Original music composition for Vubiquity, the leading global provider of multiplatform video services. What could be more normal than a chicken burning up on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere? Thousands of German POWs held captive in England during World War II were bugged by "secret listeners" who were themselves German refugees, working for the British.
They were gleaning information about the psyche of the Nazi military from the idle gossip flowing between the prisoners. Carefully listening in on their conversations were fellow Germans of Jewish origin who had fled from the Nazis. She believes what was learned by the M room operations was as significant as the code-breaking work being done at Bletchley Park."British intelligence got the most amazing stuff in bugging the conversations.
Crucially, she adds, the bugging was the first time the British overheard admissions that the German army had taken part in the atrocities and mass killing of Jews and were guilty of war crimes. There are thought to be only two "secret listeners" left alive from an original group of about 100. The battle to contain the wildfires in west-central Canada has reached a turning point, thanks in part to drizzle and favourable winds, say officials.
In fact, you've already read quite a large selection of the words to which I was just referring. It's another slice of anthemic pop rockness from the recently haired-up fellas, but behind Brandon's caterpillar moustache there's still a glamorous punk popper in hiding. Whereas 'When You Were Young' was all staccato shoutiness and romantic love-on-the-run sentiment, 'Bones' is more your general grumpy love song: gritty, saucy and a little bit dirty.
It may be time for the Pop Intervention Unit to pay Muse a visit, because a song like this can only be the work of the Terminally Bonkers. It's always nice when a song begs you to come out for a bit of a dance-up, but takes the time to make sure you're sensible enough to bring a coat, and frets about whether you've remembered your keys or not, eh? PMSL!When ladies become suddenly moody for no apparent reason (that boys can understand).ROFL!
As your gran would be the first to tell you, if you want to be nice to someone, it's probably better to either do it 100% wholeheartedly or just not bother.
So, you can imagine how pleased Beth Ditto, the enormo-lunged singer with indie newbies the Gossip will have been to learn she is now officially this year's coolest star. And the interesting thing about all of this is that pretty soon you're going to need to have some kind of degree in Pop Gipper Studies before you'll be allowed to enter a CD shop or download a new song. So, having lairily torn their way up and down the charts for the last few months like a gang of gatecrashing bigger boys at a 14 year old's house party, goosing the matron and sicking up in the punch-bowl, indie's chirpiest rapscallion trio settle down in the front garden with a banjo for a sing-song and a jolly good cry. If emo really was all about self-harming, living your entire life in a hell of over-emotional inner-shrieking and listening to far too much music, like the Daily Mail says, the most popular emo icon wouldn't be Gerard Way or one of the skinnier ones in Panic!
These are a selection of the singles which, if their record companies AND the record shops were all telling the truth when the list was compiled, should all be sitting in a rack at the back of your friendly neighbourhood CD shop as of first thing on the morning of Monday November 27th.
Bitter experience has taught us that some of the information in this list will prove to be inaccurate. OK, rocksnobs be warned, if you've let the 'Prophets into your little club of things which ROCK, as opposed to things which are pop and therefore DO NOT ROCK, some of the opinions expressed here might get on your pip a bit. Now, he might have the squeakiest voice this side of a talking squirrel with his nuts in a vise (no, not THOSE nuts), but that doesn't mean that Akon is some kind of soft touch. For a record which aims to fuse the twin excitements of Green Day-style political outrage at the horrors of war, and floor-filling dance beats, this ain't half a mumbly jumble of rumbly bumbling numbness. Since Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, allow us to have some fun picking him apart – while we still can. This episode is not for those who don’t feel comfortable questioning their own beliefs. In this episode we shift our focus to my first mushroom experience since the opening of my 3rd eye. Tonight I am joined by both Cathy Dunson and Phillip Stallings as we share discussion on the Biblical relevance of flat earth as model for world. The 2016 Elections are the ultimate playground for Kabuki Theater as Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders duke it out with Hillary to lead the Not So Free World. William White Crow joins us for this very special episode of The Kev Baker Show in which he discloses details of his time in the secret space program.
We often speculate on the show about something we call the “breakaway civilzation”, and William will give you first hand details of how far advanced this international group are, and its light years ahead of anything we hear about here on Earth!
Fellow Truth Frequency Radio host Jim Ramm had a question shortly before the show so we brought Jim on and addressed it on the air. Sarge talks about one of the biggest lies ever told during the first segment and then moves on to some news and a call from Precious during the 2nd. On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the show for the first time author and researcher Casey Gane-McCalla to discuss his book titled INSIDE THE CIA’s SECRET WAR IN JAMAICA.

