The EQ-i 2.0™, a leading self-report measure of emotional intelligence, based upon the original research of Dr. As just noted, some lawyers do not protect themselves at all.  Assertiveness involves a person standing up for his or her own rights, causes, and beliefs and doing it without aggression or abuse. Know that clearly asking for what you want greatly increases your chances to getting your needs met. Do not automatically say “yes”.  Make a goal to respond to questionable requests by giving yourself time to consider this new demand for your time, attention, energy, or resources.
Know the very important difference between assertiveness and aggression  —  always strive to make your points in a constructive, non-hostile way which honors the rights and interests of others, but does not “give in”.
Always remember that by becoming a lawyer, and whether you work for yourself, or practice in a firm or department, or for the government, when it comes to issues about your work and workload, avoiding and managing stress, getting what you want in life, and obtaining and maintaining your health and well-being, emotionally intelligent assertiveness, not aggression or passiveness, will carry you farthest both personally and professionally.  Why? Upcoming CLE OpportunitiesI periodically offer state approved CLE programs that provide a high level, functional introduction to emotional intelligence (EI), the law, and professionalism. When you are aggressive, using harsh language or being manipulative, then you are disrespecting the other person.
Assertiveness falls in the middle, whereby you are acting and communicating your needs and interests in a way that is honest and respectful of both yourself and the other person. If you are trying to work on being more assertive, use this simple model as a guideline.  Ask yourself questions like, “Am I respecting myself in this situation?”  “Am I disrespecting this other person by how I’m treating them?”  If your answers indicate a devaluing of yourself or another person, try a different approach.

Sometimes people know what makes sense in their gut, but they get caught up in worry about the outcome. Psychology Tools SeriesClick here for 20+ practical psychology tools based in cognitive behavioral science and mindfulness-based theory.
The EQi 2.0 Handbook describes these as “buckets” for organization the subscales, which provide finer detail about the results. Instead, it involves personal and professional development aided by normal personality and emotional intelligence assessments and other valid psychometric tools and coaching. I provide normal personality and emotional intelligence assessments, assessment interpretation and feedback, and professional development planning and training activities for lawyers, judges, other legal services providers, and their organizations.
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Individuals with anger management problems and a propensity for violence can feel threatened by assertive behavior.  If this is the case, then you need to try to anticipate if being assertive may trigger a violent response. Rockville, MD: Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2002.

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