Welcome to the home of Be That Books™!  We publish an amazing selection of inspirational, educational, motivating and entertaining books, as well as a variety of gorgeous children’s books. The best self help book I’ve ever read is Destined to Reign and The Power of Right Believing. I write about stress reduction and well-being in order to help you as a mid-life woman experience reduced stress and increased self-care (guilt free) by implementing small steps for permanent change.
YOU are at a unique transition in life, as the primary focus has been on everyone except you (you find yourself stressed out & have paid no attention to your own needs) and now realize that focus is changing.
If you want to showcase your best photos or create a truly personal gift, self-publishing your own photo book is a wonderful option. Of course, you can also spend a lot longer putting a book together to make it look exactly as you want – after all, detail is everything. Some companies allow you to market your book for sale online, or transform it into an electronic book to download for tablets and so on. Prices quoted are for the books we ordered, but a variety of different prices is available for each manufacturer, depending on factors such as size, paper stock and delivery options.
Blurb was one of the pioneers of self-publishing and has established itself as one of the biggest players in the market. Downloading and using Blurb software is quick and easy, and there’s full customisation of design, with templates also available for instant use.

We created a photo cover, rather than a dust jacket, which you can customise with more than one photo and include text for whatever finish you prefer. Healing Your Family History: 5 Steps to Break Free of Destructive Patterns by Rebecca Hintze. Declutter Your Life: Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, and Enjoy Your Clutter-Free Life  Clutter will destroy our peace! Depending on the level of control you want to take over design, you could have your book ready to order in just a few minutes.
Most self-publishing companies require you to download a desktop program, which you can then use to arrange the book into whatever configuration suits you best. This is a good way to gain some extra revenue, or a simple way for friends and family to get their own copy. We chose the ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, which produced lovely colours but in some places image sharpness was less than ideal. We have rounded up some great books coming out this month that will inspire you to be incredible both at home and in the workplace.
So, here is my list of 10 best self help books for women on Amazon and you can find them all on Amazon.
I'm a Nurse, Wellness Coach, Mom, Nana, Wife, Writer, Ministry Wife, Women's Retreat Speaker, Friend, Daughter, Sister, and I wear many more hats!

This book was instrumental in my life as I was beginning to re-think the path I was walking along in regard to my career and what I really wanted out of life.
I own Healing Streams Wellness Center for women, and this is a reference book I find valuable in that center.
When you learn you don’t have to do it all at once, or take huge impossible steps; you will be amazed at your progress in reaching goals!
It’s imperative to explore this subject especially if we want to grow past what may be hindering us. I personally have experienced periods of stress and burnout in my nursing career, and this reference has been a great support for me. She reached a point in her life where she was questioning her choices in marriage, career, and life in general. I have found this to be one of my favorite self help books for women on working through destructive thought patterns.
I’ve also seen the movie and Julia Roberts did a great job capturing the essence of the book.

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