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Amazon is opening its first physical bookstore, 20 years after the world’s biggest online retailer started selling publications on the internet. The company unveiled a shop called Amazon Books at University Village in Seattle, its home city, on Tuesday. Amazon has slowly moved into physical retailing by launching lockers and pick-up points where customers can collect their orders, as well as kiosks where they can buy gadgets such as the Kindle e-reader. The relationship between physical stores and online retaielrs is becoming ever more entwined. In terms of long term strategy, it remains to be seen if Amazon can leverage in-store collection as a way of reducing its delivery costs. A small network of stores in large cities could prove to be highly cost-effective, and strategically valuable at broadening the breadth of the shopping basket.

The University Village Amazon book store puts all of its books face out so that shoppers can see the covers of the books and not just the spines. The address for the Amazon bookstore in Seattle is 4601 26th Ave NE, in the University District. They’ve moved into the same space as high street department stores, so it fits that they should have a place consumers can trust to look, touch and experience the products. We live in an omnichannel world, so there’s a seamless blend throughout the path to purchase.
As Amazon pushes more into the grocery space, this is a model we’re bound to see them pilot further. The store is right at home in University Village, where shopping and dining are the main draws, and it has no intentions of moving anytime soon.
People look offline and then buy online, read reviews online, then look offline, then buy whenever convenient- and this move by Amazon reflects this..

A departure from the norm for the online retail giant, Amazon’s Seattle bookstore provides customers with an actual brick-and-mortar establishment where they can touch and feel books and enjoy the satisfaction of instant ownership once a purchase is made.
Some of the books are little-known titles that have scored especially high among Amazon customers. The store also offers knowledgeable sales clerks, as well as a unique approach to product arrangement that adds value to the shopping experience.
This is a nice feature, as it provides customers with quality reading recommendations that might otherwise get lost among the more popular selections. The prices for the books at the Amazon bookstore in Seattle are the same as they are online, and while it is the books that unquestionably take center stage, there are also tech devices for visitors to sample and purchase.

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