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You’ve seen my photographs many a times with so many lights, this, that, is all His job.
Thanks Ioana for sharing this beautiful article and all other articles, it was so joy giving. So as nothing is permanent in this world and we all will become ashes one day we should prey to lord Shiva to attain moksha and merge our soul with his supreme soul to get the ultimate bliss and true meaning of our life,by over coming our desires in this materialistic world!
What a beautiful compilation assembling different talks of Shri Mataji to explain the connection of the spirit, of Shri Shiva with each of our Chakras. Upon waking have the thought; I am a peaceful soul, my aim today is to radiate peace to every person that I come into contact with. These meditations have been taken from the knowledge as taught by the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation organization. The basis for attaining an experience in raja yoga meditation in to understand the self and the mind. The soul has three main faculties; the mind or consciousness, the intellect and the subconscious.
The intellect is the controller which is used to discriminate so that only positive and benevolent thoughts flow into our mind. Become aware of our state of mind and of the thoughts that flows into the mind from our subconscious. Strengthen the intellect so that the individual can discriminate and thereby only allow positive and peaceful thoughts to flow into the mind. Through this process of self development the individual develops more control over the mind. Free meditations offer a large collection of meditation techniques to hopefully reduce stress and attain peace of mind.
The aim of free meditations is to bring inner peace within our self and the world in a positive and spiritual way. Here you have to thank God that you have felt the ocean of joy and you have felt the ocean of forgiveness and the capacity to forgive ..

He is the one who sees what’s happening on this earth, what’s happening to the human beings.
He is always very beautiful with a light skin and third eye on his forehead which has terrible power when Shri Shiva becomes enraged.
Their wives loved Shri Shiva’s great beauty as soon as they saw him even though they did not know who He was. He represents forgiveness, innocence, love, release, rebirth and allows the cycle of life to continue. The act of Raja Yoga meditation for at least 15 minutes in the early morning will have a positive effect during the entire day. With meditation or deep contemplation, the individual is able to strengthen and sharpen the intellect. Please explore our positive informative site and in the process rediscover the wonderful and positive part of your self that dwells within. The world is not a peaceful place and within every soul there is some form of tension and stress. Each category is under the supervision of dedicated editors who are passionate about their topic and believe that raising people's awareness is one way to make a difference in the world. Now supposing this looks very plain, simple and one may say mechanical (the microphone), but if it is Shiva’s job he would have done something beautiful about it. He throws lights in such a manner, he works out in such a manner, just he wants to convince you about me, it’s his job.
The second gift was a crescent moon which he took from the waves and placed on his forehead to decorate his hair, where it glowed forever more. The ascetics became jealous and using their combined powers, produced a tiger which leaped out at Shri Shiva from their sacrificial fire.
Only in Sahaja yoga, can one really forego all boundaries of language in such a vibrationally powerful way.
Using this energy called mind we have been able to search the deepest oceans, send humans to the moon and scan the molecular fabric of the building blocks of nature. Therefore our state of mind at any given moment is determined by the thoughts in our consciousness, and also with the feelings that we associate with those thoughts. We believe Free Meditations offers one of the best collections of meditation techniques available on the web.

It is therefore essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. So the quality of Shiva is that he beautifies everything that is created by Brahmadeva (the divine principle governing the 2nd centre- Swadhisthana chakra) and evolved by Vishnu (the divine principle governing the 2nd centre- Swadhisthana chakra).
This is what he does – though he is very forgiving, he is extremely kind, he’s peaceful, but you should be aware of his powers. The third thing to come from the ocean was a deadly draught of poison and this Shri Shiva drank in order to save the world from harm. Since our sub consciousness contains all our previous thoughts and experiences, it is necessary to selectively control the flow of thoughts that emerges from the sub conscious mind. If we are able to understand the self as the source of energy that creates our feelings, then the following will become our aims. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring about transformation and nurture the natural qualities within. Since respectful discourse is an excellent way to learn and grow, we welcome comments on articles and your participation on the Forums. So you have to thank your Spirit that it has brought light to your attention because you are a Saint and the light that has come in your heart has to enlighten the whole world. Instead of swallowing it, he held it in his neck and the strength of its venom turned his neck blue. We have become the most educated and civilized society in our history, but are we civil towards each other? He is also greatly loved because death is simply a stage in the cycle of creation and represents release and rebirth just as winter is followed by spring.
The fingers are that of the Goddess (the Shakti), all right, but if they tickle you,  give you joy, happiness, (then) it’s Shiva, is the Bhakti (devotion from the heart for the divine).

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