After our network technical SNAFU last week I wanted to get Brit Gober back on to discuss Karatbars and his very unique view of the company. Long considered an innocuous drug — the Centers for Disease Control recommends it for travelers who find themselves abroad with the runs — loperamide has been swept up in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic.
We cover jobs that we can still do post-robotic revolution before we are joined by Alex from Ukraine for the second half of the round table.
Join us LIVE from NWO captured Scotland as we take a look at the stasi-state that is forming around us, from never-ending referendums, to the insane government goon program, we cover it all, and more! In spite of her recent health circumstances, which she elaborates on, Deanna Spingola joined us today. Gill Broussard brought considerable evidence to the program one year ago suggesting that a 10th planet, 7 times the size of Earth may be on its way to our orbital path. A huge fire has engulfed a Serbian Orthodox Church in downtown Manhattan, on the day that Orthodox Christians are celebrating the Holy Easter. More than 170 firefighters from the New York City Fire Department are battling the blaze, which has been upgraded to a four-alarm incident. Sorry, this clip is not currently available The secret of London Irish's academy success London Irish's academy is a real source of pride for the club. Audio Post Production Studio London specialising in Audio Recording, Voice Over, Sound Design, Music Composition, Advertising, ISDN, Source Connect and Sound to Picture. Syncbox specialises in Audio Post Production including Voice Over recording, Sound Design, ISDN, Dubbing & Music Composition.
Starring Jan Francis and Bernard Hepton it is considered an authentic portrayal of the Lifeline resistance network in Brussels during the Second World War. Historian Helen Fry and one of the last surviving listeners explain how the prisoners were lulled into divulging secrets of the Nazi war machine.One group of German generals captured during World War II thought they had hit the jackpot. The bugged prisoners were kept in three locations - Latimer House near Amersham, Wilton Park near Beaconsfield, both in Buckinghamshire, and Trent Park near Cockfosters in north London.
Churchill said of Trent Park that it afforded a unique insight into the psyche of the enemy.
One of them is Fritz Lustig, 93, who lives in Muswell Hill, north London.Although born in Berlin and baptised a Protestant, his family had Jewish members and so in the eyes of the Nazis he was "not Aryan enough" and left for England in April 1939.
Not LOADS different, obviously, it's not like he's gone metal or anything, but that unmistakeable voice sounds a little darker and more hoarse, and generally more raggedy around the edges. You've got everyone so mixed up in that wibbly-wobbly world of your own - the one in which West Side Story, the '60s beat group boom and some blues grunter all get to play ring-a-rosie with the happy tension of a man on the edge of being tickled into a nervous breakdown - that you think no-one's gonna spot the fact that you keep putting out anagrams of the same song. We present a blog within a blog, in which ultra-famous pop star Justin Timberlake* exposes the inner workings of his mind to a goss-hungry public, and the ChartBlog just sort of stands back and watches. And, being a naturally creative kind of person, I have already started to work in some of my favourite words, as a subliminal (that's one, right there) way of raising the standard of intellectual (and another) discourse (yep) within the narrow confines (I'm clearly very inspired today indeed) of what the press insist on calling my 'media profile' (er, no, none of those). Then at least you know if you wanna go completely nutcrazy out on 'the floor', you won't be cold on the way home, or locked out when you get there.
Something the NME found out the hard way, when they published their annual Cool List last week. Pop music, which has claimed to be all about 'the kids' ever since it was first minted (before your grandparents were old enough to get into it, if you're the right 'target age' to be reading this), is becoming overwhelmed by acts who only really make sense to people who're in their 20s or above. In fact, if his various experiences are anything to go by, the man is some kind of vigilante super-hero and love-machine. Part of the problem is the way they've used the noise which is Faithless's greatest asset, namely Maxi Jazz's brainiac snoozyrap. But because this guy has such a gorgeously smooth, vintage soul voice he can distract anyone from a very mediocre, Average Joe track, and make it sound great. What a great spirit filled interview with author, speaker and radio show host Laura Maxwell! Hickman delivers a powerful insider account of the 2006 Hunger Strikes at Guantanamo, which culminated in the torture death of 3 leaders of the hunger strikes, who got taken one night to an off-site CIA torture center, and the miraculous survival of a 4th torture victim.
As a privacy activist, I know how important it is to protect what little privacy we have left. Taking back your focus, a new version of bliss, music and the constructs around us, spell casting, the orange room with Buddha, becoming mind full of yourself, the 3 spiders, the plants begin to speak and being touched by an alien during meditation. Plus many streams of consciousness: how people think and get caught in fundamentalisms in their mind. We learn about the jump room to Mars and hear all about the truth of what is really going on above and below the surface of the red planet. The two of them show how this book helps to fill in some missing puzzle pieces that connect the the assassination of President John F. The 24-year-old man, who had a history of opioid addiction, was not breathing and lacked a pulse. Four in 10 Americans say they know someone addicted to opioid painkillers such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, not to mention those who are addicted to illegal opioids such as heroin.

