Favorite backstage beauty trick(s): "Before I put my makeup on, I press teaspoons that have been chilled in the fridge under my eyes to eliminate puffiness. Tonight 26-year-old Maiko Itai from Kyushu in southern Japan will compete with 82 others to be crowned Miss Universe 2010, in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are lots of rules in Japan that make women too focused on how they are going to be perceived by others and possibly be criticized.
I encourage them and compliment them on a regular basis because compliments are rare in Japan.
Ines Ligron: Being in love with my husband is invigorating because automatically my hormones are balanced and my skin and my hair look nicer. I can see when a model or a finalist falls in love, because she instantly looks more attractive, awake, sensual.
Otherwise you can see this to a smaller extent when womenA are complimented, when they start to enjoy people's attention (or men for that matter).
CNNGo: Are there any specific hair and beauty tricks you can share from your experience with Miss Universe Japan pageants? Ines Ligron: I like Japanese women with long straight hair, colored in a rich chocolate tone with some down-lights of three blended colors. I often send Miss Universe Japan with a stylish wig to wear at the rehearsals because ita€™s fun and makes it very easy to change your style.
In terms of the face, I personally like Japanese women with a slight sun-kissed tone, inside eyeliner and a little foundation that is definitely not white!

Miss Universe Japan winners Emiri Miyasaka (2009) and Hiroko Mima (2008).CNNGo: How can a Miss Universe's fashion or style best reflect or accentuate their beauty?
Ines Ligron:A Miss Universe Japan is always expected to wear the latest fashion from the top designers or from young up-and-coming Japanese fashion designers, and I like that because it can be frustrating that usually Japanese women avoid taking the risk to be flamboyant and play things too safe and conservative. Fashion is art, and because Japanese girls tend to have a slimmer body they can wear everything so beautifully, it has been amazing for me to plan their wardrobe.
Her story so far has seen her plucked from obscurity as a civil servant to become the newest face to represent Japanese beauty to the world, trained by Miss Universe Japan founder Ines Ligron who has achieved an unprecedented run of success, guiding Japan to one win, two runners-up and one semi-finalist in recent years. What are the secrets to true beauty and what can be learned from Ines' techniques that can be applied to us all? Compliments are what makes a woman become attractive, because that helps her build her confidence. I believe Japanese women should perfume themselves -- it is very sexy and classy at the same time.
Each time is different, because it depends on their personality at the moment to choose the right style.
But for certain there has been a lot of Gucci, because it fits Japanese women very well and in fact tomorrow Maiko Itai will be wearing an evening gown from the Gucci 2010 spring summer collection.
She also regularly blogs at The New Emissary and is always on the look-out for a good story.
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I teach them to keep this incredible value that is key in Japanese society: politeness and humbleness, but to be less shy. I dislike curls in general, unless they are big and glamorous and with a good volume in them. For young women with acne, I recommend Proactiv, as it really clears your skin very quickly. I have met so many models, actresses or talents in my life, who were physically gorgeous, but because they had no attitude, had nothing to say, or demonstrated no class, I automatically knew that they could never succeed in life because their insides were empty. I like wigs too because you can play aA lotA with them -- they can change your look completely and I believe it is good to surprise people sometimes. If you have a sec (OK, 7 minutes), check out Rikka reading some of 21 Secrets of the Universe for you, as it’s far more entertaining and powerful than me describing it. This captures the essence of what I love about her – this starts very playful and cute, and as you move on, you actually move into some rather deep territory. The first time I ever had someone do this to me, they gave me virtually no introduction to it. I had no idea what was going on, or if I was supposed to understand what was being said (how can something WORK if you don’t understand it right?

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