Share this on WhatsAppJoshua has released an intriguing sermon revealing his coveted success secrets.
In the video, which shows several clips of an almost unrecognizable Joshua in his ‘early ministry’, the cleric reveals that the persecution he encountered was instrumental in preparing him for the arduous task of serving in God’s vineyard.
Ya ba lusaka voice,its called The Story of My Life,its a long time ago but the way you putting it as if its latest news! Make no mistake about it, you can manifest anything you want in life when you connect with the abundance in the Universe, and on this one-of-a-kind audiobook, best-selling author and speaker Dr. Now, for the first time ever, you can discover the essence of an acclaimed author, psychologist, philosopher, and living legend, Wayne Dyer. Francis of Assisi, Viktor Frankl, Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Buddha, Dr.

You can make problems go away and bring every joy and reward your heart's desires into your life.
And important thinkers, philosophers, and artists in history have talked about receiving inspiration from it. Dyer helps you discover that you can achieve true inner peace and success by integrating 10 powerful "secrets" into your life that can transform your everyday existence into a path of spiritual enlightenment. Dyer explains how we can evolve from the lowest level of consciousness (ego) to the highest (unity). Dyer explores intention as an all-pervading force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place.
It is the great voice of beyond (and within) ourselves, surrounding and suffusing everything and everyone.

Not only do you emanate from the field of intention, but if you align yourself to it, your desires become fulfilled and you find yourself at peace. And whatever your particular faith names it, you can work miracles in your life with this power.
He has appeared on thousands of television and radio programmes, including The Today Show and Oprah.

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