We talk about various whistleblowers that claim to have not only been to the red planet but experienced other life forms on it. The Chinese are certainly rattling sabers with the introduction of the new Gold Backed Yuan! They recruit a lot of these talented players from Berkshire, as their under 18 head-coach Paul Hodgson explains. Episodes include: 'Lisa - Code Name Yvette', 'Sergeant on the Run', 'Radishes With Butter', 'Child's Play', 'Second Chance', 'Growing Up', 'Lost Sheep', 'Guilt', 'Too Near Home', 'Identity in Doubt', 'A Question of Loyalty', 'Hymn to Freedom', 'Bait', 'Good Friday', 'Suspicions' and 'Be the First in Your Block to Rule the World'.
Held in a stately home, they were allowed to keep personal servants, drink wine and eat good food.
The first two held captured U-Boat submarine crews and Luftwaffe pilots, who were bugged for a week or two before being moved on to conventional captivity. What the transcripts show us now is that the German army - with the SS - was complicit in war crimes," she says.
I'm not a prude and don't mind stripping to a bikini but I wouldn't sit there legs akimbo full frontal. You, sitting in your humble homes and schools and work-places, will then have some idea of what it is really like to be someone whose life is a very large distance from being run-of-the-mill, and in my own words too. Extra exclamation marks are used depending on how much you wish to flatter the person you say it to.
Now, normally, the Cool List is a big event in the indie magazine's calendar, as it gives them a brilliant chance to praise some of the most unique talents and charismatic nutbags in the world of quality brainiac snoot-rock. Fact #2: He was meant to sing on it too, but for some reason the record label decided to remove his vocals from the final cut.
Embedded at an early age into New Age ideology, Spiritualism, and the Occult her story is one of hope and salvation. Officially the three deaths were attributed as suicides by the US military, though Hickman attests he saw the bodies, and observed severe bruising, needle marks and how the three victims had been tied together at their throats, with rags stuffed in their mouths.
By walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, you can grow to appreciate things you once considered nefarious. Author Richard Lawrence of the Aetherius Society tackles these questions with an outstanding amount of intelligence and positive energy.
We lead on later to the situation with the vote on the UK leaving Europe and the fear based media reports. What is even more alarming is their announcement that there can be NO conversion to or from US dollars. As a result they boasted of how stupid the British were, and one even wrote to his family to wish that they could join him at his prison, as he rated it so highly.But what the prisoners did not know was that British intelligence had bugged every part of their accommodation, from lampshades and plant pots right down to the billiards table around which they relaxed on lazy days. Through intelligence pieced together from prisoner conversations, the British were able to identify and heavily bomb a V2 rocket site in May 1943 at Peenemunde on the northern coast of Germany, which was preparing to launch deadly rockets at Britain.
Emotionally, we were completely detached from the people we listened to."He says he can no longer recall prisoner conversations, but does remember marking a transcript with "atrocity" in a red pen at one point.
Not even for a million quid." You do know that's just going to start a bidding war now, don't you? Previous NME Cool List issues have had specially made Cool List CDs, and one year they even did a 3D moving cover of Pete Doherty, as if he isn't three-dimensional enough! Also, we discuss logical fallacies and the Trivium in general in the first hour of the broadcast.
Fascinating book that raises many questions about our framing documents all from a scriptural perspective. Volkow, said that 2.1 million people in the United States were abusing or addicted to pain relievers. Do the first 3 words of the Preamble constitute a National Idolatry, a flagrant disregard of YHWH (Yahweh’s) perfect law? Peter Glidden, ND and they discuss thyroid issues and take calls from James, Nick and Julio about Parkinson’s, Lupus, and kidney dialysis! We knew of all the horrible things that were happening in eastern Europe, with the killing of Jews, and we knew that would have happened to us if we had stayed in Germany."We felt no guilt - on the contrary, we felt proud to be able to contribute to the British war effort. My guest Lex Meyer believes the latter and I have to say, he’s made some really compelling arguments.
When Capitol Hill was notified of the profound and chronic medical problems of veterans coming home from these wars, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin responded by cutting $1.2 BILLION from the V.A budget, so he could finance some crappy weapons program the military does not want! Any hope of a future generation establishing a government of, by, and for Yahweh depends upon our exposing the Constitution’s heresy and instilling Yahweh’s law in the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren.

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