It still baffles me to think that Bing and Van, two red cherry varieties, were combined to create the golden Rainier cherry that we know and love today. One of the most common problems Rainier cherry growers face is pesky birds snackin’ on the crop. This may not be the best kept secret, but Rainier cherries are naturally big and super-sweet.
From appetizers to fancy desserts, there are so many great cherry recipes that feature Rainier cherries as a main ingredient. Now that you know all about Rainier cherries, tell us, what is your favorite thing about this golden sweet cherry? We hope that your National Rainier Cherry Day is filled with delicious Rainier cherries from Stemilt.
I have a shrink that I've told everything to, she offered that we have my mom come in and I tell her everything I think of her.

You see the thing is, my moms been depressed for a while and I think telling her how I feel would break her. Delicate inside and out and a must to devour by the handful during the few short months they are in season. And with National Rainier Cherry Day happening on July 11th, we’re celebrating this delicious cherry variety here by unveiling 7 things you might not know about Rainier cherries.
But in 1952, that’s exactly what happened when Harold Fogel and other researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station in Prosser, WA crossed the two well-known red cherry varieties using traditional breeding methods of crossing pollen.
Rainier cherry trees are still used as pollenizers today, although here at Stemilt, we plant orchards of Rainiers in order to harvest and ship more of this delicious fruit to supermarkets! It’s not well-documented how long this celebration has gone on, but it aligns well with the peak of the Rainier cherry crop in Washington State, and is a good time to find the premium Rainier cherry on sale at grocery stores. Rainier cherries are most often eaten fresh, but also make a great ingredient in sweet and savory summer recipes.

Get inspiration for using Rainier cherries in new ways on our National Rainier Cherry Day Pinterest board. Michigan grows great tart cherries, but I am not sure how successful Rainiers would be in the wetter climate. They aren’t quite available for ordering because they aren’t in season yet, but will be soon!
Rainier sits at an elevation of 14,409 feet and is the highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range.

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