However, SEOmoz recently surveyed 72 SEOs to see what they thought comprised the secret algorithm and here is their best guess. Client Testimonials“Cara is a hands-on, high quality creative professional with expertise in Branding, Social Media, Web Development, SEO and Marketing.
Fellow art nerd, Lori Zimmer, recently hooked me up with No New Enemies, an international network of artists, designers and creative thinkers, a European non-profit association in Brussels, Belgium. Their website provides contemporary art and culture news with a focus on action based practices and community engagement in the art of living. If Secret Handshake were to be read like a book rather that an exhibition viewed in a gallery it would be a novel. The story begins as most good novels do, with a manifestation of events and in this case a retrospective of the past.

The exhibition is only up for a few more days so if you get a chance make an appointment to see the exhibition at Ampersand International Arts.
Gallery HijinksGallery Hijinks is a welcoming space for fresh and progressive art to reside. Her knowledge and expertise are easily communicated with great sensitivity to her Client’s needs and goals. The No New Enemies network was founded as a structure to support artists and work towards the social exploration of media aesthetics. An honest story, or rather documentation of time, romance, obsession and humor, grounded with a nostalgic sense of craft and history. We have ventured out to create a space completely unique and genuine and are excited to introduce our own roster of emerging talent both local and international.

It’s creation was inspired by a traveling community of artists in the spirit of friendship and fraternity with shared fun as initiation. The process of revisiting old work uncovered themes, opportunities and issues that propelled Colosky to create a significant body of work that, in and of itself, reveals the multivalent nature of his practice” says curator Tracy Wheeler.

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