years now and I have to say that your information is the real deal. Mark I agree with 90% of what you say here and also Gersh says it better than anyone about how well researched your stuff is. I want to quickly add that I agree with everything you are saying but that compound only movements with definitely build muscle. I state at the beginning of the article that beginners and those with good genetics can make some good size gains (but not optimal) with a 5×5 workout. But if the systemic hormones built muscle all over without any direct work, it would do the same for everyone, but it doesn’t. In terms of guys you say who aren’t doing any compound exercises but get stronger in their isolation exercises when they incorporate them, I agree. Again, I want to reiterate that it’s not a question of compound Vs Isolation, but one of compound-only Vs compound + isolation.
If not, would you like to start getting up earlier and getting in a heart pumping, calorie burning workout before most people have eaten breakfast?
A short, high intensity workout has been shown to not only burn calories while you are completing the routine, but also to keep burning calories long after you have finished. We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries.
To keep a shapely yet firm figure, curvy body types should pay special attention to their extremities.
However, for the majority of people, you’ll add some muscle initially, then it stops. There was some research indicating that optimal STRENGTH gains are obtained by training within a  4-6 rep range.
This explains why the 5×5 guy can appear to get stronger but not any bigger over time. This constant cycling of ranges over time is what leads to CHRONIC or ongoing muscle growth.
Some 5×5 proponents actually claim that big guys get that way without actually getting strong (how does that work?). However, REVERSE pyramid is actually a much better way to train to stimulate size and strength changes. Once a muscle is warmed up, with 2 or 3 light low-intensity sets, it then (and only then) has 100% of its available strength intact. This pyramid training has always seemed to me to be a curious way to train for anyone seeking predominantly to increase their strength. However, I and many others identified some flaws in the set-up of this study (too many to talk about in this article).
As a set gets closer to the end, as the intensity of effort increases, more and more of the fibers that DO contribute to growth are recruited (fast twitch fibers). The training you perform must be perceived as a THREAT by the body so that it not just compensates for what you did, but OVERcompensates and builds more muscle as a defensive barrier. If Total Volume was true, doing 5 reps (50% intensity of effort) for a total of 14 sets would also yield 70 total reps. A compound-only routine is incapable of recruiting all muscle fibers in all muscles and therefore cannot produce muscle growth at optimal levels. Now provided that the weight you are using is heavy enough, you can recruit the maximum number of bicep muscle fibers. And you simply CANNOT stimulate growth in fibers that weren’t even involved in an exercise. Well it’s true if you are comparing someone doing only compound exercises vs someone doing only isolation exercises. The simple answer is that to maximize muscle growth you need to do BOTH types of movements. There is a reason why all those huge bodybuilders train with a mixture compound and isolation exercises, you know.
If you did some tricep pushdowns or tricep extensions, this would have a positive carry-over effect to your bench press and overhead press allowing you to generate more overload on the chest and shoulders respectively. I did do very heavy squats, deadlifts, dips, pull ups and military press and was progressive on them which is the key. I have loved Max OT for years but felt like my strength gains consistently outpaced my hypertrophy gains. From seeing your pics before I would think you do have good genetics for this game (lucky guy).
This is seen in the video in the article of the guy doing a heavy deadlift without much in the way of upper body size.

They get newbie (size and strength) gains from 5×5 then get a whole new series of newbie gains when they switch to an actual size program.
I don’t know if this is because of hormonal release, eating more calories, or whatever, but big compound lifts are definitely beneficial. We have collected 12 of the best morning workout pictures from around the internet to help you get up and get active! It is this, combined with a healthy diet, that will send you well on your way to a leaner body and a flatter stomach. But there are other scientific reasons to conclude that this range is optimal for muscle growth.
By the time you get to that last set, the weight you lift won’t actually be the heaviest weight you can handle in that particular lift. Perhaps by this stage you’ll only have 80% of your total strength left for example. And as we’ve seen above, there is an optimal percentage of 1 rep max that translates to anywhere from 6-12 reps per set.
Nevertheless it is useful to show that growth can be triggered even with sub-optimal loads if the sets are taken to a point of muscular failure. For evolutionary reasons, your body simply has NO interest in building any more muscle than that above normal levels. This is the SEQUENTIAL nature of muscle fiber recruitment, and there’s no getting around it. Let me illustrate this point by borrowing from this article in which I relay a discussion I had with a trainee who had bought into the volume idea and that intensity of effort didn’t matter. For verification, this is his email ( mark [at] and this is his facebook profile.
But of course it isn’t true of someone doing compound only movements vs someone doing BOTH compound and isolation exercises. Who, in their right mind, is recommending a workout consisting solely of isolation exercises anyway? So, unlike what some people claim on the net, squats will not make your shoulders any bigger, and Overhead Presses won’t give you big triceps. If a guy is working his legs intensely over and over again, his body will respond by giving him larger and stronger legs. There really does have to be an INTENSE and ONGOING direct demand placed on each and every muscle you want to get bigger in order for the body to respond in the desired manner. Within 3 month I had several shoulder injuries, had to stop training and go into physical therapy. Also Mark…you say in the article that a guy who frequently trains his legs hard and gets them bigger will have no effect on his arms.
And this is just one reason why good hypertrophy programs include both compound and isolation exercises. Who knows though, maybe the tht only guy learns to squeeze his muscles really well and the 6 month each guy never learns to squeeze at all.
We were using the example of someone doing 70 total reps but stopping at 7 reps each time, (when they could really go to 10 and reach failure). And for big biceps you’re going to need to isolate and work them directly with an exercise like barbell curls or cable preacher curls (my favorite). This local metabolic stress always correlates positively with hypertrophy of the muscle in question. The environment here is not demanding larger arms, and since extra muscle is metabolically expensive, his body will absolutely not make his arms any bigger. If you really want to start packing on size, and want a proven science-based routine that takes everything I’ve discussed in this article into account (and more) start THT (Targeted Hypertrophy Training) today! I enjoyed it for a while but it got boring and I didn’t put on any size like you say. These are both great exercises and when followed up with isolation exercises provide a thorough stimulation of all intended muscles. You’ve just implicitly stated that there is indeed something about the intensity of effort. Apart from what I’ve said about local muscle growth stimulation, there is another point. Hence when a guy starts adding squats and deadlifts to his isolation exercises, I would totally expect there to be a carry-over and his weights and reps would increase in his isolation lifts. If this were not so, those low-intensity sets would stimulate an equal amount of growth because it’s all just down to the math at the end of the day”.
I have a degree on human performance, and constantly read the work of Aragon, Schoenfeld, Venuto, Poliquin, NSCA, ISSN, McDonald, McGill, King, Contreras, DJohn, Cressey, Staley, Meadows, BPak, etc..
If these guys added direct arm work there is no question that they will have even better arms.

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