Achieving Work Life Balance Mar 10, 16 12:39 PMCreating work life balance is an integral step to a stress free life. The Prosci Certification Program is an intensive 3-day in-residence program leading to certification in the Prosci methodology and tools.
This program provides the participants with the skills required to manage current and future change projects within the participants’ organizations. Apply Prosci’s change management assessments, tools and methodology to a change project.
Build a customized change management strategy and set of plans based on the change characteristics and organizational readiness assessments.
Use the ADKAR® model as a diagnostic tool, a lens to focus attention and a measurement tool to gauge progress.
Use Pilot, the online toolset containing all Prosci templates, assessment and tools which is governed by their single user license which is included with this program.
The ADKAR® model is a valuable framework for understanding and managing change at an individual level.
The Public Certification Program is an intensive three-day immersion in change management that requires participation in evening sessions and activities as part of the over all learning experience. The program is designed for individuals and teams responsible for managing change on a specific project and for those seeking to build an internal change management competency within their organization. For information on the Canada Job Grant program which is designed to provide shared funding to private sector organizations and individuals seeking to grow their Change Management skills visit this link.

Prosci Certification is offered through these public programs across North America as well as through client on-site programs. The ADKAR model is a change management tool that is simple and easy to understand, yet very effective for managers and change management teams. Change management process:Introducing change is a definite process in which one has to follow different steps in order. The change management process is the sequence of steps or activities that a change management team or project leader would follow to apply change management to a project or change.
Phase 2 - Detailed planning and change management implementationPhase 3 - Data gathering, corrective action and recognitionThese phases result in the following approach as shown below in Figure 1. It is important to note what change management is and what change management is not, as defined by the majority of research participants.Change management is not a stand-alone process for designing a business solution. Change management is the processes, tools and techniques for managing the people-side of change.
These two views of change, the top-down executive's view and the bottom-up employee's view, create two distinct challenges for managing change. Organizational change management is the perspective of business leadership from the top looking down into the organization. Individual change management is the management of change from the perspective of the employees. For example in the chapter dealing with Desire, Hiatt explores four factors that influence a persons' desire to change.

Offered from coast-to-coast, public program registration is open to all individuals and small teams. As such, all Prosci Public Certification Programs require participants to stay at the designated venue. Within 15 to 30 calendar days of the program start date, tuition is nonrefundable and 75% can be transferred to a subsequent session (25% change fee). Understanding the ADKAR model and the associated enablers for change will help answer this question and provide a useful foundation for how assessments can help manage change. The emphasis is on communications, training and the overall culture or value system of the organization. Every effort has been made to identify and negotiate the best value package for the learning experience. Within 14 calendar days of the program start date, tuition is nonrefundable and 50% can be transferred to a subsequent session (50% change fee).
Learn to inspire and influence others using relationship management and emotional intelligence.

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