Abraham has helped us to understand that our dominant intent in every day is to get into the Vortex! And now, they have lovingly and specifically guided Jerry and Esther Hicks in the creation of an innovative and valuable tool that promises to get us into the Vortex right now . This unique recording contains four powerfully guided daily meditations that have been designed to get you into the Vortex of Creation in four basic areas of your life: General Well-Being, Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships. Jerry and Esther are thrilled to offer this powerful, first-of-its kind, musically scored, breath-enhancing, user-friendly tool from Abraham that will get you into the Vortex. This PDF file contains the textual content of the book Getting into the Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide.

Great guided meditation, helping you release tension and attract what you want in your life. If you’re interested in having these files and can afford them, I encourage you to buy them from Abraham-Hicks publications, or purchase the book and CD from authorized distributors when it becomes available.
The Download links allow you to download the audio file to your computer so you can access them for future listening without returning to this page. The music is delightful, the presentation is perfect and the effect of Abraham doing the meditation is simply magnificent.

Of all the books and audios that I own, this Vortex meditation cd has put me past the tipping point in awareness. After only 1 week of listening I find I am now consistently aware of my breathing… Consistently all day long.

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