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Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. Get Instantly Younger EyesYou can make your eyes look younger, brighter even more lifted in minutes, using just your basic makeup. You can make your eyes look younger, brighter — even more lifted — in minutes, using just your basic makeup. 20Smooth crinkly or crepey lidsSmooth crinkly or crepey lids"You can easily deflect from wrinkly eyelids just by emphasizing your lashes," says makeup artist Jordy Poon, who did the looks in this story. We chatted to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Justin Henry to get his eye care and make-up tips – to keep your eyes looking as open, bright and young as you feel.
What are your fave tricks to make tired eyes look more awake? The quickest remedy for onset sleepy tired eyes is a good eyelash curler making the lashes curl up instantly creates an instant open, awake and brighter eye look. Splashing cold iced water over your face and then adding chilled teaspoons over the eyes cools and de puffs the area then I also like using either green tea, chamomile tea or a cold compress of fresh coffee to reduce swelling by leaving on to rest for 5 minutes. Hydrated eyes and skin area around the eye is always important when trying to create a youthful makeup look and certainly helps the eye look brighter and wider. Be aware of your pulling or rubbing this area as it’s very delicate and the more you tug and pull the more you stretch the elasticity of the area which helps to form wrinkles over a period of time. If you can sleep on your back and avoid laying your face on a pillow this also stops pulling and wrinkles. What other tips do you have for gorgeous looking eyes? Keep area hydrated daily either morning or night or both with a serum that best suits your skin type and eye area and remember to change the product up so the area doesn’t become used to the product.

Looking for a new eye cream? One of fave brands, Kiehl’s is launching their new Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum is available in Australia in-store and online on March 1, 2015. Plastic surgery and botox don’t have to be a part of your anti-aging skincare routine if you’re dedicated to nourishing your skin! For all four women, Poon began by patting Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolor Base, $25, on their lids.
Cucumber freshly sliced into circles and chilled is an old remedy that definitely works in reducing puffiness and helps hydrate the area.
Dark, smokey, heavy make-up is great but can age and create the illusion of smaller eyes if not done correctly . A clean make up in natural shades with a thin liner at the base of the lash along with curled and mascara added to the eyes is a great look on any age and often looks fresh and youthful and can create the illusion of a wider eye but be careful not to make the line to heavy or thick or over extended.
Using serums with the least amount of perfumes and ingredients regularly helps keep the area looking vibrant and if you can find a serum or routine that helps create more collagen as you age, this creates a youthful eye area. It has so many chemicals and is beyond harmful not to mention all the squinting of the eye area from the smoke creates the muscle to eventually for lines and can create dark circles to boot. That means staying out of the sun, committing to a regimen and trying my tricks for younger looking eyes! After make up on eyes is completed a beige, cream-coloured eye pencil on the lower inner rim of the eye helps create the illusion of a brighter more open eye.

Natural tones in earthy colours suit most eye colours and give a definition and shape without making you look heavy so it contours the eye shape and leaves you with a fresher more modern looking eye makeup. A masque, facial, and any kind of love you can give the face and eye area, be it home remedies or salon will always reap the rewards in time.
A natural high SPF daily to the area will without a doubt, be the best thing you can do daily, dryness, dark spots over time from sun damage are very aging.
Illuminate the lids or high point of the cheek area nearest to the eyes so there is a sheen or glow this always creates a beautiful fresh look to highlight the eye area. In clinical testing the results demonstrated 42% more open eyes after just 4 weeks using the serum. Curled lashes always create and open eye look and is a must do when wanting younger wider eye make-up looks.
Consistency is key nothing works instantly forever, but TLC over time always pays off in dividends. Eating green leafy vegetables daily will always create a brighter healthier eye and skin look and the best kind as it comes from within combined with good beauty products you will look your most radiant.

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