Spinning exercises to rejuvenate the human energy system were first described to the Western world by Peter Keller* in his book 'The Eye of Revelation' (1939). Peter Keller claims that these exercises originated from a Tibetan monastery and were conveyed to him by an English Colonel serving in India. These exercises are now in most literature referred to as The Five Tibetan or Tibetan Rites.
In more recent times other authors have tested these exercises through personal practice, and confirmed their validity.
These exercises are fantastic for your vitality and spiritual growth, and reduce the effects of aging. Exercise 2 to 5 are aimed at the spinal column and can be executed as, smoothly pivoting with the breathing.
Stand up straight, arms stretched out sideways and horizontally, palms open facing downwards.
After the arching return to the tucked in chin position while pushing elbows forward and breathing out. Enhance this exercise by swinging the elbows forward (in line with the body) while breathing in. Now tilt the head backward as far as possible (breathe in), while raising your body so that the knees bend but the arms remain straight.Bring the trunk horizontal and in line with the upper legs, while the arms and lower legs are straight up and down.
Now, while breathing in, tuck in the chin against the chest and bring the body up into an inverted 'V', arms and legs straight. The principle purpose of these exercises is to revitalise and cleanse the seven energy points ('chakras') of the human body.
These seven Chakras are like powerful electrical fields, invisible to the eye, but quit real nonetheless.
The 'Kundalini' ("Divine Cosmic Energy") dormant at the base of the spine and conveyor of energy to the chakras, also benefits from the spinning exercises.
The Aura is a personalised energy field which radiates from the feet up to the crown of the head, enveloping the entire body.

The 5 exercises are related to Energy and the 4 alchemic elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
Centrifugal force is strong enough to override the force of gravity and has the capacity to separate liquids from solids(examples a and b). A child's toy such as the top defies gravity and keeps spinning on its pointy base because of the centrifugal force of its rotation.
When doing the 'Energy exercise' (spinning) your body at once becomes a centrifuge, invigorating all fluid bearing organs (90+% of the Human body is fluid). Two small organs located in the inner ears control our sense of balance by recording Gravity.
It is beyond any doubt that the main feature which makes spinning stand out from most other exercises is the generation of a centrifugal force and then integrating that in to the spinal column creating extra ordinary beneficial effects on the body.
I was intrigued by the simplicity of the exercises and by the clear focus on the spinal column and its associated spiralling energy as identified in so many philosophies. Over-optimistic I started with 7 rotations and was sick with nausea for the rest of the day.
It took about 9 months of regular daily exercises before I managed the recommended maximum total of 21 of each of the five exercises without experiencing nausea or stress.
The Spinning corresponds to the DNA, for example; spiral shells all turn the same way, whatever Hemisphere.
Now, many years of regular spinning exercise later, the positives have continued to improve my life and circumstances.
The Energy created with the Spinning and Exercises can be even further strengthened and enhanced by the following Meditation. This mental exercise clears the Brain from distracting thoughts and also stimulates the Energy flow in accordance with the Kundalini* or Chi*.
I (1) - AND (2) - YOU (3) - DO (4) - BECAUSE (5) - WE (6) - WANT (7) - TO (8) - KNOW (9) - LIFE (10) . Tibetan Yantra Yoga and the Five RitesI am interested in history the origins of the Five Tibet Rites and practice them two years.Please, translate the inscription from Tibetan under my picture.

Revised editions of this book renamed'Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth' were published in 1985 and 1989. At the beginning do each exercise only as many times as you can do comfortably (perhaps 3 times) never go in to discomfort . They are located at various points along the spine from its base up to the crown of the head. Each person's aura reflects, through its vibrancy, the level of vitality and the degree of spiritual refinement. The centrifugal force of spinning affects these organs to and can cause dizziness or when week, nausea. My sense of balance had improved enormously as for example manifested in my much improved ice skating skills.
I live an exciting life together with my Soul mate in a wonderful environment, my vitality is great and my personal growth continues to move in a positive direction.
Have you any materials about the origins of the Five Tibet Rites or the relations with Tibetan Yantra Yoga? Incline the head forward tucking the chin against the chest.Then tilt the head and neck back as far as possible while arching the spine while pushing elbows backward and breathing in. Regular spinning exercises strengthen these organs and does increase the sense of balance significantly. My social outlook had also changed significantly, resulting in more friends and the emergence of a new personal image (as expressed in my dress, physical posture and mental attitude).

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